Zidd – Episode 17!

Ohkay so, I’ll be honest with you guys, I found this episode a tad bit interesting & better in comparison to a lot of previous episodes but Oh My God!!! Psycho Qasim didn’t get Rukhi killed but he killed her himself. Ohkay, we get that, he didn’t mean to but the point is he was the reason behind her death, so that makes him the biggest culprit ever. Even during the last moments of his life he was facing a dearth of dialogues which is why his loop was pretty much set on ‘saray kapray khoon se bhar gaye’ & while listening to him say that time & again, I couldn’t stop wishing ke actually abb inke kapray inke appne khoon se bhar janay chahiyen & voila, my wish was materialized & kaboom!!! Yupppieeee!!!

This episode can be categorized as #flashbackfriday because it had a million flashbacks of Rukhi because this episode was more like a tribute to her character & pretty much ended her journey because now we won’t be hearing about her again but honestly, those flashbacks could’ve been cut short because the detailed seen-already scenes kind of helped in losing the purpose behind & sorry to say but I didn’t feel a thing for her character because what happened to Rukhi was an accident. Yes, if Qasim had actually killed her intentionally, then it would’ve been a different story altogether but sadly, her death was accidental; therefore, in my opinion it was sad but didn’t stir any sad emotions, because even though they built up the curiosity pretty well with her being missing, the end result wasn’t that heart-wrenching. Sorry!

I am so glad that Omar has pretty much grown out of Zainab because of which he just can’t stand her & is drawing the lines right away. I like his character for the fact that even though he knows that Saman has given him a hard time, he is still persistent on saving his marriage & is outdoing all the shameless attempts of Zainab for reconciling with him. I really feel she is the wrong person in that house because she is now trying to break them but all thanks to Omar’s maturity, she won’t succeed because he wants things to work out between him & Saman & thankfully, Zainab is not his headache anymore.

I kind of liked this whole Rukhi’s death scenario in a way that it forced everyone to do some thinking. Omar grew more considerate towards Saman as he wants to make her happy & now he won’t let her run things singlehandedly because he knows she has made one wrong decision after another, so that way he is being more considerate towards her & Saman has started to depend on him for moral support. Yes, every now & then she kind of restricted him from growing closer to her but still, it seems she is ready to be around him & she isn’t as uncomfortable as she used to be.

I believe they shouldn’t have shown David as someone who didn’t care much about Rukhi & moved on pretty quickly because his character was nice so there was no reason to spoil that & in my opinion, it wasn’t a right thing to do. He said he has been seeing Linda for a few weeks whereas Rukhi just died, so it’s like he was cheating on her. They could’ve just left his track like that; shattered, heartbroken & depressed & should’ve left the rest on the viewers to be sympathetic towards him but to show him in love with some girl while he was married to Rukhi & while he was planning a wedding with her, was actually unrequired.

I really hope after Rukhi’s chapter, someone takes care of Zainab for good as well because she can only destroy things in her surroundings & I hope that along with Omar, Saman starts understanding that too. I guess she got a lot of time that she needed to sort things in her mind & now it’s a high time to come to terms with her life & just go with flow because that will eventually bring happiness to her that she has been searching for – at all the wrong places! Share your thoughts about tonight’s episode please.

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