Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 13.

Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 13.

I think after the director was done with the whole past & present fiasco, he decided to have a decent take on the episode 13, for which I say that this episode was a pretty good attempt & seeing it after a series of failed episodes, it came as a positive note or left me feeling that our rants must’ve paid off or else I’m done expecting so whatever came my way, swept me off my feet.

Now that the little introductory speech is done & coming to the episode itself, I did enjoy watching it because the series of events unfolded pretty appropriately. A little mistakes are obviously not going to be unnoticed so it’s better to leave the laughing stock for the happy-ending-note.

Shahiq has started to show a bit of an interest in what his wife wants, in fact he always seemed to be a normal husband-like material but it was Narmeen who drove him away from her because of her self-instigated negativity. Even though so much has happened Shahiq is ready to give Narmeen a few more chances or chances to this marriage is more like it. Narmeen still fails to understand that just by yearning for his love & attention, she won’t be getting any, she has to work to earn all that & by no means she is working on that line. I find it unreasonable that after every spat she has with her husband, she reminisces about her ex-fiancé & current-devar. This sulking is definitely going to be her life-long journey unless she tries to accept that Arham’s a bygone & her husband needs her utmost attention. Looks like some facts are now syncing through her mind & she is regretting the idea of leaving Arham in the first place.

Areeba’s continuing to be her husband’s counsellor & listener for which he is now seen to be staying in the present & not going into the past just to fetch those petty details to be laid in front of his wife. They’re having a good time together & this is something good to see.

I did find the already-seen flashbacks unnecessary because these were the scenes from the present which were already shown so there was no need to use them as reminders once again. As I’m cursed to be noticing the unnoticed details, I did catch a few mistakes which obviously started off from Narmeen’s changing blood colours. Accha, Shahiq busted Narmeen & her mother while she was telling her a secret about pulling off an attention seeking stunt. Shahiq already reacted after finding out the reality but what shocked me was his conversation with Narmeen by the end of the episode where he tells his mother that doctors saw the improvement, later he also consoles Narmeen for not worrying a bit too much about her scar which will eventually fade away. I mean, IF he, in fact he ACTUALLY heard her talking, so why was he having a conversation about her face & stuff. I think in normal circumstances he should’ve honestly told her to back off from her drama because he was aware of the fact that the accident never happened. Those conversations seemed completely wrong.

Where Narmeen’s scar-blood changed colors, her head-dressing along with her personal dresses changed too. She’s seen with a dressing on her head when she stops Shahiq from going to work but in the next scene her dressing’s gone. When Shahiq’s mom comes to ask her how she was doing, Narmeen returns from the hospital in navy blue kaftan, in the very next scene when Areeba & Sara come to her room, she had a change of clothes. I did noticed a few of Shahiq’s shirts & coats being changed & removed…I am sure if such petty mistakes weren’t made & some sort of an attention to detail was taken care of, the drama would’ve been a hit.

Arham & Areeba’s conversations were nice & I did find it Arham’s strategy worth a mention. He thinks he’ll forgive her & confess it after Narmeen herself will admit what she has done. Good for Arham that Narmeen’s already having second thoughts about her decision of leaving him & marrying his brother in stead. I hope that the drama isn’t stretched till 20 episodes because it would just drag the situation further & I will once again lose the interest that I quite difficultly developed due to this particular episode.

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