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Aabro – Episode 13!

Ohkay so, this episode of Aabro was all about more sufferings that Ali & Aabro had to endure because of Ali’s parents & I think it’s about time that their pain should lessen because there’s a limit to everything & they have filled enough episodes with their misfortune already. Time to show something positive at least.

Abid & Fauzia got married & both Ali & Aabro were treated like strangers because it has been made very clear that Ali’s parents are not going to forgive Ali & Aabro anytime soon. I really thought that may be Fauzia will try to make Zubaida understand that she shouldn’t get so worked up at Ali & Aabro’s presence but seems like she herself is following the footsteps of her mother & her aunt. I was kind of disappointed to see Fauzia’s behavior. She made one of those brides who can become the talk of the town because of their never-ending frown. Like itna gham kyun hai Fauzia ko bhai??? Can someone please explain??? Ali & her chapter should be a water under the bridge for Fauzia but seems like she is fooling Abid by still being stuck in the past & being heart-broken at her failed engagement with Ali.

Abid is a really nice guy. He not only tried to bring some harmony among his family members but he proved that he will stand by Ali’s side no matter what everyone else says. He invited Ali for the dinner & even treated Aabro with respect too. I think Fauzia should follow her husband’s footsteps because they are going towards a right & a better direction, at least better than where her mother & her aunt’s footsteps will take her!!!

Aabro & Ali had a baby girl & things got difficult for them even more because they found no help from anyone in Ali’s family. I really really like Sakina’s character, I think Sakina & Abid’s characters are the most rational ones in the lot of all these people who are suffering from hormonal imbalances of some sort. I really liked the scene where Sakina calculated how she had to pay back some of her loans but the moment she heard about her granddaughter, she forgot about everything. Sakina proves that it really doesn’t matter how much money you have or what your financial status is, you have everything if you have humanity. Yes, Sakina is going out of the way for Aabro because she happens to be her daughter but Sakina also suffered the same pain that Zubaida went through, so why can’t Zubaida forgive Ali that too at a stage where he himself has become a father & needs her blessings the most? Fauzia is expecting a baby too & I am sure, she will be milking it more in order to gain sympathies & khidmaat of everyone around her, because she knows that Zubaida will do everything for her. I wish someone had told Fauzia to wear a longer trouser because the length of those black trousers was quite odd!!!

Sadly Ali & Aabro didn’t get any forgiveness & things won’t be easy for them because the preview suggested that Shahida’s evil mind will come up with a suggestion of using Aabro as a substitute of a maid. I really think they are pushing it a bit too far by showing this level of inconsideration & it was actually quite bizarre to see everyone’s cold reaction at the news of Aabro’s new born too. At least, I am glad that Ali decided to put some sense into his mother’s empty head that she should forgive Aabro & Ali because they have suffered a lot already but I am sure it would take a lot for a stone-hearted woman like Zubaida to change her attitude. What I really find annoying is that even Zafar doesn’t tell his wife to cut Ali & Aabro some slack, like seriously, fathers are a bit easy-going & Zafar actually knows that it was Zubaida’s insistence that forced Ali to go to such extremes, so at least he can show some consideration & tell his wife off but he adds more fuel to the fire which is annoying!

I think this drama is now taking things a bit too far & it is no fun to watch Ali’s family’s tyranny. Also, I think if there’s one thing this drama teaches, it is that everyone should cherish the food they get to eat every single day because they really never know when a woman like Zubaida might start snatching things away & starts taunting for using a bit too much salan, doodh, dabal roti etc, yeah I said dabal roti deliberately to show how hideous does it seem to see them fighting like puppies (who didn’t get their fair share of bones) over the food. Anyways, I think in this episode both Noor Hassan & Maheen Fayyaz really convinced me with their acting, they really conveyed the sufferings of Ali & Aabro to perfection & I really felt for them. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aabro!!!

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Zahra Mirza.

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