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Aabro – Episode 15!

Ohkay so, they continued showing us the hard times that both Ali & Aabro are going through & as sad as it sounds, there was no change in their condition & in the attitude of Ali’s family whatsoever. I think they have shown us the extremes now where Ali & Aabro are regretful & apologetic, so they really need to amp up their speed & head towards the ending of the drama because it seriously is getting quite depressing & emotional & oh yes, I did cry once again!!!

Ali & Aabro went through a lot of pain to arrange some money to contribute in Tayyaba’s wedding but as always, Zubaida spun the entire thing against him & used it as an opportunity to insult Ali even more saying that the amount that he was giving was quite small. Zubaida needs to stop comparing Ali with the other guys of the family because they all are doing some decent jobs whereas Ali is doing an odd job right now, so she can’t really expect him to give as much money as others have given to her.

I found a slight loophole in the timeline because they showed that Samra & Tahir came to see Ahmed for the first time & they also showed Ahmed as a newborn whereas in the previous episode they showed a time lapse of 4 months after Ahmed’s birth where Abid came in to share the news of his promotion & the company’s car. This scene should’ve been included in the previous episode because to see Ahmed reducing from infant to newborn & then again becoming an infant in the very next scene was confusing & also quite faulty. Also, Ali spoke about how Tahir came from America because of which he gave a good amount of money for Tayyaba’s wedding & in the later part of the episode, Abid goes like Tahir told him that he’ll be applying for Canada so Samra will settle there!?!?!

I think the way Fauzia is being treated in this family, she should be the last person making faces at Ali & Aabro’s mention. She has already seen that she has been ‘blessed’ after getting to Abid & how ‘unlucky’ Aabro has become so she shouldn’t show the signs of distress at all because if we crack the equation of their lives, Fauzia should in stead be thankful to Aabro for snatching Ali away from her because of which she got a chance to get married to Abid. It was good that at least Abid tried to knock some sense into her that she needs to ease up a bit & help Ali & Aabro as much as they both could because they needed their help right now.

It was sad that Sakina was suffering so badly & she stopped Aabro from coming over. She knows that Aabro is going through a lot herself so she didn’t really think it was a good idea to bother her much. Throughout the episode, I really liked the way both Ali & Aabro reflected upon their past mistakes & their current condition. They have blamed themselves enough, they have regretted enough but it is good that at least Ali can also see that his parents are now being unreasonable. His parents got a full chance to display their anger & disappointment but Ali & even his wife Aabro don’t have even that much of a leeway.

Aabro realized that things are getting worse because with Afsheen growing up, she’ll be having more demands, that’s when Aabro asks Ali if she could work as Fauzia’s personal maid as she was pregnant so she’ll be needing an extra help from now on. It was good to see that when Aabro requested Fauzia, something struck a chord & she hated seeing Aabro in that position. Even when Shahida found out about it, she didn’t seem too pleased too because that’s when both Shahida & Fauzia realized how grave their situation was & how hard they both were struggling to make the ends meet. The preview however suggested that things will now get even tougher for Aabro because the entire family will now order Aabro & will boss around her, also, they’ll now expect Aabro to walk an extra mile every single time because they’ll be paying her. It looks like things are not going to change at all & I really wish they would because we’ve seen it all & I really think the drama should end in next 3 – 4 episodes. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aabro.

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Zahra Mirza.

PS: Please keep the innocent departed souls & the affected families of the Lahore Blast in your prayers.

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