Actress Meera calls ‘Ishq Khuda’ her best film!

This eid was really an important day for all the cinema houses in Pakistan as four major movies were released and even the audience showed a great response. Out of many high-budgeted movies like Chennai Express, Once upon a time in Mumbaai and Josh, there was also a terrestrial film ‘Ishq Khuda’, which despite of being a local budget movie attracted many Lollywood lovers and dragged them to cinemas. Starring Ahsan Khan and Meera, the movie couldn’t receive a decent limelight in multiplexes probably because of its powerful competitors, but did some business at single-screens.

Giving a short interview to Express Tribune, Meera revealed that for her, ‘Ishq Khuda’ has done wonders in bringing her back the lost confidence and onscreen charisma. She was considering the movie as her last movie but the results and appreciation the movie earned has rebooted her acting skills and the lady is now looking for more work.


Ahsan Khan who is now known as a chocolate actor in drama industry too has enjoyed the fact that his movie at least enjoyed some of the limelight after many years. Just like all other Lollywood movies, Ishq Khuda too had some important elements missing and it would be unjust to compare the movie with other releases of August.

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Nida Zaidi

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