Seeta Bagri Episode 06 Review – Thoroughly Disappointing!

Ohkay so, to be honest, I really found this episode of Seeta Bagri below average. All of a sudden it looked like some novice director & editor took over & had no idea how they should be handling the drama because everything ended up looking wrong & I am not sure why or how did that happen?

All of a sudden they showed that someone shot Thekedaar Chacha & that scene came out of nowhere & I got so confused that I actually had to recheck the previous week’s episode to see if I missed something but that scene wasn’t even a part of the previous episode, so no idea how or why did they make everything seem so choppy. Also, sadly the way his death was handled made his character seem purposeless as there was no background story given & there was no light shed on his track at all. Looks like Thekedaar Chacha was used to introduce the character of Aakash & now when he did, his character was literally thrown out of the drama? All of a sudden we heard that someone shot him & then we heard that he died & the next thing we got to see was Ratan playing cards with his friends while being drunk? How did the director even think of showing such a scene after showing that someone from such a close-knit community died because we all know that Ratan is a very considerate person & he goes out of the way to help other people, so to see him moving on from Thekedaar Chacha’s tragic & sudden death just so effortlessly seemed a little hard to digest.

To be honest, even in the initial episodes the romance between Nandini & Ratan was cringe-worthy, but I cut them some slack thinking that the writer must’ve had something in his mind & that much of romance was may be necessary to show the relationship that Nandini & Ratan share but to be honest, with each passing episode, it is getting hard for me to digest their romantic scenes, where Nandini acts like a hopeless teenager in love & Ratan acts like a sought-after hunk. We get it, Nandini is over the moon that she has scored a win by getting married to Ratan, so can we please move on because their track is not only hard to digest but is also quite cringe-worthy, plus they are not showing anything happening in their lives, so I really don’t understand what’s the point of showing us their sick romance again & again & again!

As much as I like Seeta’s character & watch the drama only for her, I so wish they had shown Seeta doing something on a slightly bigger scale. They have time & again implied that Seeta loves education but in the previous episode, they showed that Seeta at the age of 25 just gave her BA exams, so I am not sure with which speed Seeta is educating herself because girls get done with their BA’s at the age of 20 & by the age of 25, they land themselves some sort of a job. I wish in stead of just showing it in theory, they had shown that Seeta was practically doing something & making a living for herself by putting her most talked about ‘BA’ to good use!

The character of Aakash was annoying right from the moment he stepped in. I am not sure why but all of a sudden I have started feeling that the writer/director was quite inspired by Bollywood movies, so he put all of his inspiration into making this drama because the filminess that seemed fun in the initial few episodes has now started to make me feel if the director actually had some purpose behind showing this drama or he just wanted to dramatize the stuff he loves from Bollywood!

Overall, this episode offered nothing new & to be honest, in this particular episode, I found everyone’s acting just so weird, as if the director forgot to give them the instructions & they ended up doing what they deemed fit. The twist in Aleezay & Taimur’s track was the most unimpressive scenario of this entire episode, plus their robotic acting made things even worse. Aleezay & Taimur are not the main leads, plus they were added as supporting characters to shed a light on the fact that people can help the minority communities that reside within our society through NGO’s but all of a sudden, the director ended up adding a love triangle to their track which seems totally unnecessary. Sarwat Gillani’s acting where she was yelling at Aakash was quite shocking, it looked like this was the first time she was facing the camera, because of which she was finding it hard to emote. I liked Shameen Khan as Mala Rani & found her boisterousness enjoyable in the initial episodes but not anymore, her high-pitched voice & OTT acting is a bit hard to tolerate. I really hope that the director start showing us some signs of purpose behind making a drama with Hindu characters, which we all believed would’ve been to shed a light on the lives of minorities & how they can be approached & helped around to bring a change in their condition. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Seeta Bagri!

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