Aasmanon Pay Likha Episode 20 – The Emotional Outburst!

This show has turned out to be a huge disappointment, and has simply failed to reach our expectations. Once again, we got to see more of Natasha’s scenes and less of Qudsiya and Aaliyan. Natasha was happy and relieved after the abortion, and she simply did not care about Aaliyan’s feelings in this matter. The only one supporting her decision was Rana; Dado was against this decision and tried to talk some sense into Rano but to no avail. For Natasha, her career is more important than anything else. Sultan simply refrained from getting involved in this matter altogether.

Shamsa and Aaliyan’s confrontation was pretty emotional as Aaliyan finally let out his frustration and anger that had been building inside him for years. Shamsa could not believe her ears when Aaliyan accused her of leaving him for another man. She had no clue that Sultan had brainwashed him in this way. The emotional outburst left her shaken and it seriously affected her health. Ohkay, so another surprise for me was the news that Shamsa has cancer. I knew that she was extremely sick, but did they ever mention that she had cancer before this episode? Maybe I missed this piece of information if it had been mentioned in the previous episodes.

Another major disappointment in this episode was the lack of Aaliyan’s reaction when he saw Qudsiya with Shahnawaz. At least he should have looked a bit surprised or shocked to see her living under the same roof as his mother and Shahnawaz. I had expected him to be surprised and curious about her presence in the house, but he seemed least bothered. The only time he showed any reaction was when he saw her at the hospital and taunted her about Shahnawaz. Aaliyan is under the misconception that something is going on between Shahnawaz and Qudsiya.

Shahnawaz had been thinking about Shamsa’s advice to marry Qudsiya and he finally came to the conclusion that he needed someone like Qudsiya in his life who is able to understand Aaina and knows how to deal with her. This idea did not go well with Qudsiya when Shamsa mentioned it to her, and she became extremely uncomfortable around Shahnawaz.

After his emotional outburst, it took some time for Aaliyan to get back to his senses. Natasha’s one sided decision and then the confrontation had left him extremely upset, but once he started thinking rationally it became obvious that Shamsa cannot be the only one to be blamed. His father also had a huge hand in his separation from his mother as Aaliyan knew that Sultan does not make any decision which does not benefit him in return. He still does not know the entire truth, but he is pretty close to it now. I hope he realizes his mistake and apologizes to Shamsa before it is too late.

After so many disappointing episodes, I have no idea what is in store for us next in this show. According to the preview, Shamsa’s chapter might close soon. I have simply no idea how Qudsiya and Aaliyan would end up together. We might as well just forget about the promo scenes now. I do not see them happening anytime soon!

After experiencing firsthand how selfish Natasha can be, I fail to understand why Aaliyan is still living with her. It is obvious that he does not feel any attachment towards her. It is about time he leaves her and moves on with his life.

I hope we get to see something interesting in the next episode!

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Mariam Shafiq


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