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Khamoshi Episode 6 and 7 Review-Engagement Is Life!

So Naima is finally the winner in Atif contest. She is engaged to him and has reached the ultimate goal of her life. Naima character is so dark that it has become downright annoying. The writer must have tried to keep her a bit subtle because the way she runs around the house shouting Main Arsala ko bardasht nahin karr sakti is not acceptable at all. The family of Arsala is that of lower middle class and it is not a norm there that you steal your sister’s fiance; here I might add the sister who is sole bread earner of the house and not get a call out from your parents. And the way she keeps chanting Atif Atif all the time is so annoying that you want to tape her mouth. Nonetheless, SHE IS ENGAGED!  Atif, on the other hand, is also a super confused character, marrying one sister while he is dying for Arsala all the time.

The greed of Arsala’s parents was shown well. They don’t see their daughter as a human anymore but as some kind of money-making machine. Her mother’s reaction when her khala tried to make her focus on Arsala’s future was hideous. Only Arsala’s brother has sympathy for her but he is also a shallow person. The only difference is that he accepts he is shallow. Arsala’s khala is more of a mother to her than her own mom. She has complete faith in her and believes that her son is doing wrong but since Atif is a dumb person; no sense can be put in his brain.

Arsala now knows the whole picture. Her family has ditched her big time and the good thing was she at least accepted the facts that they don’t think of her as a daughter anymore. Because as silent and submissive she is it was good to see her showing some spark. Arsala is now at Haseena’s friend’s house and her husband is a sexual predator (played by Saife Hassan). Seems like she will leave that house too in the next episode. Will Haseena lead her to Bilal Khan’s house, we will find out in the coming episodes!

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