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Aangan Episode 4 Review – Perfect!

Ohkay so, this was yet another beautiful episode of Aangan which perfectly highlighted the family dynamics. What I love & enjoy the most while watching this drama is the effortlessness of the actors with which they have portrayed their characters, they all seem to be in their element because they have owned these characters. I must say, Faiza Iftikhar should take a bow for bringing this story to us which is based on reality. Throughout this episode, I heard so many dialogues & noticed quite a lot of moments which I could personally relate to & it made me think how keenly the writer must’ve observed the people & how effortlessly she brought these characters to life because I am sure just like me, everyone must be relating to one or more characters in this drama & that’s the beauty of Aangan!

I loved how the opening scene tonight showed what Zoya was capable of & what her caliber was. Just a single line from her story showcased what a hopeless romantic she is & what kind of relationship she herself dreams of. Who would’ve thought that in the middle of this chaotic family life & routine, Zoya could channel out her inner feelings in such a way which requires so much of concentration as well as some silence in the surroundings.

This episode focused more on Asim & Laila’s track. Laila is not only educated but she was a career oriented woman but just because she loved Asim, she sacrificed her career to please his family. The way life panned out for Asim & Laila is a different kind of ‘normal’ that is why Asim understood that in order to keep herself busy, Laila needs to do something because he is well aware of the frustrations that are harboring in her mind. Asim & Laila’s relationship is beautiful & is showcases that one doesn’t only need a baby to have a strong relationship because Zahid & Rubina are a perfect example that children do not always bring husband & wife closer, it is mutual respect, love & understanding which Asim & Laila have for each other.

I loved the breakfast scene where everyone had an opinion about Laila. Asim’s decision of seeking permission from Abba Jee was nice, but the way everyone interrupted him went to show that no one in the family, especially the ladies can relate to Laila as she comes from a different background than all of them & has different aspirations. Be it Zaitoon, or Hajra or even Rubina, they all share a same mind-set that a woman is made to take care of the family that is why none of them actually understood why Laila wanted to do something through which she could make some money. The best part about that whole situation was Sajjad’s enthusiasm at the news of Laila’s home-business, it’s like he immediately felt some sort of relief. At least it was good that there was someone who was being supportive of Asim & Laila!

Now came the heavy part, where Rubina lost her consciousness & fainted & the hell broke loose. It was heart rending seeing Laila so scared & guilty as if she wronged everyone & she was the reason why Rubina was in this condition. Since Laila herself hasn’t been able to become a mother yet, she felt even more burdened as she could see it in everyone’s eyes that they were not only blaming her but questioning her intentions too. The way that entire scenario got a closure was the fact that Asim paid the hospital bills & then everyone got silenced. One thing that actually got highligted once again was that just because no one can relate to Laila, they can’t understand her thought process & since they can’t match her wavelength, they find it easy to just misunderstand her & that is why no one actually for a moment thought what Laila must be going through & how hard this must be on her as well? It is like Laila is the easy target in this house but good to see that Hajra at least feels for her & calls spade a spade.

The realistic bits that I noticed in this episode were Sajjad’s comment about Hajra’s best friend. It is so common that husbands usually have complains about their wives’ best friends. Another one was that even though Zaitoon knows that Hajra is the perfect daughter in law, but just because she comes from Miyan Jee’s family, Zaitoon had a problem that Hajra was her husband’s favorite & she also had to defend Rubina again & again despite knowing that she was usually wrong. As usual, Zaitoon chose to overlook Zahid’s fault but put the entire blame on Laila & this is what Anila did too because she has another grudge against her but then fortunately Miyan Jee was wise enough to remind Zaitoon that she was being biased. I loved the one liners that came from Hajra everytime Anila was presented as an innocent sister in law. Also, another realistic bit was Laila’s suffocation in the antenatal clinic, those who have been or are in this situation will be able to relate to it so much. This is the beauty of Aangan that is caters to everyone & has so much to offer to all those who tune to it because it must be striking a chord with everyone!

Hajra’s stance was clear that she is not going to allow her son to get married before Shaina & that is why, though she sounded stern, she was right in telling him to become independent & do something for himself before even thinking about marriage. I am sure Shaina sent Zoya’s story to the publication house because that’s what her expressions suggested. Anila made sure to malign Rubina’s heart against Laila because that way she feels good to know that Laila is going to get a hard time. I really hope Rubina doesn’t listen to Anila but her expressions suggested that even she was seeing Laila as a culprit.

Overall, this was another perfect episode of Aangan. I love love love the way the situations are being unfolded & how the story is progressing. Looks like we are going to have a new entry of a guy named Aqdas, I think he will be the one Zoya will get married to. Everyone’s acting was brilliant & the entire hour went by so quickly. Already looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aangan!

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Aangan Episode 4 Review
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