Aangan Episode 3 Review – Perfection!

Ohkay so, another week, another brilliant episode of Aangan. I love how all the characters have such strong personalities & the writer has made them obvious effortlessly. I like how the focus shifts from one character to another & even then, all the characters get the same amount of coverage.

So, the argument that Rubina & Laila had turned into a big fight where everyone jumped in. Hajra tried to do as much damage control as she could but then again, she was dealing with Rubina the ultimate victim. Laila is the misunderstood one in this house so it was good to see Hajra taking her side. Sadly, Kulsoom saw everything that happened & she backed off. I laughed a lot at how Allauddin didn’t miss a chance to portray himself as a victim in front of a stranger too. The way Allauddin & Anila always make it all about themselves is amusing, even now Anila was mad that it was Hajra who took tha decision of visiting Kulsoom’s place without involving her. As I said last week, the fact that a daughter in law makes most of the decisions is something that a daughter finds hard to absorb & that is the reason why Anila was so bothered plus Allauddin to phir hai hi teeli laganay ke liye!

So, the son Shafiq who is settled in Germany got a little introduction in this episode. It seems he is too busy living his own life that he barely remembers he has a family backhome too. For Shafiq keeping in touch with his family is just a formality & he keeps himself out of all such family affairs where he is needed. I liked how Laila told Asim that he should talk to Shafiq about Sadaan’s education. Laila is educated that is why she feels passionately about everyone’s education, be it Sadaan or Rubina’s children.

In this episode I liked Shaina’s input a lot, like she is someone who not only understands Zoya’s struggles but is also well aware of the heavylifting that her mother Hajra, being a bari bahu has to do. It was actually quite sweet how Shaina tried to talk Zoya out of her depression by saying that the proposal wasn’t so good & that she was being invited into that family to run the house like Hajra.. So, after seeing Zoya’s condition, Hajra has come to the conclusion that she’d get Shaina married first & that obviously put Sadaan in a big trouble.

Well, coming to Zahid, I don’t know why but for some reason the characters that are religious are always shown in a bad light in our dramas & that is the only complain I have with Aangan too. I know in this case Zahid sparks a comedy & he is presented in a different way but the overall message that is being imparted through his character is not so positive because it is being shown that in order to fulfill his religious duties, he is compromising upon his basic responsibilities towards his wife & kids. I know people like Zahid do exist but wouldn’t it have been so amazing if it was shown that Zahid was responsible while still being religious? I do like his character a lot but the way he treated his wife & ignored her only so that he could go for preaching basically showcased how aloof & irresponsible he was when it came to Rubina, which basically meant that he wasn’t doing things the right way because he has religion as his priority! Anyways, it was amusing to see how he sided with Rubina & jumped into that fight where Hajra once again reminded him that he should stay out of all this!

There are a little things that make this drama so real & relateable & I kept on noticing how much detailing has gone into bringing this story to life like Laila’s bedroom depicted how decent Asim’s income is & the taste Laila has which is quite classy & refind. Zahid’s bedroom showcases his simplicity & also depicts that Rubina’s comes from a very normal background. The gold bangles that Zaitoon wears are old fashioned & the color has faded off too, which reminds me of the bangles that we see our grandmothers carrying. Since Sajjad takes care of the household expenses, he has a BP problem & takes medicine for it. We all know that BP is related to stress so it very well showcases how stressful Sajjad’s life is. All these things show how much attention to detail has been paid while making this drama & that is why it has such a huge impact & looks complete.

Overall, it was another perfect episode of Aangan. I liked how the preview of the next episode was basically a continuity of the note at which this episode ended, which was Laila & Asim’s childlessness. I must say all the actors are performing brilliantly but Irsa Ghazal, Noor ul Hassan, Iffat Omar, Uzma Hassan & Waseem Abbas deserve a special mention. Qavi Khan & Samina Ahmed are a class apart & they both as parents are simply perfect. Can not wait to see what more is in store for us. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aangan!

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