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Aangan Episode 13 Review – Wedding Planning!

Ohkay so, it was yet another brilliant episode of Aangan. In this episode, the entire focus was on Zoya & Aqdas’s wedding preps & plans, which again were highlighted beautifully – starting from those awkward moments to taking care of everyone’s mood swings to the discussions about financial burdens, each aspect was depicted with perfection because when it comes to wedding plannings, in stead of helping, everyone finds a way to make things even more difficult that too unnecessarily & it was depicted perfectly!

Finally Faseeha put forth Aqdas’s proposal & insisted on finalizing the dates asap as she had to return. Even though Abba Jee, Zaitoon & the entire family had accepted the proposal, they were caught off guard when Faseeha insisted on finalizing everything quickly.

To be honest, I enjoyed Aalu’s scenes the most. The way he tried to grab the attention was so amusing & since he is so used to the idea of getting treated like a royalty, he actually couldn’t believe that no one was bothered about him for once as they all had a bigger matter at their hands to take care of. The entire ‘organic food’ conversation at the dining table was so hilarious, Anila also played a part because by then even she could see that her husband was not being pampered as per their standards!

Zahid was another character who wasn’t helping the situation because he had a lot of issues from mehandi function to segregation to not letting Aqdas mingle before the wedding & so on. It was amusing how no one took him seriously because they all knew he had to create one obstacle after another so there was no need to pay heed to what he said. It is sad that Rubina has to put up with Zahid & his excuses but still she has shown some growth in regards to being thankful to Sajjad & Asim for taking care of her & the kids as she genuinely feels burdened by all that they do for her family.

Laila has also shown some growth & she has now matured in a way that she not only understands her responsibilities but also walks an extra mile to do as much as she can for Rubina. The bonding between Rubina & Laila is very sweet as Rubina has now seen that Laila goes out of the way to help her.

Abba Jee’s concerns were highlighted beautifully. At first, he felt Aqdas will become distant & cold too after he will get married to Zoya but Abba Jee has definitely judged him wrongly but then he can’t help feel that way because Aalu has set such a precedent. The way Abba Jee reminded Shafiq of his responsibilities was spot on too but then again, Shafiq disappointed him. I would like to know more of Shafiq’s side of the story to know whether all that he says is based on excuses or he genuinely is living such a tough life. May be Shafiq has grown cold towards his family as he is too comfortable & busy in his own life & has forgotten what the family is all about!

Aalu wasn’t going to Japan but then he tried to use it as a curveball thinking he will be able to grab an ounce of attention that he was longing for, plus he had to make an impression on Canada return Faseeha as well. The way Abba Jee reacted to Aalu’s news of his tour was perfect & what’s amusing is that Aalu wasn’t expecting that reaction because for a second he thought that their life will come to a standstill upon the news of him not being able to attend the wedding. The conversation between Anila & Aalu about travelling was so funny, it is amusing how they just leave no stone unturned in making things difficult but still fail because everyone’s aware of their nature & their thinking.

Overall, it was another episode of Aangan that I enjoyed. There were quite a few moments where I had a hearty laugh & in the middle of all this, the focus wasn’t shifted from the fact that weddings these days in regular families are too hard to plan. Loved every bit of it. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aangan.

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Aangan Episode 13 Review
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