10 Best Scenes From Recent Pakistani Dramas 2020

Pakistani dramas have always been popular because of how close they are to reality and portray such scenarios which strike a chord for the viewers. The scenarios and situations presented are as such that each and every viewer at times find it very easy to relate to what is being shown and they often see their life story or similar experiences that they have had being elaborated in dramas. This aspect has been of utmost importance in Pakistani dramas where the talented writers and drama makers bring the touch of reality in every drama and don’t show any such scenarios which are not a depiction of what actually people go through.

The story of every drama is elaborated with the help of scenes and scenarios, this is how the story is carried forward and shows the skill-set of the drama makers. The factors that make any scene work are emotions that they evoke in the viewers, good dialogues, the entire setting and also the build up towards the turning point of the story. In recent dramas, Pakistani drama viewers and fans have come across some of the best scenes which were engaging and became unforgettable due to the way they were executed.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best scenes from recent Pakistani dramas:

The Confrontation Between Meer Farooq Zaman & Humera (Ye Dil Mera)

This was one such scene of Ye Dil Mera that will be remembered for a long long time because of the impact that it made. The display of acting in this scene by Adnan Siddique and Zarnish Khan is praise-worthy. They actually made the viewers understand what was running through their minds. Meer Farooq Zaman tried to harass Humera, the one who was his first love. Humera had moved on and after coming across Meer Farooq Zaman once again, she knew she made the right decision of not accepting his proposal in the first place. The refusal in the past followed by another refusal in the present made Meer Farooq Zaman cross all the limits and although he went to plead his case, he pushed Humera to detest him even more. This scene between Humera and Meer Farooq Zaman was nail-biting. Zarnish Khan outdid herself, making this one of the best scenes of the entire drama.

Praying For Guidance (Kashf)

This scene from Kashf was definitely one of the best scenes from all the episodes that have aired so far. The prayer of Kashf was well-worded and Hira Mani’s performance made it look so sincere and genuine. Kashf knew what she was getting into and after seeing how people were putting her on such a pedestal that she was not worthy of, Kashf decided to pray as well as remind herself yet again that she had no power over anything. The spirituality followed by the truth in Kashf’s speech made this scene beautiful and memorable.

The Deal Between Ramsha & Hatim’s Mother (Dushman e Jaan)

Ramsha’s character in Dushman e Jaan was a breath of fresh air. She was head-strong and opinionated but what set her apart was her sense of distinguishing between right and wrong. This is why she found herself in such an awkward position where although she came to make a deal with Hatim’s mother for a handsome amount of money which again she wanted for her family, she could not find herself stooping so low. This was one of the best moments of Dushman e Jaan where instead of making a deal, then and there, Ramsha not only reminded herself about the wrong she was about to commit and instead she made things right by promising Hatim’s mother to help her get close to her son. The dialogues in this scene were written beautifully, it showed how two women were sincerely promising to help one another.

Shanzay Giving a Piece of Her Mind (Ghalati)

In this entire drama, Shanzay’s character succeeded in leaving an impression. She was unapologetically honest and this is why she did not hesitate in showing people a mirror based on the accurate observations she made about them. Shanzay got married into a family which was already in a messy situation but unfortunately, because all the children followed their mother’s lead, they found themselves in a deepest pit as the days passed by. Shanzay knew she could not undo whatever had happened but she did not mind showing them a different perspective every chance she got. She was head-strong and independent but she also showed that she was not selfish because she genuinely wanted her husband’s sisters to not ruin their lives by making wrong choices. All the scenes of Shanzay giving a piece of her mind to her in-laws were some of the best ones from the drama and this one is no different.

Amaan Telling The Truth To Noor ul Ain (Ye Dil Mera)

There is no doubt about the fact that both Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly have given phenomenal performances in this drama. It is due to their pairing that Ye Dil Mera has reached the level of popularity and success. The story of this drama has been different but the acting of Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly has taken it to another level. They have shared some of the strongest scenes in this entire drama but this one is going to stay with the viewers for a long time because this was ‘the moment’ when Noor ul Ain finds out about her father and all the grudges her husband Amaanullah has against Meer Farooq Zaman. The ambiance created in this scene was another tick to make this scene one of the best from the drama.

The Cutest Apology (Pyaar Ke Sadqay)

Pyaar Ke Sadqay has wowed the viewers and fans of Bilal Abbas Khan and Yumna Zaidi. The kind of performances they have given to elevate the level of this uniquely written script dealing with such a sensitive subject is unprecedented. Yumna Zaidi is one of the finest actors of the Pakistani industry and Bilal Abbas Khan has already proved his mettle in such a short span of time, this is why their hard work and brilliant performances have made Pyaar Ke Sadqay what it is. This scene happens to be one of the best scenes of the drama because of the beauty with which the emotions were conveyed with Abdullah apologizing to Mahjabeen and showcasing how much he loved her.

The Promise Between Hassan and Anaya (Sabaat)

This was one of the sweetest scenes of Sabaat. Although the story of Sabaat mostly revolves around Hassan’s sister Miraal but the few scenes for which he gets the coverage, they are enough to make the viewers smile. The love story of Hassan and Anaya had an unusual start but it was interesting to see how gradually they both fell for each other. In this scene, Hassan decided to make Anaya understand that he should not be punished for the unpleasant behavior displayed by his father. Hassan’s genuine and sincere plea wins Anaya’s heart and they both make a promise. Although this sweet moment is ruined by Miraal but in the end, the assurance Anaya gives to Hassan while completely ignoring Miraal was the best part of this overall best scene.

Hatim’s Regret (Dushman e Jaan)

This is not the first time when Mohib Mirza has played a negative role but in Dushman e Jaan he has impressed the viewers to no end. He has embraced the character of Hatim to the T and has done justice to all the shades of his personality. Hatim is a disturbed lonely child who comes from a dysfunctional family, therefore he has harbored a lot of inner demons that he finds himself fighting with all the time. Hatim is guilty of seeing things from his perspective and not giving Ramsha a chance, therefore what has happened to her has a lot to do with the wrong decision he took in a spur of the moment. The regret, pain and aguinsh of Hatim was phenomenally conveyed by Mohib Mirza, making it one of the best scenes of Dushman e Jaan.

Aiza Standing Up For Her Sister (Bikhray Moti)

In times like these where it has become quite common to see damsel in distress in every other Pakistani drama, everyone loves an opinionated female lead, standing up for the rights of the oppressed and calling spade a spade. Bikhray Moti is in the initial stages but the character of Aiza is enough to make it promising. She is someone who can not stand oppression in any shape or form, this is why every time she saw her sister giving authority to her husband over her, it riled Aiza up. Her sister was in an abusive relationship and ended up losing her life, but when she was alive, Aiza did all she could to extend her support to her elder sister; even if it meant coming face to face with her brother in law to tell him off.

Sisters In Law Consoling Each Other (Kashf)

The story of Kashf is different and has caught the attention of drama buffs. There are a lot of aspects that have been brought to the forefront in this drama, but the one that makes the viewers connect to the characters on a personal level is by showing their struggles. The writer of this drama has also broken a stereotype by showing that two sisters in law can also be of an emotional support to one another. They can help each other in times of need and feel for each other. This equation shared by Dilshad and Ayesha in the drama serial Kashf is not only refreshing but perspective altering as well.

This completes the list of 10 best scenes from the recent Pakistani dramas. Which one of these dramas are you following? Did you enjoy these scenes? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.


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