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Aangan Episode 24 Review – Some Revelations!

Ohkay so, this episode of Aangan was interesting too. I like how after Zoya’s wedding, the writer has started highlighting a couple of situations in every episode & then we get to see everyone’s involvement & contribution towards those situations. This way, the writer gets to show how the entire family works & is connected because of every single thing that comes their way!

Shaina decided to discuss her concerns with Abba Jee because even she knew that being the head of the family, he was the one who was going to take the final decision & if he’d agree, he’d also be able to convince her parents too. Though Abba Jee did consider what Shaina asked for & decided to grant her, her wish but after his conversation with Sajjad, even he decided to back out, which I so didn’t hope for.

I loved Sajjad & Shaina’s scene together where Sajjad half-heartedly came to deliver Abba Jee’s decision despite knowing how much Shaina wanted it & how much potential she had to excel in it. Even though Shaina accepted everyone’s decision silently, it left Sajjad restless because he knew what it meant to Shaina. I must say, as much as I like Hajra’s character, the way she turns a blind eye towards her children really makes her look unreasonable. Hajra wouldn’t allow Sadaan to get married & then she also wouldn’t allow Shaina to pursue her studies, why? Because she being a typical bahu of a conservative family can not see beyond her daughter’s marriage & also her son’s marriage based on her own liking! At least it was nice to see that Sajjad was feeling guilty but Hajra just sat their with a poker face as if her children’s liking, disliking, their dreams & goals were just not important!

Asim decided to help Sadaan & he was not holding back. From arranging jewelry for Afrah to her bridal dress, Asim was going above & beyond to make sure that Sadaan & Afrah’s dream of getting married to each other comes true. It was interesting that even though Zahid didn’t want to, he couldn’t say no because Asim low-key blackmailed him & used his secret to convince him.

Anila obviously picked on the wrong details & that was enough for everyone to further suspect Zahid. I am sure this entire situation was basically created for the final show down which will eventually reveal the big secret that Asim & Zahid are keeping. Well, as Laila said, her friend had told her about Zahid visiting some lady so it is a done deal that there’s a woman involved, but then again, I really hope it is not his 2nd marriage or something but still, the way the talks have been happening in last few episodes on this subject, I hope it doesn’t turn out to be true. Even though Rubina hasn’t gotten anything, the least she can have is a husband all to herself. It was interesting how Zaitoon easily started doubting Rubina as if she was keeping her expensive gift a secret, like the way Zaitoon often misunderstands her daughters in law while ignoring the faults & flaws of her sons makes her a very real & genuine character. Zaitoon is well aware of Zahid’s financial condition but just because Anila said, she automatically assumed that it might be true that he had gifted Rubina something expensive.

Even though Afrah Sadaan’s track wasn’t wrapped up in this episode, I am glad that the focus was shifted on other aspects like Shaina’s education & then slightly giving away some details of Asim Zahid secret too. It looks like Asim will try to convince Sajjad & I hope this time around Sajjad stands by Sadaan & supports his son because he has allowed Hajra to have an upper hand almost every single time so now, as a father, he should do something too. Let’s see. Please share your thoughts.

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