Aakhir Kab Tak Episode 17 Story Review – Impressive

This was another wholesome and engaging episode of Aakhir Kab Tak. This drama has successfully managed to highlight relevant social issues without getting too serious. Even though tonight’s episode had so many scenes that were emotionally charged and meaningful, there were also those scenes that made me laugh! Even some of the serious scenes were amusing given the circumstances but the message they attempted to covey was not lost. One of the best aspects of this drama is its pace; it has not dragged at all and every episode has tangible developments to its credit. Like any other well-put-together drama, Aakhir Kab Tak’s success is also the result of excellent teamwork. Many well-written dramas lose their impact and significance because the producers get greedy or the directors do not give them the right treatment. Safia’s outburst was definitely the highlight of this episode. Nilofer continues to be a complete disappointment!

Saim, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air! Unlike many other writers that bank on men who are incapable of thinking on their own, Radain Shah has given us a leading man who does not only have a big heart but is also intelligent enough to make his own decisions! Aakhir Kab Tak continues to break stereotypes and always has a pleasant surprise in store

Big Step Forward

Watching Safia take a stand for herself and her daughter in front of the entire family was definitely a first! Her character development has been gradual which is why this newfound confidence is easy to relate to. I am sure I am not the only one who was rooting for Safia when she decided to speak for herself in the loudest way possible. She was unapologetic and sure about her stance which made this scene an absolute treat to watch. The fact that she experienced Bassam’s actions first-hand, there was no doubt left in her mind and that was also the reason why she did not hold back. She was enraged and also felt guilty for not believing her daughter. This was such a good way of showing this development as opposed to showing her witnessing Bassam harass Fajar. Through this track, the writer has shown that girls are not even safe in their own homes. While parents are busy protecting their daughters from the outside world by not letting them go out, such predators are right there in the house and no one believes the girls when they come out with the truth.

Later on, Safia was also scared of the consequences which made this entire development even more realistic. Had she not shared her concerns and fears with Noor, she wouldn’t have asked Nasir for help. Nasir is also helping her otherwise because it seemed as if that deal was done at a higher rate due to his pressure. Nasir’s character keeps you guessing but overall I am enjoying watching this slightly twisted but extremely amusing character on screen. Adeel Hussein clearly enjoyed playing this character because he looks so comfortable playing the role.

Noor’s conversation with her father was another big step forward since she never tried to communicate with her father, the way she did today. For the first time, she wanted his blessings and was sure that she actually could look out for her family. Even though her tone and overall approach were the same as before but there was more warmth in her behavior than before. Ehtesham is watching everything that is going on and it remains to be seen what he deducts from it in the end. He can already see that Noor has done a great deal single-handedly and watching his brother’s behavior will give him reasons to re-evaluate his expectations from him.

Meaningful Conversations

The opening conversation between Fajar and her mother was definitely one we have all been waiting for. Safia was finally willing to listen to her daughter and Fajar had the courage to speak her mind.  Even though Fajar has always been timid but she has also been shown as an intelligent girl who understands her situation and the lack of support. Everything that she said to her mother tonight showed how sensitive and receptive she was all these years but no one wanted to listen to what she had to say. This time around too Noor was the one who convinced Safia to listen to her, for a change instead of telling her off! The writer highlighted the importance of the role of a mother and how she can turn things around for her children.

Saim’s conversation with his mother was one of the best in this episode. It is refreshing watching a male character that does not let the women in his life dictate to him. Even though Saim is a loving and sensitive man, he will never allow anyone to manipulate him. It is good to see a leading man who is loving and intelligent at the same time! He does not give in to the pressure at all; he could have lied to his mother tonight but he was honest about who he was with because he does not feel that he is doing anything wrong. The conversation that he had with his mother highlighted the double standards that exist in our society and most importantly the significance of consent in marriage. These dialogues which repeatedly assert the fact that women don’t lose their individuality or the right to choose after marriage, win me over every single time. Kudos to the writer and the producer for breaking free from regressive themes and introducing something which is the need of the hour.

Another conversation that was gelled in so well in this episode was the one between Fajar and Noor. These girls never got the kind of support that they needed from their parents. Fajar longs to be accepted and protected even now. Most kids take this protection for granted but quite often girls, in particular, do not get the kind of love and acceptance that is their birthright, from their parents. Noor and Fajar are such a good representation of all such girls out there who never get something as basic as their parents’ love. This conversation was also meaningful but not too serious which made it even more engaging, overall.

Final Remarks

Aakhir Kab Tak is a must-watch for all those viewers who are tired of watching the same old stories! If you want to watch something other than a ghissa pitta love triangle, tune into this drama and you will not be disappointed. Apart from the confusing day and night scenes, the treatment given to this episode was perfect. The performances, yet again, were on point throughout. I am eagerly looking forward to Noor and Nasir’s track in particular because the preview of the next episode suggested that Noor will find out a few things which Nasir perhaps did not want her to find out. I am also hoping that Saim stays the same and this track does not take a typical turn. So far, Aakhir Kab Tak has not disappointed and every week we get to watch something that is truly refreshing.

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