Aangan Episode 11 Review – Very Sweet!

Ohkay so, it was yet another interesting & very sweet episode of Aangan. This time around the focus was on selflessness for the sake of other’s happiness & it was so touching to see a few people suffering but still faking a smile to enjoy other’s moment of glory!

Once again Hajra took the crown for being the best family member because she not only curbed her own happiness but picked up herself immediately because she knew that she had to understand the situation & act accordingly. It was sad that Hajra had to pay such a huge price for a small misapprehension but I will say, more than Hajra, I felt a lot for Sajjad because Hajra had a lot of people by her side to vent out but Sajjad couldn’t bring himself to share anything with anyone. Sajjad & Hajra are two people who put everyone else ahead of them without expecting anything in return, so them expecting a little pat on the back was totally justified. Obviously, Sajjad & Hajra couldn’t tell Abba Jee & Zaitoon that they were wrong in feeling overjoyed for Zoya but yes, they did think that their parents will be aware of their disappointment because were expecting Aqdas’s proposal for Shaina but sadly, that wasn’t the case.

I loved Anila’s stance when it came to Zoya’s marriage. At least she stopped being a villain because this time around it was her sister who was in the limelight. Anila knows that Allauddin demands a lot of attention & validation to forget about his complexes, that is why she always makes sure that her family goes out of the way to accommodate Allauddin & his unreasonable call for attention but this time around, she exactly knew what Zoya’s proposal meant for everyone, therefore she put her foot down. To be honest, I couldn’t stop laughing at how childish Aalu looked when he compared himself to Aqdas? I mean seriously, he is full of complexes & it’s funny that he tried to make Anila a part of it too by guilt tripping her but Anila stood by her word!

Faseeha obviously is not over the moon with Aqdas’s decision of marrying Zoya & being a mother she could feel that Shaina was a better match as she fitted the bill perfectly but then it was sweet of Hajra to talk Faseeha out of it as she could see that everyone was happy for Zoya.

Zoya & Hajra’s scene was another highlight of the episode because Hajra actually treated her like her own child & told her that she shouldn’t feel burdened because of Shaina. It obviously took a lot for Hajra to come to terms with what was happening but just because she did, it showed how big hearted she was especially when it came to Sajjad’s family.

So, Laila has finally started her business but I guess a challenge bigger than establishing her business would be working with Zahid who is not only not ready to budge but also doesn’t understand his responsibilities. I am sure by working with Laila, he will become responsible & will realize that his family should come first.

Overall, it was a very interesting episode. I love how it has been shown that every single matter affects the family dynamics completely. Zoya’s refusal but then acceptance was shown beautifully. It is nice to see all of them being so considerate & thoughtful of each other but I still feel Hajra & Sajjad should have been praised for what they did. It is amusing how Zaitoon is still under the impression that her amulet has worked on Hajra & she is carrying a child, lol! Loved this episode & looking forward to more. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aangan.

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Ps: My apologies for a late review, I accidently injured my hand last night, so couldn’t really type because of that. Thanks for waiting! :)

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