Tere Mere Beech – Episode 14!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tere Mere Beech was strictly ohkay & I have my reasons to feel that way which I surely will discuss. I so hope that they take the story forward a tad bit faster because it is getting a bit slow & I wish to see some shorter scenes because they affect the pace of the episode a lot too.

Hareem got a clear cut answer by Qadeer that he will not allow her to even think on those lines that she is entitled to some sort of property. Fahad got an answer too & then he understood that Hareem told him a half-baked truth. It didn’t take Fahad a minute to change his attitude towards Hareem & her whole family & now he wants to put Hareem’s love through some more tests because he knows that she loves him so much that she’ll do everything for him.

Honestly speaking, Nadia & Ali got a little too much coverage than required in this episode. One thing that bothers me so much is the lack of topics that they both are suffering from. Their day starts with the discussions about Hareem & ends with her mention too. Also, the very first conversation they had about Hareem was so long & boring that it made me snooze. I really think Nadia & Ali do not have any contribution in the story & they are just the fillers but the coverage they get is a little too much. Nighat dwelled in the self-pity a little more & her reactions while conversing with Zahida were so OTT too when she found out about the things Hareem have said & done in her village.

I must say, I was enjoying the character of cunning Fahad but what I didn’t enjoy at all were the abuses he directed at Hareem. The writer did the right thing by showing him as a con but she surely could’ve cut down on the verbal abuse that Fahad is putting Hareem up with. The way he spoke to her was so demeaning & I didn’t think it was necessary at all.

Fahad told Hareem to demand her share of inheritance from Nighat now that he understood that he lost a chance in front of Qadeer. Honestly speaking, all the things that Hareem said to Nighat were technically right because Nighat didn’t spend anything on Hareem all her life, so yes, she is entitled to have something at least. I am not saying that she is supposed to get her share because Fahad has asked her to but on her own, she surely deserves as much as Nighat has spent on Nadia & Sadia. Nighat called Nadia & all the things she told her once again made it clear that now she was more worried about Sadia in stead of Hareem. She didn’t want anything happening to Sadia at all, which shows that she loves her more & she is an unjust mother. I found it weird that she called Nadia yet she didn’t want her to be worried. Also, the way she now shared her inhibitions was odd too because all this needed to be done before saying yes to Hareem & Fahad’s marriage. Nighat needs to blame Nadia before anyone else & Nadia needs to blame herself too because they pushed Hareem into this marriage because Nadia grew insecure of Asad’s interest in Hareem.

Overall, this episode was more like a filler & I am hoping that they give us some more twists & turns in the episodes to come. Also, does anyone know where Nadia’s MIL & Asad have gone? Nadia while speaking to Ali held Hareem responsible for lying to Fahad whereas she herself forgot that her mother lied to Ali’s mother too about Hareem also being Nadia’s sister. I really think the characters that are being shown in a positive light by the writer are full of flaws. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Tere Mere Beech.

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