Visaal Episode 4 Review – Interesting!

Ohkay so, this episode of Visaal was quite interesting & I had a great time watching it. I liked how the story in all the tracks moved forward & everyone was going through one thing or the other which collectively contributed towards the development in the plot.

Taimur couldn’t stop thinking about Pari & because he interacted with Shabbir quite often, it always kept his mind engulfed in Pari’s thoughts. Taimur’s sudden change of attitude towards Shabbir was obviously & only because of Pari as he automatically started seeing him as Pari’s father & not just as a mere worker.

Taimur got a chance to see Pari & Pari also apologized to Taimur for everything that she said, even though it was a half-hearted apology. Well, I loved the way Shabbir enthusiastically spoke about Pari’s higher education, it is so nice to see a father like him on screen who is least worried about his daughter’s marriage & actually wanted to ensure that Pari got the guidance she needed to pursue her education further. It obviously came as a golden chance for Taimur because he not only had a conversation with her but it also opened a window for future interactions as well. Even though Pari at first wasn’t too impressed but later it was obvious that even she was thinking about Taimur & those thoughts were positive as they brought a smile to her face!

I felt for Naheed a lot, she is such a bright, young & aspiring girl who has so many dreams but because she knows that her parents are interested in her marriage, she has to surrender. Everything that she said starting from her status to the sort of guys who will approach Ghufran for her actually made me feel for her & especially knowing what sort of a person Akram is, I feel for her even more!

Ghufran has pretty much made up his mind but then again, I don’t blame him because Akram has created such an impression & weaved such a trap that Ghufran & even his companions couldn’t help seeing him as an eligible bachelor. It is funny that Akram thinks he is going to get married to Pari, that is why he is going through so much of hassle of arranging everything which assures his marriage. I know it is all fun & games till this point but once everyone will start getting hurt & their sufferings will begin, things will become serious & emotional!

Akram decided to turn Dilbar Paanwala into his elder brother & not only that, Akram really is making sure that he doesn’t leave any loopholes which might hinder his plan from materializing, that is why he decided to visit Multan as well to arrange a sister in law, as well as find himself an authentic address which he could give to Ghufran!

Visaal has been quite an interesting watch so far, the dialogues, all the situations, the relationships that all the characters share & the overall setting of the story & drama is really nice & makes it a very good watch. The acting & the direction of Visaal has been superb & they are doing justice to the characters as well as the script of the drama. I can totally foresee that things will become complicated & serious but I am sure it is going to be worth it. Definitely looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts.

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