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Aabro – Episode 20!

Ohkay so, this episode of Aabro was interesting & quite happening. May be because the scenes were short & they exposed a lot of problems that each & every family member was facing, that is why this episode in particular became quite interesting & gave us something to look forward to.

Fauzia believes in hiding away from the problems that are thrown her way, that is why she thinks that coming up with extreme solutions is the way to go. Just because Fauzia has understood that she has lost control on both her children, she thinks that the issues related to Ahmed can be solved if they move out of this place & the problems related to Aima can be solved if she marries her off. Fauzia has still failed to acknowledge the fact that she has failed at parenting her children properly & just because she didn’t pay attention to them when it was important, her kids have grown to be indifferent to her & the rest of the family members as well.

Abid on his own is struggling hard because he can see how badly her kids were raised, but yes, I most certainly do not agree that he gets a clean chit & blames Fauzia solely for not being able to raise Ahmed & Aima properly because just as much as Fauzia is responsible for their kids, Abid is responsible too. Where was he when both Ahmed & Aima were growing & were developing these sort of habits that now Abid can’t seem to tolerate?

Aima is quite a stubborn child who is only acting that way because Fauzia spoiled her to a T. Aima thinks her parents have no right to interfere in her life & she is free to do whatever she wants to. Again, I don’t understand how did Fauzia end up becoming such a liberal mother that she raised Aima like that because if we look at her background, she herself came from a very conservative family. Also, I find it funny that in stead of putting her energies to shape Aima’s character, Fauzia & even Zubaida are bent on controlling Ahmed because they are still typical in a way that no matter what a girl does, she will leave this house eventually but Ahmed is bound to stay with them for the rest of his life, therefore he should learn to stay under his mother & grandmother’s control.

Ahmed has finally decided to face the fact & put a name on the feelings that he has for Afsheen. It isn’t merely just a liking but his unintentional love for her that forces him to take a stand every time someone tells him to not meet her. Ahmed is well-aware of the fact that this news will bring a havoc in their lives & sadly poor Afsheen will have to face the brunt for something that she isn’t even aware of & hasn’t initiated herself, that is why Ahmed’s decision of keeping things to himself is right for the time being.

It was good to see that Zubaida started getting the reality checks that were long due. Ahmed told her clearly that she is the one who initiates the negativity & brain-feeds Fauzia against Ali’s family. Also, the way Abid told her that he will not let her ruin & make decisions regarding Ahmed’s life was also a much needed reality check that she had to get. The things Abid said to her clearly told Zubaida that Abid deep down blames her for bringing Fauzia in his life & ruining it for him. Abid was an obedient son & he got Fauzia as a reward which he is regretful about, that is why it was good to know that at least he wasn’t in a hurry to ruin Ahmed’s life by bringing Samra’s daughter in it. I am sure when the news will break, Abid will end up supporting Ahmed & Afsheen’s marriage because he knows that Afsheen is a perfect girl that has been raised properly.

I must say, looks like Samra & Fauzia are still stuck in their 20’s. Samra was supposedly talking about her daughter’s proposal so may be looking like a mother wasn’t have been such a bad idea. Anyways, I am sure Samra must’ve spoken about this proposal after Zubaida had instilled this idea in her but it was good to see that Abid wanted Ahmed to focus on his education in stead of getting him involved in these tangles. Also I must say, it was funny that Zubaida felt that if she’ll leave this house, it will mean handing it over to Aabro which she would never allow, but when Abid suggested selling that place off, Zubaida thought she will make a decision on those lines. Does Zubaida not realize that when she will sell this place, she will have to hand over a decent chunk of the amount to Ali because he will be entitled to it?

I am sure things are not going to get any easier for Ali, Aabro & Afsheen. Afsheen is being followed & harassed by a guy but it was good that she reported it to her mother because she herself got scared. Aabro thought that not sending Afsheen to the collage was a good idea. I must say, I was disappointed to see the aspect of Afsheen’s education being ignored in this episode. What they showed suggested that Afsheen settled for a simple B.A & a little bit of time had passed too because she said she was preparing for her exams as well. I really thought that may be Aabro & Ali will eventually come up with a solution that will enable them to get Afsheen enrolled in a medical college or may be Abid will find it in his heart to help Afsheen materialize her dream but nothing happened in this regard & I really think it was a bad move, since they showed us right from the start that Afsheen was all about getting educated & was enthusiastic about becoming a doctor in particular. I wish in stead of only making the ending phase of the drama about family politics against Ali, Aabro & Afsheen, they had put a little thought in showing how Afsheen changed her family’s condition on the basis of her education solely because what they are showing now & going by what the preview suggested also, it looks like Afsheen will eventually end up depending on Ahmed, might as well get married to him & then Ali & Aabro’s ‘halaat’ will change because their damaad might become a doctor. I feel a little sad about the way Afsheen’s track has been handled because we all were waiting to see her becoming self-sufficient & supporting her parents financially & also, we wanted to see her achieving so much in her life due to education because of which she had proved everyone wrong who had belittled her mother & father & had thought that nothing good will ever happen to them!!!

Anyways, the preview of the next episode suggested that Ahmed will speak to Afsheen & might as well propose her. It looks like Afsheen will start thinking on those lines as well because she was seen speaking about it to her mother. Ahmed will definitely get in trouble for protecting Afsheen & that will put Afsheen in a lot of trouble too. I know it is mean but I had a good laugh when Zubaida was insulted & was later seen crying over how Ahmed misbehaved with her, haha! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aabro.

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