Actors Who Experiment With Their Looks

When it comes to bringing life to the characters, it is pivotal for the actors to give their characters the right treatment to make them look different & also to make the viewers feel that they are watching someone & something new on their television screens. Experimenting with looks is a very important part of an actor’s job because it defines their vision, attention to detail & maturity as a performer. When the actors experiment with their looks, it depicts that for them, their comfort zones don’t matter much, but what matters the most is how their characters are translated on screen which makes them look versatile.

Experimenting is something that helps the viewers in forming a connection with the new characters as it allows them to move on from the past performances of the actors. When the viewers get to see an actor in a new avatar, they find it easy to put the past to rest & look forward to what an actor has to offer in the new project because if the actors doesn’t change their overall look, it feels that the walked from one shooting set to another.

We have a list of those brilliant actors who are always seen experimenting with their looks & succeed in looking different in most of their dramas.

Bushra Ansari:

Bushra Ansari is an all rounder who can portray any character assigned to her on screen effortlessly. Even with so much experience Bushra Ansari is very conscious about her look in dramas. In drama serial Bilquees Kaur she had a look completely different from her look in drama serial Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley because the characters she was playing in these dramas were poles apart. Similarly right now she is part of two dramas, Jhoot and Udaari and in both these dramas her outlook matches the characters that she is playing. Bushra Ansari also shared how much homework she did to make Sheedan of Udaari look completely different so that the viewers could easily see her as Sheedan and not as Bushra Ansari. It is truly impressive that even an actress of her caliber feels that she needs to put in extra effort in order to make her roles look diverse.


Fatima Awan & Zahra Mirza