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Haara Dil Episode 7 Review — Super Refreshing

One more episode down and we have more reasons to stan it than diss it. Unlike uncountable other Pakistani drama serials Haara Dil has a refreshing take on the characters, it doesn’t divide them in good and evil and that showed so well in this episode of the drama. Life isn’t black and white we can not draw a line and explain this world’s existence by two traits good and evil. Life is complex it is grey it isn’t binary but more like fractions, complicated with many explanations and this drama explores that very well.

We have been introduced with many new characters in the last two episodes including Zeba, Fehmi and the new baby sitter. It is commendable how these characters aren’t portrayed to be inherently good or inherently evil they have got both sides. They don’t play sati savitri or dayan. Neighbors and especially single working women who have developed a crush on a single father have forever been demonized by our drama serials. They are so often the women who want the money or the house or the entire property basically they always have evil and selfish motives to be nice to the people they are being nice to but not here.

Fehmi is independent almost happy but she can not shake the loneliness off which is very human. Zeba is genuinely concerned about Sami and Abrar but she has her limits and loses temper when too much is asked of her which is very human also. After Shagufta’s death and his daughters withdrawal from him Abrar has also become very lonely as he himself mentions when he compares this tragedy with the time when he had lost his entire family in an earthquake and said that the former is more painful and isolating for him than the latter, again a very human thing to feel.

Also the protagonists Momina and Arham aren’t flawless people. Momina is stubborn and wouldn’t let go off this callousness even tho she knows her father and Arham need her support as much as she needs their’s. Both Abeera and Momina are too proud to admit that they are hurting and could use some support right now. We don’t often see the leading lady in our shows playing the bad guy she is always kind, forgiving and over the top nice but again that is where Haara Dil wins Momina is kind but she has her limits. She doesn’t know how to deal with such strong emotions and all that is happening and we can clearly see her struggling to make sense of all of it. Unlike some other leading role Momina isn’t sure of herself she doesn’t know how to deal with all this. She is as clueless as any other normal human being.

Some scenes could have been better like the time Sami was crying and Momina almost held him to comfort him, that was a strong scene and could have been done better than it was. Also Arham and the third wheel friend scene had strong dialogues and could have had more impact on the audience had it been done a bit better.

As predictable as it was Fehmi is meant to be Abrar’s love interest. Usually romance in this age is portrayed as cringy and even disgusting at times but unusually what Abrar and Fehmi have is very innocent and almost like teenage love. They both want someone to be with and also like each other’s company which is very well portrayed so kudos for that.

Momina and Arham are still struggling with their situation meanwhile Abeer continues to rebel against everyone and everything. Zeba has introduced the idea of Fehmi’s marriage to Abrar in Fehmi’s head and we can see that Fehmi agrees. Afaan continues to be the amazing friend that he is to Abrar meanwhile we can see that the baby sitter character is very irresponsible. In new developments due to long absence Abrar has lost his job, now how he will deal with this crisis remains to be seen with many other things.

For those who haven’t seen it yet I won’t spoil the show by giving away the precap of the next episode all I’ll say is stick till the end. Like a good wine this show has aged well and let’s hope it continues to do so.


On a grade of A to F how did you find this episode of Haara dil?



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