Aabro – Episode 11!

Ohkay so, this episode of Aabro was typical & cringe-worthy to say the least, however there were a few bits & bobs that I liked. I really think they need to show some change in the attitude of Ali’s family too because they are being a bit too rigid & unreasonable & it is getting hard to tolerate them.

I really liked the things Ali’s friend said to him. He seemed like a true friend who knew what Ali was going through & the things his wife must be facing because of his family. The way he advised Ali to maintain a healthy relation with Aabro was perfect & was refreshing to hear. Also, I am glad that Abid thought it was a high time he needed to do some talking with his mother about how she should & she must forgive Ali & Aabro, now that they are living under the same roof.

Ali found a job & so did Abid & then, the most cringe-worthy phenomenon took place where Zubaida held both Fauzia & Aabro responsible for their husband’s jobs. This whole ‘larki ki kismat ka paisa’ is so outdated & no one thinks like that, also there’s no evidence to support this argument too, so the writer really needs to upgrade the way she thinks. Yes, I do agree with Zubaida where she held Ali responsible for hurting his parents & therefore facing the brunt of it but she was completely wrong where she put the blame on Aabro solely.

Shahida is actually getting out of control. She now demands Abid to move out because she doesn’t want Fauzia to face Aabro. She is a control freak who is going to make it very difficult for Fauzia & Abid to make their own decisions. I liked the way Abid reasoned with her, I think of all the characters, Abid’s character is good because he knows how to maintain a balance & also serves as a binding force. Shahida didn’t seem too convinced that is why she asked her husband to built Fauzia a home where she can live with her husband happily ever after, which again was so unreasonable.

I found it ridiculous that even after Ali’s friend told him to take care of his wife, Ali continued to be harsh on Aabro. He doesn’t trust her anymore, he doesn’t want her to step out of the house to earn money & also he doesn’t want to get in contact with Aabro’s mother. I really don’t understand what makes Ali think that Aabro is the culprit & he has a right to judge her character? Also, I hated seeing him having a hot meal at the dinning table, where Aabro had to put the food back because Ali’s nasty sister threw a tantrum at her. Both Ali’s sisters lack basic humanity & I think they’re doing a commendable job in following the footsteps of their mother & not to forget the lack of acting in them makes them stick out like a sore thumb too!

The preview of the next episode showed that things are going to get more difficult for Ali & Aabro. I don’t understand why Zubaida is still being so unreasonable now that Aabro has apologized to her? Like Abid said, if he doesn’t like her, it doesn’t mean that she has to make things hard for her. She can ignore her presence & stop maligning other’s heart against her too. I think the way the neighbors backbite about Aabro shouldn’t concern Zubaida at all because in all honesty, that is a display of their petty caliber where they can’t get over her. Also, Hamid needs to move on too because it seems ever since Aabro has left Sakina & Hamid have nothing else to talk about & to see Hamid’s hissy fits is burdensome. Also, as much as I was ecstatic to see Fauzia ‘standing’ in the kitchen, which showed that she is capable of walking too, she took me back to square one where she was seen eavesdropping on her parents & frowning over her luck, phewww!!! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Aabro.

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