Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Last Episodes Review – Awesome

So we end this drama with the tagline “mubarak ho beti hui hai” from the very same father who had ousted his first wife and four young daughters for the crime of being born.. talk about a real turn about. While it would have been better if the realisation had come slow and steady for Sadiq instead of just one accident that changed his whole perspective on having female offsprings, it was still not too bad, but could have been more realistic.

These two episodes were among the very good ones of this play, in which Saima Noor has emerged a far better performer than many in demand actresses of today. If it’s one person who owned this drama through and through, it was Saima Noor. Not once did she falter in her epic portrayal of Naheed, a woman cursed and made to suffer because she bore four successive daughters in a society where they are considered a liability and unwanted burden. The actor who followed closely behind was Sajid Hassan. It was hard to hate Sadiq, since he was emoted so perfectly on screen. Every human flaw and false perception was translated brilliantly in yet another one of Sajid Hassan’s truly memorable performances. Saboor Aly has also acted very well and you can see the passionate acting of Sajal showing in the youngster. Mehwish Qureshi, Mariam Ansari and Naheed Shabbir also suited their roles, even if their performances were not too impressive.

Life came full circle today as Sadiq realised that wishing away daughters never got anyone anywhere. Kids from both genders can prove to be blessing for their parents. Getting to reap the benefits off your children is not gender specific.

Anila has realised that Ahmed had called her because he needed a maid and the way Ahsan broke down on hearing his mother’s selfishness after Sadiq’s accident was very touching. Despite Anila’s upbringing,Ahsan has turned out to be a very fine young man. He forgave Amber and still wanted to venture into life happily with her was really sweet of him. Anum’s story still did not make a lot of sense but atleast she is fair and kind as a second wife which says a lot about Naheed’s parenting. She insisted Jawad to stay with his kids and has gone to study abroad herself.

The re entry of Aftab and Iqra’s marriage with his younger brother was a good development and it was good to see Iqra standing up for her mother and her happiness. She made Fareeha speechless by saying that if her mom wanted to re marry, she would be the first to get her mother her happiness since she has all rights to be happy as well.

Now all of Naheed’s daughters are married and happy and striving for living their lives according to their own values and beliefs. She has raised strong independent women with zero resources and absolutely no support. Hats off to this woman for proving to the world that she not only accepted her daughters when no one else did but also cherished and celebrated them.

A good ending to a good play. Well written, well executed and well performed. Kudos to the whole team behind “Mubarak Ho Beti hui Hai”

Mehwish Mansoor