O Rangreza Last Episode – Review!

Ohkay so, finally this drama ended & I can’t be more relieved that I wouldn’t have to tune to this torture anymore!

All this while I stopped talking about Qasim because to me he was just a plain annoying puppet, but the opening scene along with everything else that he did made me detest his character even more. So, it turns out that Qasim could raise his voice as well as his hand on Meena, the girl who was just insecure & wanted to protect what was hers, but when it came to Sassi, all he could do is plead in front of her. Qasim was perfectly fine with Meena when she was being Mammo part 2, but the moment she started stating facts, he couldn’t tolerate her. Also, Qasim impregnated Meena, but in front of Sassi, he called his marital relation a majboori & also confessed that he still loved her! Wow! What a wuss!

Anyways, not that I am feeling the ending that Sassi met, but I am glad she didn’t turn out to be a home-wrecker. Sassi was just a restless being who wanted one adventure after another. First, her adventure was bringing Sonia in Khayyam’s life, then her adventure was to make Mammo suffer, after that she turned everyone’s life into hell only to pursue a new adventure which was working in a film, next was following Wajih & trying to make him fall in love with herself, then a new adventure began by hating everyone; Sonia, Khayyam, Meena & in the end she fell in love with Qasim because she was bored & ran out of other adventure options, so she decided to try her hands on wrecking his marriage. I am not sure how was Sassi ‘bold’ because seeing her entire journey & the ending that she met, to me she was ‘psychotic’ & not ‘bold’. Also, I must say the writer should re-evaluate his definition of bold & how he sees bold women because all the bold women in his drama met a tragic end; Sonia died miserably & Sassi will continue to live aimlessly like a ‘malang’ for the rest of her life. So I am not sure why he sees bold women like this where he thinks they can’t be normal beings? The only good thing was Sassi’s refusal to get married to puppet Qasim, who just sat there waiting to hear her say ‘qabool hai’, hah!

Right from the beginning, the viewers just couldn’t relate to Sassi’s character & that was the reason why this drama wasn’t getting ratings – something the writer himself shared under one of the reviews, but those, including me, who were happy to see something different advocated Sassi’s character & sadly, when things still didn’t work out, the team members started blaming the viewers for not having the sensibility or the wisdom to understand this ‘bold’ character. So, now when this drama has ended, I am rolling my eyes really hard because I can’t wrap my head about this ‘boldness’ which the team started using as an excuse or let’s say sheild to hide behind!

Mammo & Khayyam fizzled in the background & Khayyam’s character had nothing, absolutely nothing to offer. He just got this label that he is ‘khudgarz’ but apart from that, there was nothing in his character. He was just a man suffering from mid life crisis & ended up losing everything in the pursuit of overcoming that crisis. No remorse, no apologies, nothing & he still got away because there was another one-dimensional character Mammo who couldn’t do better!

I can not believe that this drama began on such a high note & ended up like this? Not that this drama was working but the needless dragging sealed the deal that once a super-hit drama was going to end as a flop. Sajal Ali & Noman Ejaz were good. Bilal Abbas Khan was good too. I am not sure what was worse, the story or Hamza Firdous or both? Ummm I think I will go with the last option. Umair Rana was wasted in this drama & Sonia Mishal ended up becoming a peeve of mine with her never-ending vocal vibration & the extremely unflattering messy makeup. Irsa Ghazal deserves a continuous facial massage for the next year or so because I can’t imagine how painful it must have been for her to sport such a depressing look on her face for so long. The actress playing the role of Kareeman Bua seems to be the only respectable aspect of this drama, despite her limited screen-time, she seemed to be the one who broke the monotony of madness that this entire family was an ambassdor of. I will once again say that Hamza Firdous should leave acting for those who know how to do it in stead of becoming an eyesore for the viewers. This drama could’ve broken records but sad to see the fate it met. The only good thing about this drama is the OST. Please share your thoughts.

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