Actors Who Experiment With Their Looks

Malik Raza:

Malik Raza has been in the industry for quite some time now. He is a character actor that is why he chooses such projects that allow him to experiment with his looks. Malik Raza has been seen playing an array of characters & because of his brilliant acting, he elevates the level of the character that he portrays. Malik Raza has been seen in quite a lot of dramas but the projects that earned him a lot of attention were Jugnoo & Besharam. In Jugnoo he played the role of Bakhsee Jee, an old meager & mean manager of an estate & in Besharam he is seen as Wahab Sunyara, a filthy rich goldsmith who is unlettered but has done really well for himself because of his money-making skills. Malik Raza is a very brilliant actor & he makes his scenes a treat to watch because he owns the characters that he plays by giving them a very different look.


Syed Jibran:

Syed Jibran is another talented actor who is constantly experimenting with his looks. In drama serial Shukk he wore glasses, in Chup Raho he had a beard and a hairstyle which made him look very different and he had a completely different hairstyle in drama serial Khot. Although usually male actors do not have enough room to experiment but Syed Jibran’s different looks for his roles prove that when an actor takes his work seriously then he finds ways to look different to meet the requirements of the roles assigned to him.


Fatima Awan & Zahra Mirza