Aangan Episode 20 Review – Super Sweet!

Ohkay so, now the story of Aangan is moving towards more serious issues that a family is faced with & how they all come together in order to find a solution to someone’s problem. I loved this episode again for the fact that while still giving us some light hearted moments, they conveyed other details & scenarios quite convincingly as well.

Afrah & Sadaan’s track has come to a standstill & there is nothing much in it apart from Afrah’s taunts directed towards Sadaan. I actually thought that may be in this episode Sadaan will once again speak to Hajra about Afrah but that didn’t happen. Shafiq decided to go back & it was interesting how he had this victim-mentality where he let everyone know how disappointed he was that no one bothered sending gifts for his children, while conveniently forgetting that he also came empty-handed. It is interesting to see how realistically they have painted a picture of how at times people turn cold towards their own family members after they make a life of their own in abroad. Shafiq is a clear cut example of how cold he has become because he has forgotten what it was like living with this big family where everyone came together for each other & got involved in everything to run the family smoothly. Since Shafiq has made a life of his own in Germany, for him only his wife & kids matter & that’s about it, that is why he clearly spoke about how he didn’t want to get involved in the family politics & didn’t want to do anything to improve the dynamics either. He just came as an outsider & wanted to stay that way, whereas on the other hand if we look at Asim, Sajjad & to some extent Zahid, they all are always mindful of each other & the entire family!

Even though the focus of this episode was on something entirely different, I liked that it was highlighted how a newly wedded couple is usually invited for dinners. First Hajra spoke about it then Anila & then Zoya & Aqdas were seen attending a dinner hosted by Aqdas’s relatives too. Even though it was a very small scene but it rightly pointed out the things married girls get to hear, about their dressing, about their age & so many other things as well. Even though Zoya is shown to be a bit older to Aqdas but in general, newly wedded girls in our society are put under a lot of scrutiny & are judged over minute details which was shown convincingly in such a small scene.

Well, everyone came together to finally address the void in Laila & Asim’s life. It was sweet that Abba Jee & Zaitoon Bano in stead of ordering Zahid & Rubina, put forth a request & tried to put things into perspective. Laila felt they were trying to get Asim remarried but she was pleasantly surprised when she got to know that whatever was being said was in her favor & not against her.

Laila agreed but Asim was hesitant. I liked how maturely Asim tried to show Laila the other side of the picture too where he dreaded Laila getting judged by Rubina but then seeing Laila’s confidence in herself forced him to just accept & respect her wishes. Despite Zahid not wanting to, Rubina went ahead & accepted Abba Jee’s request. Rubina has her reasons & even though she tried to tell Zahid what she feels, I felt it definitely had a lot more to do with Zahid’s nature & lack of responsibility to provide for his family. Rubina did say that she wanted to do something that would give her an upper-hand on Laila but I am sure in reality, she just didn’t want any more favors from Sajjad & Hajra because she has seen that Zahid is not in a mood to bring any change in himself!

Even though Zahid comes across as a bit aloof to everything else but it was sweet how he shared the dreams that he had for his child. Though Zahid might not be an ideal husband but when it comes to being a father, he surely cares. I loved the conversation where both Abba Jee & Zaitoon shared their perspectives regarding a child becoming Hafiz e Quran, even though they both had a different thought process but it was positive & was meant to guide as well as appreciate Zahid. I must say, the scene where Rubina packed baby’s belongings was very sweet, even though being a mother the thought of giving her child away was already quite hard for her to accept but still she knows that she took that decision for her child’s better future.

I really really hope that the secret that Asim & Zahid are hiding is not related to Zahid’s 2nd marriage, like there were a few talks about that happening in the preview of the next episode but I so wish that doesn’t turn out to be the case because Zahid’s character already gets a lot of hate, where people just see him as a hypocrite & irresponsible person so I really wish he doesn’t do anything of that sort which will turn him into a villain because for me he is not a negative character, he just lacks some sense of responsibility especially towards his wife. I really hope & I am sure that Zahid will change but I once again say that I hope he doesn’t have a 2nd wife because it will give everyone a reason to hate him. I must say I had a good laugh at the conversation that Hajra & Zaitoon had about Asim being scared of Laila. Also, the opinion Allauddin had about Rubina was so funny. The way Zaitoon reminded Abba Jee that he was feeling sad not because of Zoya but because of Bilqees was amusing too. It’s things like these that make this drama such a perfect & complete family entertainment package. Absolutely love it. Please share your thoughts.

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