Zidd – Last Episode!

Hawww!!! Ye kya tha??? LOL! Even though these were the happiest 37 minutes of my reviewing life, but still, the team of Zidd succeeded in making my blood boil for the last time as well. I was happy not because I found the purpose of this drama, not because I understood what everyone wanted, not because the characters & their gibberish started making sense, but because this was the last episode & I actually felt free but I am equally annoyed because I wasted 19 weeks on such a senseless mindless drama.

This episode was all about Zee & her attempts of getting back with Omar & Saman’s taunts to her. I still don’t understand when Saman knew Zainab was Omar’s ex-wife & she had clearly mentioned her intentions to Saman, why was she taken aback by seeing Zainab finding Omar’s shoulder to cry on? It was Omar who kept on saying he was uncomfortable with Zee being in his house but Saman couldn’t understand it, so the reaction that followed was totally unrequired. The whole yelling & screaming about how she trusted a woman & how she shouldn’t have done that was totally uncalled for. I still don’t understand what was Saman’s purpose of being so courteous to an uncourteous Zainab? I must say Maya Ali has acted terribly in this drama & the last episode sealed the deal.

They really thought keeping an open ending would be the best idea but let me tell you the truth, it was not. Like I said in my previous review that it would become too late for Saman & this is exactly what happened, just when she decided she wanted to make things work with Omar, he decided to part ways with her but that too for her benefit so why did she let her overrated, overstated Zidd come in between? Why couldn’t she just tell him that she was now ready to give this marriage a chance?

The ending scene was totally pathetic where Saman blamed everything on her Zidd but let me tell you, Zidd is just an emotion & is a habit that can be mended! It’s not a disease that you’re born with & it’s also not something that you can’t control. Yes, we get that message loud & clear that the writer wanted to show how Zidd ruins everyone’s life but was it just so hard for her to actually make a complete ending by showing some normal transitions in every character? Why didn’t the writer show that Saman was tired of being stubborn & she wanted to put everything behind & start afresh & ohkay, even if she decided that, why didn’t she let those feelings surface in front of Omar? Why didn’t the writer show that Saman learned from her mistakes & she was tired of chasing the happiness which was right under her nose? Omar told her to walk out & she walked out without saying a word & very easily she blamed her Zidd for it whereas she should’ve blamed herself for thinking of herself as some condescending queen whereas in reality she was nothing!

I know the dramas that are shot in America are very tempting for the entire cast & crew because it looks more like a vacation to them & seems like HUM’s Production house really has enough money to waste on these pathetic stories so my suggestion to all those who grab the opportunity of working in substandard dramas just because they’re being shot in America is; that after every year or two they should sign a petition & appeal to HUM’s production house to sponsor their trip where they can all laugh & enjoy & live their short-lived American dream & come back fresh minded without having to mix work with pleasure because this whole idea of shooting pathetic scripts in America with the purpose of attracting viewers is insane & does no good. We want simple & good stories even if they’re shot in Pakistan. HUM TV needs to understand that we don’t care about the locations; all that we care about is getting to see a good story coupled with some sane & normal characters, so they should stop wasting their money on these brain-dead scripts once & for all.

Maya Ali was thoroughly disappointing in this drama. Yes, she has those big expressive eyes & the director relied a lot on her eyes to deliver what her mouth couldn’t because she had no dialogues to begin with but looks like the writer & even the director weren’t sure about what expressions or feelings they wanted her to convey because she looked like a mindless zombie hovering around clueless. I can’t understand that the character which started at such a strong note would become so pathetic by the end of the drama & Maya Ali seemed totally out of her zone because she was trying too hard to get her acting out of her but she failed miserably. Nousheen Shah succeeded in making a fool out of herself & I wish I don’t see her on TV for the next couple of years at least. Rubab Hashim was good in acting but my advice to her is to get a foundation shade that matches her chin area & she MUST get rid of that orange lipstick, shimmery eye-shades & she MUST get a clip to keep her fringe in place. Ahsan Khan, well the less said the better & my word to the writer; we know you’re capable of writing amazing scripts, so you should stick to your niche & stick to what you excel in because this experiment rather this Zidd of yours actually wasted a lot of people’s time & energy. Anyways, share your thoughts please & let me know how happy are you that this ZIDD ended!!!

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