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This was yet another episode of Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua which had quite a few interesting conversations to its credit. For the first time however I want the drama to pick up pace especially because of the fact that we know absolutely nothing about Siraj Uncle’s background. The way the writer is making the viewers wait certainly suggests that he has a big surprise in store. Gradually the mystery surrounding Tipu’s character is being revealed, his intentions at this point are quite clear. Although Tipu has the most unusual way of looking out for the people he loves but even then one can clearly see that he is incapable of harming anyone. Even though he tricked Maya into entering in a nikkah with him but he has all the qualities of an anti-hero. One of the finest aspects of Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s scripts is that there are plenty of surprises in store right till the end! The characters never reveal themselves quickly which keeps the viewers guessing. Also, some characters which seem somewhat unimportant can at some point play a role which turns the main tracks around. Tipu’s character is one such addition in this play, he keeps you guessing and wondering. Although his stepmother treated him badly when he was a kid but tonight he could not even see her moving out of the house, this showed that Tipu wasn’t as negative a person as he wants people to believe he is! Imran Ashraf owns his role completely, he brings out the different shades in Tipu’s personality brilliantly on screen.

Faris’ reaction when Lubna said she had decided to move in with him was surprising. He wasn’t upset only because he lost the bet but it looked like he wasn’t eager to have Lubna around him all the time. He made it clear to Siraj Uncle in the previous episode that he was in love with Zoya and could never feel that way about Lubna. In this episode, when Lubna went to give him coffee, his response was really rude. The rose and thorns scene seemed like a “warning” too. I am waiting to find out why he is so upset with this latest development. Although Faris didn’t get a lot of screen time in tonight’s episode but Sami Khan made his presence felt in all the scenes. Faris is another person who is full of surprises, sometimes he is a complete gentleman and at other times he totally shuts people out without thinking about their feelings.

Lubna and Siraj Uncle at this point are more close to each other than Faris and Lubna. Their connection is heart-warming and their conversations meaningful and interesting. It looks like Lubna has finally moved on, for the first time before making a major decision, she didn’t think about how Saif would react if he finds out that she was living in Faris’ house. Ultimately it was Siraj Uncle who convinced her to take this decision.

The revelation that Tipu took permission from Maya’s father before entering into a nikkah with her was yet another surprise. I had been waiting to see Zoya and Maya in the same frame but their scene together in this episode was a little too short. Also, the fact that Maya didn’t get in touch with Faris again is rather odd. How can she be so sure that he will welcome her back in his life once Tipu divorces her? The preview of the next episode showed Maya finding out about Tipu’s actual intentions.

Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua has been directed superbly throughout, the director Shahid Shafat has done everything he could to give this drama a different feel and he has succeeded in giving this script the right treatment. This drama also has some amazing performances to its credit. However, the drama needs to pick up pace now so that the story can be concluded in the next 4 episodes or so.

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