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Aabro – Episode 18!

Ohkay so, this episode of Aabro didn’t take the story forward much but whatever I saw, I enjoyed it, having said that, it won’t be a lie if I say that I am dreading a slowed down pace once again. I so want them to keep up the pace & wrap the drama soon without ruining the charm that has been created due to the recent episodes.

So, Ali & Aabro have only one wish & that is seeing Afsheen becoming a doctor. Aabro believes Afsheen can become a doctor but Ali shares his hesitance with her because he knows that they can’t bear the expenses. I must say, I loved all the scenes of Afsheen because she happens to be the only good thing that has happened to Ali & Aabro, so she literally lights up their life & her surroundings as well.

It was quite naturally shown that even though Aabro trusts Afsheen to the core, she still doesn’t hold back in keeping a check on her. It is only because of her own insecurities & due to her own past but despite that, the way she has been a strict parent to such a perfect child goes to show that Aabro never really stopped being a parent to Afsheen & even though she trusts her, she not even for a second sat down without a worry that her daughter will never do the things that Aabro herself did when she was her age.

I must say, Aima got way more coverage than required & I didn’t enjoy that bit because it took the story no where. We already know that Fauzia hasn’t raised her kids properly but even though Ahmed is nice, Aima is out of control, so there’s no point in showing it again & again how spoiled Aima is. Also, when it comes to the actress playing the character of Aima, I must say, I still see her as a child artist & she has such a baby face that no where does she look like a student of 11th standard (probably 17 y/o) which is why I feel that is another reason why I didn’t really see her track important because the choice of actress wasn’t good & she is a complete misfit in this drama. I think the girl who was playing the role of Aima’s friend would’ve done a far better job because she looked appropriate for a character of a 17 y/o girl.

I once again enjoyed all the conversations Ahmed had with & about Afsheen. He really likes her & more than liking her, he respects her that is why he feels for her too as he knows how Afsheen gets mistreated by his grandmother, mother & now his sister for no good reason. It was good to see that Ahmed inherited some level of compassion & humanity from his father, that is why despite seeing how Ali’s family gets treated by the rest of the people, he hasn’t let any of that affect the relationship he has with them.

Well, for Zubaida the only Urdu proverb that came to my mind was ‘rassi jal gai par bal nahi gaya’. Her bitterness was alright, her interference was alright too, her being rigid was still alright as well, but what most certainly wasn’t alright was how she put a blame on Afsheen saying that she was trapping Ahmed & she was cunning, like seriously, I just don’t get why Zubaida said all that because she herself has seen how Afsheen has been raised & what her personality is & what her likes & dislikes are, so even if at this stage of her life she can’t really read & understand people, then she has wasted her entire life. Zubaida herself has seen how Aima & Ahmed have been raised & how different Afsheen is from them, so seeing her say those things made me feel disgusted. It is absolutely shameful that being a grandmother, she would accuse her granddaughter of something like this. It is sad that even after all these years, Zubaida’s mentality hasn’t changed where in stead of worrying about an outdoorsy Aima, she was more concerned about Afsheen, who is known for being a bookworm. Honestly speaking, I was glad that Zubaida got told off by Aima about the way she treats Afsheen, I guess that was the only good thing that Aima said & did!

Anyways, this episode just focused on showing some more characteristics of the newly introduced characters Afsheen, Ahmed & Aima. I must say, the actors playing the characters of Afsheen & Ahmed were chosen wisely & they fit perfectly in the roles that have been assigned to them but the girl playing the role of Aima is a complete misfit & just because she has appeared in numerous dramas, she was cast for this role, which I think was a wrong choice. I think that girl should stick to playing the roles of a 12 year old because she most certainly doesn’t look like a teenager to me. Anyways, I was hoping to see Zafar in this episode but the news of his death came as a shock because I was wishing to see whether Zafar has forgiven Ali & Aabro after all these years. Well, I guess that question will now remain unanswered, sigh!

Overall, this episode was good & I really really liked all the scenes of Afsheen & Aabro. It is good to see that Afsheen’s character has been written with a lot of detailing that is why most of the things she says or does show what sort of a girl she is. I wish they cut back on the coverage that they give to Aima & focus more on Afsheen. Also, I so am not looking forward to this chain of accusation initiated by Zubaida that now is directed towards Afsheen. Anyways, I must say Maheen Fayyaz has improved a lot, even though she still sounds robotic at times but she still has improved, Noor Hassan, Ahmed Zeb & Farah Shah have done a great job too. I must also add that the girl playing the character of Afsheen is a very natural actress & she performed all her scenes effortlessly & that is why she has become such a treat to watch. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aabro.

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