Zun Mureed Episode 13 Review – Impressive!

Zun Mureed continues to be poignant and compelling. It gets better with every passing episode and the pace of this drama couldn’t have been more perfect. Every single development is well-thought-out which is why each episode is filled with powerful messages which are conveyed effectively. The fact that the script is realistic makes it easier for the viewers to connect to different scenarios. The character development has also been convincing throughout. This was yet another episode of Zun Mureed which had a lot of important developments to its credit which were presented faultlessly.

For the past few weeks, the writer established this fact really well that Tabbasum wasn’t fighting this case to satisfy her ego but she was doing so to ensure her safety and also because she wanted to set the right example for her daughter. Therefore tonight when Tabbasum felt disappointed when Sajjad didn’t even try to reconcile, it was totally understandable. Perhaps subconsciously she thought that taking the case back was a first step towards a reconciliation. Even though she said that she didn’t want to go back but at the same time she still expected better from Sajjad. It is a fact that at this point, if Sajjad realizes that he was wrong and he decides to make things work, everything will be okay. While Tabbasum’s perspective has always been more practical and sensible, Sajjad has been widely influenced by all the pressure in his own house to take control and to adhere to the gender role which is generally assigned to men in a household. Like many men in our society, he feels that acknowledging his mistake will weaken his “toxic masculinity” which is why he fails to look at things objectively. The only way he can save his manliness now is by “punishing” Tabbsum is the worst way possible. The attitude of his mother pretty much sums up why Sajjad was never taught how to respect his wife and to accept his mistakes!

Tabbasum’s bhabhi yet again played an integral role in making sure that the kids go back to their father’s house and is now doing whatever she can to convince Tabbasum to go back too. Most of the characters in this drama show a certain mindset which is definitely very common in our society. It is impossible to please people and it is even more difficult for women to live life according to their terms and conditions because women are constantly dependent on either their brothers, parents or their husbands. Even women who are economically independent sometimes find it difficult to break free from abusive husbands, a primary example being Sidra, who hasn’t taken a divorce from her husband even after all these years. Even a strong woman like Tabbasum found it difficult to stand her ground and by showing this the writer has realistically shown the challenges faced by someone in such a situation.

All the conversations tonight were beautifully penned down and they were executed flawlessly too. The scenes were to the point and well acted out. Zun Mureed’s script has tons to offer and continues to impress. The preview of the next episode suggested that Sajjad might file for a divorce very soon! This drama can also serve as a reality check for all such men out there, who find pleasure in dominating their wives but let other women in their lives (like their mothers and sisters) control their decisions completely!! Well done team Zun Mureed!

Fatima Awan

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