Aasmanon Pay Likha Episode 8 – Stagnant For Now!

I found this week’s episode totally dragged, and there was not much progress in the story either. Natasha’s tantrums, Qudsiya tears and Aaliyan’s frustration; we have seen enough of this in the past few episodes. It is high time the story moves ahead now. I want to see Emad Irfani and what role he would be playing in the show. The story needs to spice up a little to keep the viewers hooked.

The most prominent development in this episode was Dudi’s realization of how serious the situation is at Qudsiya’s house. She went to meet Qudsiya’s parents with the intention of making them understand the situation, and leave Qudsiya back at her house. When Qudsiya announced that Dudi wants to meet them, her family was on the seventh sky as they thought that Aaliyan’s family has accepted Qudsiya as their daughter-in-law and all was well. Little did they know what Dudi’s intention was for going to their house!

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What Dudi saw there made her change her mind though! She had just started the conversation and was pointing out what a huge blunder they have made by letting this wedding happen in the first place, when Zaheer’s health started deteriorating again. Because of his condition, Qudsiya stopped her from saying anything further and Dudi quietly took Qudsiya back with her. I simply love Dudi and Qudsiya’s bond; Dudi understands Qudsiya so well!

Aaliyan was relieved when Dudi decided to visit Qudisya’s parents. He wanted the matter to get settled as soon as possible because it was causing trouble in Natasha and his relationship. He had expected that Dudi will clarify everything and leave Qudsiya back at her house, but was shocked to see Qudsiya in his house again. His frustration and anger was at its peak when Natasha once again lashed at him for lying to her.

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Natasha created havoc once again when she saw that Qudsiya has turned to Aaliyan’s house. This time even Qudsiya was not spared, and she lashed at her in anger too. Her accusations and questions were highly insulting in my opinion, and Qudsiya was in tears by the time Natasha was done with her. Next, it was Dudi’s turn and she did even care that Dudi was the eldest in the house and deserved a little respect. She rudely spoke to her and called her ways old fashioned on her face! I really hope she stays adamant on her decision of staying away from Aaliyan now! (Though it seems highly doubtful)

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I could not believe my ears when Aaliyan told Dudi that he was fine with Natasha the way she was, and did not want to change her. I agree with Dudi that if he intends to marry Natasha, then at least she should respect him. She downright insults him every time and is always screaming at the top of her lungs. I hope Natasha’s chapter closes soon and we get to see more focus on Aaliyan and Qudsiya’s track.

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It was sad to see Aaliyan behaving so rudely with Qudsiya all of a sudden. If Natasha behaved rudely, it was still understandable because that was in her nature. But Aaliyan behavior was pretty unexpected; he was a completely different person in this episode. The kindness and sympathy in him has simply vanished, and he literally told her to go from his house. He did not even care if her father was unwell and according to him, it was not ‘his problem’. Dudi’s answer to this statement was bang on and Aaliyan was surprised that Dudi was taking Qudsiya’s side now.

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Dudi has stopped Qudsiya from going back to her house, but for how long will she able to stay in the house now that Rana and Sultan are back. I have a strong feeling Dudi will take her with her to her sister’s farmhouse which was vaguely mentioned at the end of the episode. She would clearly not leave her alone in the house when she knows Sultan’s nature. Can we expect to see Emad’s character at the farmhouse? Well, this is just a vague guess from my side.

Hope we get to see something exciting in the next episode!

Do share your opinion about the episode. I would love to hear them!

Till Next Week!

Mariam Shafiq


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