Aangan Episode 34 – Review!

Ohkay so, before talking about this episode, I will talk about the new title & the clippings that it contained which suggested a death in the family. I am not too sure what I feel about it because I can totally see it being Sajjad who will die because that’s the clear message that the title gave out. I am not sure if I’m being selfish for saying that this is not what I signed up for, yes, they are showing us all the aspects that a family goes through during different phases of its life together but then while still being aware of it, why do I feel these situations are being created now? The theme of the drama has completely changed & even though I still feel connected to the characters, I am not too happy with the overall seriousness of the drama. I am sure it might be working for a lot of viewers, which is totally cool!

So, Shafiq & Anila finally convinced Abba Jee & Sajjad to distribute the wealth equally between everyone. Even though Asim & Zahid didn’t want this to happen, Sajjad & Abba Jee were adamant to get this over with. Yes, I do agree there’s a lot of evil out there in the world but I am unable to wrap my head around the fact that forget about Shafiq, Anila of all the people didn’t bat an eyelid or shed a tear at the thought that her parents in this age would become homeless after giving everyone their chunk of property? Yes, we can expect Shafiq to be this cold-hearted because he left this family ages ago because of which he is emotionally detatched but to see a daughter acting like such a brat seemed unconvincing, so much so that she was laughing & couldn’t contain her happiness when her father & elder brother were teary eyed? Also, to me what was shocking was that it wasn’t Allauddin who insinuated this idea, it was Anila herself who was jumping with joy at the thought of bringing her parents & the rest of her family on the road?!?!?!?!

Ohkay fine, Shafiq instigated this mess, that’s fine but I wasn’t too convinced with his reasoning too? He just wants his share so that he could afford his son’s big fat wedding that he intends to hold in Pakistan? I mean he’s settled in Germany & we are being told that he can not afford his son’s wedding on his own after working there for so many years? Like Sajjad said, Shafiq has a pretty good lifestyle in Germany but because he is stingy, he poses to not have much bank balance, so that is why, again, that is fine that he demanded his share but I wish they had either not touched upon his reasoning behind this demand or had at least made it convincing!

I wish they had added a little confrontation between the brothers with Asim & Zahid giving a piece of their mind to Shafiq & taking Anila’s case as well. Yes, they all are too good to be true but then at some point they all seemed human but now, they are being too angelic & I don’t know why! Such matters are never resolved quietly & I am amazed that in this family, everything happened in a jiffy that too silently? Chalo aur kuch nahi kam az kam Zahid hi Shafiq aur Anila ko Walidain ke Huqooq yaad karwa deta? Itna to banta tha!

Hajra & Rubina were shaken to the core & they so didn’t want this to happen. It was good to see Rubina, Hajra, Zahid & Asim being on the same page but then, where was Laila? I mean Laila is the intelligent one, the educated & the opinionated one, so are they telling me that while this storm was brewing in her family, she was locked up inside her room with her baby aloof to everything? I don’t buy that. Yes, she will become a part of the process in the next episode but why was she MIA when such an important decision was being made? Also, once again, I so wish they had shown a conversation, a confrontation just anything between Laila & Asim for us viewers to be clear about where they stand; together or even in their own orbits, because now it’s like a big question mark & Laila’s absence in this entire scenario doesn’t help either!

Well, the preview did suggest that Sajjad will meet an accident, which was something that I could foresee after I paid attention to the new title. Plus the way in this episode Sajjad was taking care of the important matters like Saddan’s Valima & timely property distribution, it did suggest that his days in the drama are numbered, something that I so am not looking forward to. It would have been so nice if they had kept the entire family intact, showing how they stood by each other & overcame this obstacle. I am not sure how I’ll feel tuning to this drama in that phase because for me Aangan meant happiness & entertainment but that seems to be long forgotten now. Anyways, please share your thoughts!

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