Jackson Heights – Episode 08!

Ohkay so thankfully things are falling into perspective. I think the pace of the play is picking up & let’s see where the story will take us. I am glad that this episode in particular had smaller & a lot of scenes which made the episode a bit interesting & happening. Even though the drama makers have taken a lot of time in unwinding the story & we still are looking forward to see what’s in store for us, I feel the cast should be given the due credit for enacting their roles brilliantly. I must say even though we haven’t seen Ali Kazmi in this drama before, but he made his presence felt in those limited scenes too which is commendable because it seems like he’s so much into his character like everybody else (excluding Marina Khan).

So, now we know where Salma’s husband Sikandar (Ali Kazmi) was. Obviously we don’t know the reason & the whole story behind but he was serving his time in prison while Salma was working hard to take care of his mother & his daughter that too on his behalf. Now we know that Salma got married to Sikandar when Imaan was just 3 y/o & she has been in this relation for like 12 years but I didn’t really get the wishful thinking that Salma shared with Aliya & I couldn’t really connect to the glimmer of hope that Salma spoke about that may be Sikandar has changed because she found him calm this time around. I guess the span of 12 years is enough to know a person in & out so what really made Salma say that? Obviously for now Sikandar has contained himself but I think it won’t take him too long to flip to his real self as his mother started doing what she was waiting for & that was to brain feed Sikandar against Imaan & Salma. Even though Sikandar is trying to be calm & composed but I think it’s just a facade that he’s carrying which he will let go of pretty soon.

Is it just me or Jamshed’s joblessness is becoming bothersome? Yes, we know that he’s trying his luck but why is he always looking for short cuts? He depended on his Mamu & now he is depending on his relative to help him out? I think Jamshed should’ve understood by now that when his Uncle couldn’t help him, why would a distant relative do that? I must say even though the whole issue was repetitive, I giggled a lot at Jamshed’s fight & the things his relative said to him in return. To add more to his woes, he got to know that Nadir has decided to get married to Asma & I think Nadir made the right decision because Asma’s a very decent girl & she certainly deserved better. I must say the actress who has played the role of Asma has been brilliant because no matter how short her scenes are, she always makes me feel for her a lot.

Oh yes, once again, Bhatti found the chance to spend some time with Salma & they both are unaware of the fact that unconsciously they have started to enjoy each other’s company. Bhatti was honest about why he wants to befriend Salma as he really yearns to have a desi friend but Salma, no matter how much she resists, always ends up spending some time with him because he makes her laugh & they both share a certain wavelength which can’t be described. Obviously, even if they’d try to give some reasoning for it, they won’t be able to come up with a decent explanation as to why they share a conversation over a coffee or why Bhatti always grabs an opportunity he gets to have a heart-to-heart talk with Salma, but I guess these meaningless meetings & candid conversations will help them both develop an understanding over the time. I must say my favourite part of the whole episode are the scenes of Bhatti & Salma because they genuinely look like they’re in need of a support system & they need someone to be ears to their innermost feelings. Apparently, Salma has a lot to hide in comparison to Bhatti but it’s just a matter of time when they’ll end up discussing everything with each other I suppose.

I am glad that this episode had very limited in fact lesser scenes of Michelle/Marina Khan. I think Jamshed will end up working at her restaurant & now when he knows that Asma’s not a part of his life anymore, he’ll obviously get infatuated with her. Let’s see what’s yet to come. I am wondering that Salma suspects Kashif for always keeping an eye on her; he still hasn’t found out that she has been spending some time with Bhatti lately? & oh yes, I had a good laugh at Bhatti’s comment on Aliya & her English, it was funny. :) Share your thoughts please.

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