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Aangan Episode 9 Review – Amazing Episode!

Ohkay so, another week, another happening, entertaining & very sweet episode of Aangan. What I love about Aangan is that even before the episode begins, you just know that you are going to have a good time & the best part is, team Aangan doesn’t disappoint you, so big thumbs up for the entire team, especially the writer, the director & last but definitely not the least, the actors!

So, Anila did what she wanted to & Zaitoon obviously took things seriously. Obviously, before being mother in law, Zaitoon is a mother so it is natural that she is going to listen to Anila to make her feel valued & important. The way Zaitoon told Anila that this house still belonged to her was an implication that she was saying exactly what Anila wanted to hear!

Sajjad & Asim obviously came up with a plan to get Zahid involved in something so that he earns a few bucks for his family but even before any of it was materialized, Laila exactly knew how Zahid would react because firstly, he would never approve of Laila’s business & secondly he would never bring himself to work under a woman because his ego along with his staunch concepts won’t allow him!

My favorite part of this entire episode was the conversation between Aqdas & Zoya. It was so effortless how Zoya ended up confiding in Aqdas as she could see that he wanted to understand her & was trying really hard to get to know what was bothering her. Since Aqdas has spent enough time with everyone, they all feel comfortable around him, that is why in stead of keeping things to herself, Zoya told him everything. What I said in the previous review was elaborated in this episode, Zoya obviously was disappointed seeing everyone’s reactions because she knew things would’ve been totally different if they had found out that the story was written by Zoya. Also, Zoya was hurt because she knows how many sacrifices she had to made in order to keep everyone happy. Aqdas always found Zoya interesting but this was the first time he could see how talented & capable she was, he could see that she needed little encouragement & support to chase her dreams because she gave up plenty of them to meet her family’s standards & that’s when he knew she was the one for him. Just because of this conversation, Zoya ended up understanding that whatever happened wasn’t Shaina’s mistake & she wasn’t at fault that everyone had different standards when it came to her. It was good that they both sorted things out & Zoya realized that there was no point in keeping grudges against Shaina!

Aqdas obviously told Faseeha to come so that he could introduce her to Zoya but even his mother along with Hajra assumed that he liked Shaina. Shaina also seemed happy with what Hajra told her because just before that, she saw how Aqdas was trying to advocate her in front of Zoya, so it was natural of her to misunderstand that he was doing all of that because he was interested in her! But I must say, out of all the people, the best misunderstanding was the one that Zaitoon had where she thought just because Aqdas was shifting to his own apartment & he was calling Faseeha, he’d be needing cultery & crockery like his mother, lol! Hahah!

The funniest bit was how because of Laila’s diet Zaitoon’s hardwork went down the drain. This entire scenario is basically a depiction of 2 things which are prevalent in our society, where ladies fall prey to the claims that are made by Baba jees & lack of faith in Allah’s Decree. Even though they gave it a humorous spin but the message was loud & clear that even if an immediate family has no issues, one relative or the other will force you to do things that you have never thought of before. Zaitoon advocated & defended Laila in front of Anila but she somehow convinced Zaitoon to give in!

Overall, it was a fun episode & now it feels I have formed a connection with all these characters so much that they just warm my heart. I will once again thank Faiza Iftikhar for coming up with such a brilliant story with such beautiful characters. It is amazing how it has been shown that despite their differences, all these family members live together because their courtesy & respect for one another outbids their differences – a beautiful message. Needless to say, all the actors are doing a wonderful job but in my opinion, this has to be Irsa Ghazal’s best performance so far. It is so refreshing to see her play such a loud & rightfully opinionated character. I lol’ed at her jhooti tareef of badmaza kheer, haha! Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Aangan!

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Aangan Episode 9 Review
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