Aangan Episode 2 Review – A Complete Package!

Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this episode was & how hard I laughed while watching it. Even though the overall vibe of the drama is humorous but what’s commendable is that in the middle of all this the writer has imparted some very beautiful messages which warm your heart. Watching Aangan is like getting a 3D view of a family where everyone has a love-hate relationship, where everyone comes together for one another but then everyone has an issue with each other because they all are different & this entire mix makes this drama a complete package.

The opening scene of this episode once again underlined what the family is all about. Abba Jee was the one who didn’t want his son in law Allauddin to show up at his doorstep, but the moment he heard about his accident, he couldn’t stop blaming himself because he knew that by the end of the day, his daughter will be the one who will suffer & that thought was quite daunting for him. It is absolutely amazing how all the intricacies of all these relationships have been portrayed where no matter how many differences one has, courtesy & compassion keeps them all connected with each other!

So, now that finally Allauddin & his wife made it to Anila’s place, they made sure to do everything that would make them feel valued. Both Anila & Allauddin are a formidable team & they make sure to exploit everyone’s courtesy to the max because it makes them think they have an upperhand. Anila & Allauddin are a representation of those relatives who no matter what, find a reason to nag & complain because they are so engrossed in the idea of their perfect life that they deem it as their duty to rub it on other’s faces. Anila made sure that everyone gave her husband the utmost attention so that he doesn’t complain but then again, Aalu is nothing without complaining!

I loved how Hajra handled everything & how every single time she emerged as a peacemaker. What I love the most about her character is that she is brutally honest while still being courteous, like she knows everyone’s weaknesses & doesn’t mind talking about them but at the end, she uses them to rectify & pacify things as much as she can & that is the beauty of her character. Well, Sajjad followed Hajra’s lead & decided to visit Kulsoom’s place but then again, he was wary of what might happen if Anila will find out the truth!

Rubina came back & even she couldn’t stop complaining that she was forced to return because Anila was visiting. Every single family member has an issue with Anila but then what Hajra told Rubina about Anila made so much sense that being the daughter, Anila had the leverage to run things for a while but because the daughters in law had nowhere else to go, they shouldn’t let anything influence their behavior & cloud their judgment. It was absolutely sweet how Rubina immediately understood what Hajra was trying to convey to her. Well, generally it happens that the daughters of the family find it hard to accept that the house which once belonged to them is not theirs anymore, so they make sure to do everything to let everyone know that they still have an upperhand, can influence whatever happens in the house & are still the decision makers!

Anila had an issue with how Zoya took care of the household chores but then Zaitoon’s advice overruled whatever Anila said as even Zaitoon knew that this was going to be one such place where Zoya will always be welcomed after her marriage. The advice to be good to daughters in law was spot on because it showed that Zaitoon not only valued them but also had enough heart to place them at a certain level of authority, which was refreshing to see that too in such a typical household set up!

The most beautiful scene of this episode was the conversation between Miyan Sahab & Zaitoon Bano where they both reminisced about old times & spoke about how they were now standing at the same pedestal. Miyan Sahab spoke the truth & tried to make Zaitoon Bano understand that their children had their own lives. It was endearing how Zaitoon presented her own perspective but Miyan Sahab tried to show her the bigger picture!

Even though Zahid is shown to be quite stern & staunch but his naivety is endearing. He actually thought that Allauddin passed away & thought about every single formality that they’d have to go through. I liked how it was shown that in the middle of this chaos, Asim & Laila stole some time for themselves. Even though they were equally involved in family affairs, they still made sure to get some breather & disconnect with the family drama. As they both have no kids, they make sure to give each other all the importance in the world & that has further strengthened their relationship!

So, the family drama continued & once again Laila & Rubina faced each other. It is a done deal that they both are two different people who can never come to a common ground & I feel for all those who’ll have to do the damage control that too with Anila around them!

What I loved the most about this episode was that I could relate to so many things & since it is so diverse, I am sure every single viewer will be able to connect & relate to different characters & their scenarios as well. Since this drama is a pure depiction of reality, it makes it even more amazing! All the actors did a wonderful job & there is not even a single character that I find unnecessary in this huge family. This episode was hilarious & I love Faiza Iftikhar’s sense of humor. The entire scene where Mr. & Mrs. Aalu were being Ham-King & Queen had me in a laughing fit. This drama offers so much, so many flavors, so many emotions which makes it perfect. Irsa Ghazal & Waseem Abbas were the stars of this episode, equally & perfectly supported by ZQ. Loved every bit of it & can’t wait for the next episode already. I know what I will be doing on Saturdays, laughing & getting emotional while watching Aangan. Please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Aangan!

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