Aangan Episode 16 Review – Epic!

Ohkay so, I love Aangan for the fact that it just doesn’t shy away from highlighting all the issues a family is faced with at a desi wedding but in a humorous way. Just because things have been kept so light hearted, they make more impact & what I love about the entire storytelling is that in the middle of the humor, the message isn’t lost. It is like the writer & the director knew when & how they had to convey a certain message so that it makes a way into the hearts of those who are watching!

When I saw the preview last week & there was a mention of Anila’s narazgi, I knew the matching outfits would be the reason behind her wrath & voila! I was right. No one could say anything as they knew that Anila was doing what she is known for; having a problem for every solution & once again, she made sure to convey her problem by making it even bigger. Zaitoon calling their similar dresses ‘wardi’ was so amusing, I just couldn’t stop laughing. It was funny how just to calm Anila down, Zaitoon for a moment started siding with her & called Laila & Hajra out for gifting Rubina a dress!

Asim actually thought that Laila was feeling bad at what Anila did but in reality, she was just feeling depressed because she knew she was going to face the question regarding her childlessness during all the wedding functions & Milaad was just the beginning. It is nicely shown that people not always speak about this personal matter in a bad manner with a curious undertone, but the one who is going through it knows what it feels like & just when a girl is trying to keep her morale up & is praying to avoid these type of conversations, this is the last thing she wants anyone’s attention on. It is a fact, even though someone’s intention might not be to hurt by asking such a personal question, but the one dealing with this baggage not necessarily always wants to have a discussion over something which is beyond their control. Ah! Been there, seen that & that is the reason why I relate to Laila’s character on a personal level because whatever has been shown through her journey is a reality!

It was actually very sweet how both Zaitoon & Hajra were trying to accommodate Rubina & going out of the way to make her feel that she shouldn’t worry an ounce over her or her children’s clothes, probably the major expense one has to bear if a family member is getting married. The way Zaitoon spoke about Laila’s friends in sleeveless was absolutely hilarious & I was in a laughing fit for like 10 minutes! Hahahah!!! & oh yes, Zaitoon’s mention of Anila getting a million more chances to create issues & turn her mood off was spot on. I love how effortlessly everyone in this family speaks about others shortcomings, it is like they all despite being courteous are brutally honest & know about each other’s strengths & weaknesses!

Well, Zahid continued to show attitude to Aqdas, it’s like he still feels he has an upper-hand as he caught them doing something which he doesn’t approve of. I must say it is nice how everyone around Zahid despite being aware of his short-temper is still considerate of his feelings because they know there are a few things that don’t sit well with him.

Sadaan & Afrah finally got to talk about the misunderstanding that Hajra created between them but it was nice of Sadaan to not take Hajra’s name in front of Afrah, because he didn’t want to malign her heart against his mother. I think for the first time Sadaan actually succeeded in putting his message across that Hajra was not being considerate when it came to his likes & dislikes as after that Hajra did seem engrossed in some thoughts.

Well, Aalu once again got a chance to tell Anila how her family doesn’t really care much about her. The way he handed Sajjad all the bills was so amusing but typical. Even though on the record both Anila & Aalu arranged this entire Milaad function but when it came to the real deal, they told Sajjad & Asim to take care of the expenses. What else can be expected from such relatives who only like fulfilling their wishes at other’s expenses!

Now coming to the best part of the episode, which was the last scene where Abba Jee came up with this genius plan of reaching out to Anila. It was so funny how Zaitoon & Sajjad felt so relaxed after they got a blank chit, because they knew they didn’t have to deal with another problem. I am actually quite interested to know who will get the auspicious opportunity to go to Anila, Abba Jee or Zahid or Asim? Any bets guys? I think it would be Abba Jee but I would love if it turns out to be Zahid, it would be a sight to see him doing something like this, lol!

Overall, once again a fun episode with so many amazing moments to its credit. All the actors are doing a wonderful job & the direction is perfect. Faiza Iftikhar should take a bow for bringing Aangan to us, a drama which in literal sense is what an entertainment should be like. I am sure this drama is going to stay with us for a long long time. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aangan.

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