Dusri Biwi- Episode 21

Isn’t it ‘fascinating’ to see something totally out of the world on your TV screen? I mean, Dusri Biwi” is setting trends and showing things that don’t even come remotely close to what happens in modern, educated Pakistani households! Apparently, it’s still Biwi No.1 vs. Biwi No.2 but this time their target is not the insensitive piya but the two-month old son of Biwi No.2 *drumrolls* Raahim! Please, I know this sounds ridiculous but unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening here.

The first half of this episode was like: Raahim cries in Farah’s arms. Farah hands him over to Aashi. Raahim stops crying and Aashi walks away with a triumphant smile. There you go! I mean, I wonder why all the mothers in the world fret over silencing their whining & crying babies because apparently, the way this drama puts it, a mother (in the ‘true’ sense) just needs to ‘hold’ the baby in her arms and lo and behold! The little guy will stop crying. I laughed out loud each time Raahim stopped crying exactly when Aisha took him in his arms- like, where does that happen? I just want these twisted people to give me one good, real life example that supports the scenario here because I am sure there’s none.

To be honest, Aisha was getting on my last nerve today & all I wanted to do was to wipe that smirk off her face. I have said it a zillion times before that I understand what she’s been through and she’s the one who has suffered the most but she’s taking her schemes to a whole new level now and it’s actually very disgusting to see her talking about, ”uss nay mujh say Hassan ko cheena tou mein uss say uss ka beta cheenun gi.’’ It was just yesterday that her good for nothing mind couldn’t figure out the simplest of things but now she’s formulating these long-term plans about driving a child away from his mother. I don’t like Farah one bit because I’ll always view her as a home wrecker but still yaar, I am a softie and I do feel that what Aisha’s planning to do is by no means morally, ethically or socially correct. We are talking about a mother & child here- it’s a universal bond and no one can change that. We all know that Raahim cries to his heart’s content when he’s with Farah but to be very honest, I don’t get what the fuss is about! I have a cousin and her baby boy keeps crying even when he’s with her but that doesn’t mean we’ll separate the two! Over here, they are making it look as if agar sautan sahiba na hoteen tou Raahim ko tou mar hi jana tha!

Surprisingly, even after the ‘eavesdropping’, Farah chose to stay in the same house and I am sure that by the end of the play, Bhai, Bhabi aur Farahi ki family mashwaray detay detay thak jayegi but the lethal trio won’t even budge for a second. And on a side note, Amber Khan’s hand movements while giving the ‘Aisha tumharay betay ko tumse cheen laygi’ lecture were very distracting.

Saman may be six or seven but she’s a muhallay ki aunty in every sense of the word! I mean, I was actually amused the way she was interrogating like a nosy desi aunty: yeh aunty apnay betay ko chor kar kyun gayi hain?

21 episodes down and I hope the last one graces my screen real quick! Please share your thoughts on your favourite play!

Maryam Mehdi


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