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Tere Mere Beech – Episode 16!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tere Mere Beech was torturous to say the least but I think the note at which it ended saved the day & stopped this drama from getting ruined for me. This episode was torturous not because of Hareem but because of Zahida, Nadia, Sadia & also the ghost appearance of Nighat which obviously did the trick & left a bad taste in the mouth but then can you expect anything good or positive from the ghosts who only show up to haunt people?

Nighat’s self-pity is continuing in her grave as well, that is why she decided to show up again & taunt Hareem. Why does late Nighat & now her current ghost always insist on the fact that Hareem should understand how hard it must’ve been on Nighat to give her daughter away? Why can’t Nighat The Ghost understand that no, she can not expect an infant to understand the crime her mother committed by handing the child over to someone else without giving her a fair bit of a justification. Just because Nighat felt that Hareem could have ‘packet ka doodh’ she thought she was eligible to be given away? It is absolutely ridiculous. I feel like smacking Nighat every single time she says that Hareem should understand whereas she should be the one doing ALL the understanding & forcing her good-for-nothing, filled-with-venom daughters to understand their sister Hareem too because she lead a disturbed life by juggling between two failed & confused to the core mothers!!!

Oh well, I so wish when Qadeer attacked Shabbir’s car, Zahida had gone for a ride with her husband too because honestly speaking, her character is useless, like legit useless because she has no contribution, nor in the story neither in anyone’s life. Also, if Zahida got lucky before, I wish that now Nighat pulls Zahida into the limbo where she herself resides because the amount of screaming, yelling, crying, caterwauling & moaning this woman does is absolutely annoying.

I really wish in stead of coming out of her grave to taunt Hareem, Nighat had contacted her ‘phor’ daughter Sadia & taught her a thing or two about managing household chores. I am glad that Nighat’s khush fehmi must have gone down the drain by seeing that her perfect daughter wasn’t so perfect after all because she couldn’t do anything on her own. Also, I wish someone would pull the annoying curled flick of Zahida & pin it up at the back of her scalp because seems like nothing survived in this drama but the curls of her hair. Everything about Zahida is so OTT that it is not even funny. I think it would’ve been better if she had pinned up her curls & decided to become a mother to Sadia & Hareem in stead of just crying in an annoying voice, demanding a cup of tea from Hareem like she was a guest & then putting all the blame on Hareem for everything that went wrong.

If Zahida is OTT then Nadia & Sadia are competing in that pageant too because looks like when Nighat passed away, she passed on her annoyance as an inheritance to both Nadia & Sadia. I hated the way they kept on blaming Hareem for everything possible. Why didn’t Nadia tell Sadia that she must’ve been irresponsible herself to burn her hand so badly? Why were they dragging Hareem into everything? Also, the way Zahida lost sight of Hareem & then started blaming her made me dislike her even more. Hareem is suffering from depression because no one is understanding what she is going through, no one understands the love-hate relationship she had with Nighat & how deeply she is hurt by Fahad’s absence, they think it is ohkay to taunt her & question her as to why she cries while remembering her mother? Hareem must be suffering from a mere depression, but they all have become psychos themselves & psychopathy is lailaaj!

It was funny to see Ali’s mother & brother popping out of nowhere after I guess a decade? I guess the director must’ve called them to show up in order to welcome the VVIP guest Sadia who Nadia brought into her house without even notifying her mother in law. I guess Nadia was quite conscious of the likes & dislikes of her MIL but the way she is doing everything independetly is quite unconvincing. Also, how old is Asad? 12 years or may be 10? He doesn’t have anything productive to do? I am sure now Nadia won’t mind the blooming chemistry between Asad & Sadia & she’d be rooting for their marriage too. I am so tired of seeing the furrowed brows of Sadia & augmented lips of Nadia but sadly, all their conversations are unnecessarily long & intolerable. They are just as useless as Zahida!!!

I guess Hareem will get 3rd time lucky because now she will come across a woman who will actually become a mother to her, guide & counsel her the best way possible. Hina Bayat’s addition to this drama at this stage seems promising & refreshing. The preview of the next episode suggested that the clan of psychopaths will assume that Hareem is officially out of their lives & I am thanking the writer for this twist because it means they won’t be able to play the blame-game anymore & will be gone from Hareem’s life for good. I can’t wait to see what positive influence Hina Bayat’s character will have on Hareem’s life & what changes will her counselling bring in Hareem’s personality. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Tere Mere Beech!

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Zahra Mirza.

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