Yakeen Ka Safar Last Episode Review – A Journey So Perfect!

Oh well, what a beautiful end of a beautiful journey but I will be honest, did we get enough of Asfand & Zubiya? I am sure all the viewers here will unanimously say no because we all wanted more of them. This episode no doubt was beautiful & complete but it still has left the fan of love stories in me wanting to see more. I am glad I get to watch the dramas with such special scenes alone because I can bawl my eyes out without being noticed, lol. Even though this episode had a slow start but the note at which it ended left me feeling content, but I am still saying, I wanted to see more.

So, Asfand on his own was struggling to put two & two together ever since he found out that Zubiya was the girl he saved years ago. Asfand’s call to Mahjabeen was basically his attempt to know what transpired in Zubiya’s life for her to end up at such a remote area because even Asfand could feel that there was more to Zubiya’s simple answer where he stated that she liked her life being full of challenges. Asfand could sense that things must not have been easy for Zubiya that is why he tried to get some details without probing too much & what he heard from Mahjabeen further confirmed his fears that his Zubiya, the girl that he loves with all his heart went through so much & dealt with everything on her own. It definitely moved Asfand & made her feel for her a lot.

Asfand telling his family that they should forget about his marriage went to show the confusion that he had because he was unable to come to a conclusion as to how he should approach Zubiya & talk to her about her past. Gaiti’s concerns for both of them were quite sweet, like she genuinely wanted to see Zubiya & Asfand together, that is why she was keen to know if there was anything that she could do!

Well, Rehan came to the hospital & the moment Zubiya saw him there, she lost her sense of rationality. The way Zubiya felt restless went to show the negative impact Rehan had on her mind, on her heart & on her soul that just by seeing him there, she knew that things were going to go wrong. Even though Zubiya picked up the pieces, composed herself & came to terms with the fact that she had no one except her Khala, still just the sight of Rehan was enough for her to do something so reckless because given her past, she assumed that he would only bring more miseries her way. Who could’ve imagined that a girl who always taught others to be strong, who wanted others to survive no matter what comes their way could think of ending her own life? It showed the amount of mental torture she went through which pushed her to such a limit. Zubiya was all alone & because she learnt to live alone, she decided to end her life without thinking about anyone else as she believed she had no one who would care.

Well, Rehan & Asfand had a conversation, where Rehan came clean & gave away everything which was a burden on his mind, Asfand got to share Zubiya’s perspective & told Rehan how she struggled, how she survived that too after going through so much. I loved how this moment made Asfsnd realize that he couldn’t live without Zubiya, he realized what she meant to him & most importantly, it made his heart ache for her even more because he got to know everything that she has been through!

Now coming towards the best scene of the episode & the entire drama; Asfand & Zubiya’s conversation. It was again conveyed like all other moments that they had shared till date – very few meaningful dialogues but filled with so many emotions. Asfand got to tell Zubiya how much he loved her but how hurt he was as he expected her to trust him a bit more than she did. Zubiya obviously still felt that she didn’t deserve him but Asfand assured that nothing mattered to him anymore, her past or whatever she has been through, it just didn’t matter because all he knew was that he wanted to spend his life with her. I loved the expressions on Zubiya’s face where in the middle of all those tears, a smile appeared on her face whe she got to know how much Asfand loved her, it was like after a long long time, she felt relieved that she didn’t have to hide anything from Asfand & that all he cared about was Zubiya & nothing else. I must say I loved that frame which showed Zubiya peacefully sleeping while Asfand was standing looking at her, all heavy hearted. The flowers near Zubiya’s bed & that entire frame gave me Sleeping Beauty vibes. ♡

Well, they chose to end the drama with a narration which told that everything was perfect & everyone was happy. All because of Zubiya’s guidance Khajista chose to educate herself. Gaiti & Haroon got married & so did Asfand & Zubiya. As typical as it may sound, I so wish they had shown us everyone like a big happy family having a time of their lives together because where we saw them crying, we deserved to see them sharing a few laughs too. Even though I totally get that this was not meant to be seen as a love story, but since they made Asfand & Zubiya’s relationship so so special, I feel I wanted to see more of them, may be 1 more episode showing them as a happily married couple!?! Sigh!

Well, what can I say about this entire journey, it made us cry & it made us smile, it made us feel for all the characters because right from the beginning this drama was set in such a way that it stirred the emotions & struck a chord every single time. Even though I felt this drama lost its charm after Daniyal’s death because things became too stagnant, but after Asfand & Zubiya crossed paths, they took this drama to a whole new level. It is beautiful how the writer embedded so many messages in this drama, through Daniyal she showed that no matter how hard it is to walk on the path of truth, it will always reward you in the end. Daniyal’s journey showed that even if you are alone & have no support, your perspective will always leave an impact on others’ lives. Zubiya’s journey was full of all such messages that no matter what you go through, if you are strong enough, you can deal with anything & not only in your life, you can bring a change in others’ lives too. It was absolutely beautiful seeing a simple girl like Zubiya being so self-sufficent & empowered. Farhat Ishtiyaq should take a bow for this brilliant piece of writing. Shehzad Kashmiri outdid himself & once again proved what an amazing director he is. The way he used all the locations to set the mood of the drama right from the beginning till the end was just brilliant. The background music & soundtrack added more depth to each & every situation. Now talking about all the actors; Ehtashamuddin, Shaz Khan, Farhan Ali Agha, Huma Nawab, Hira, Mani, Beenish Raja, Shamil Khan, Suhaee & the actors who played the characters of Rehan & Lubna, all of them were perfect & in their element when it came to acting, they perfectly supported the main cast & made things complete. Even though that kid who played the character of Noori’s brother Bilal had a very short role but he left a huge impact too with his amazing acting & extremely cute face. I must say I loved Shaz Khan & Hira Mani in this drama. Well, there’s no doubt about the fact that Sajal Ali & Ahad Raza Mir are the stars of this drama, they took it to a whole new level & the restored the interest of the viewers in Yakeen Ka Safar. Everything about them, their acting, their chemistry, the way they approached & portrayed their characters in all the phases of their lives & the transition that they went through was flawless. They both outdid themselves & gave Asfand & Zubiya’s characters the sort of treatment they deserved. This drama is going to stay with the viewers for a long long time & I congratulate the entire team of Yakeen Ka Safar on their success. Please share your thoughts about this episode & the entire journey of Yakeen Ka Safar.

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Zahra Mirza.

PS: I know the hoo haww brigade must be wanting me to talk against the ‘hug’ but since I found it too sweet, I say let it be & please don’t spoil it for those who loved it, thank you!

Zahra Mirza

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