Pukaar Episode 3 Review – A Good Episode!

Ohkay so, though clichéd & typical, it was still a pretty decent episode of Pukaar & Samra’s character made it worthwhile because the way her struggles were shown were convincing.

Fahad & Samra are two very different people who belong to different worlds. Just because Fahad is the only son, his parents not only have a lot of expectations from him, but also from his wife. Right from the start, Fahad’s mother Tashfeen started to ‘train’ Samra so that she meets everyone’s expectations & starts moulding herself to fit their standards!

Even though Samra was getting overwhelmed with the new details that she was getting to know about Fahad & his family but it was quite sweet of her that she was putting up with everything, because she genuinely loves Fahad. Samra not only understood Fahad’s perspective but also tried to accept things that were new & alien to her.

Samra got to see how Fahad’s father was instilling this sense of superiority & taste of power in Fahad, which actually scared Samra because she was not used to all of this & also feared that Fahad might not be able to give all this up in the future, but I loved that she tried to reason with her husband & shared her perspective. Fahad did play a decent role in trying to make Samra comfortable & by doing things to accommodate her so that she doesn’t feel too frustrated by what was happening around her but sadly, there isn’t much that Samra can change or control, or will she? Time will tell!

I liked the fact that Samra stood her ground & tried to convey whatever was not in line with her perspective but in a very decent manner. She even reasoned with Tashfeen despite knowing that she was quite stern & rigid. I don’t know why, I feel Tashfeen will melt & she will side with Samra too, but it will take a lot of effort. Also, not sure if this aspect will be covered but I feel Tashfeen also must have been through this scrutiny to become so rigid, let’s see if the will touch on it in the future episodes.

Well, the last scene promised a new set of challenges for Samra & a completely different picture to what she was promised. Fahad’s parents obviously used his marriage with Samra as a bait to make him do what they want, which is for him & his wife to stay in the village & contest in the local elections. Though Fahad didn’t want to but he also couldn’t say no to his father, which obviously will create a rift between him & Samra. It is obvious that where Samra is quite strong & opinionated, Fahad is submissive & doesn’t have enough courage to have his own perspective.

Overall, it was a pretty decent episode & definitely better than the previous episodes. I hope it gets better week after week. This episode definitely made me like Samra’s character a lot more & I can’t wait to see what she will do with her life in the village. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Pukaar.

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