Afzal Bhaie – Episode 27

I must say today’s installment was not that bad as previous one. Story has taken a completely different turn  and we should get used to call him as “Afzal Bhaie” rather than “Pyarai Afzal” .

Tum bhi bohat bara subject ho Farah..Lubna was so right,Farah has no freaking idea that how madly she is involved in Afzal – she has started watching movies related to underworld and gangsters now.I have finally admitted that Indian movies leave a great impact on Khalil ur Rehmaan Saheb that reflects in his writing too. So , when our Farah was watching Vastav, she came to know that her very own psychiatrist is dying to marry her.

Beti hona tamaasha nahi hai, iss lyai abba ko ye matt sikhao k 2 betiyoun par khush honai k jurm mai unko baar baar saza milay ge. Lubna knew that her father is mentally disturbed because of Farah and Farah always kept herself first in-front of everyone in her family; Farah’s selfishness lead her too far that she ,herself, forgot to realize that her parents are badly suffering due to her self-centered attitude. It was the time when Farah should be given a wakeup call and Lubna did just the right thing at the right time. She clearly told Farah that this time around, she is in no way going to help her. Plus Farah has no reason to refuse the proposal because he is not “waila” like Mehtaab..3 clinics hain bhaie uss k..

Farah was confused but concerned too. At one side, she was thinking about Afzal and at the other, she was wondering about the situation she put her father in. I must say Vasay Chaudry has completely outdone himself in this doctor role. I mean  sometimes, in real life, psychiatrists act like as if they are patients themselves and he did just the right thing :P .

Psychiatrists kabhi ghussa nahi kartay…(pause).. Aunty.. !..After watching his expressions in that particular scene, I literally laughed like hell. As expected, Farah clearly told him that she is no mood of getting married to him but Docy was in no mood of leaving Farah.

A man never gets closer to Allah till he faces hardest times of his life. And for Yasmeen, now is the time to pledge in front of Allah, not for her sins ,but for a man – typical human psyche.

Coming towards completely different side of Afzal Bhaie, I enjoyed watching it. Najju Bhaie was the victim this time because he murdered 4 innocents and Afzal Bhaie can never ever spare those who kill innocents. Also since, Najju Bhaie was 35, so as Afzal Bhaie said,  it was his time to say “good bye”.

I was glad to see that our Pyarai Afzal is not completely lost, he still recalls his good old times and by observing that, I can say that there is a hope that we will get our very own Pyarai Afzal back soon. I really liked Farah’s visit to Arfa today; Farah wanted to meet Rukayya but Arfa was a girl of dignity, she never wanted her mother to get sympathized by others so she didnot let Farah meet her.

Sole purpose of Farah’s visit to Arfa was to ask about Afzal ; She wanted to talk about Afzal more and more – Afterall, Arfa was the only with whom she can talk about Afzal openly. Farah was given another wake-up call by Arfa today and after that Farah even informed her that she is going to get married soon and with mixed feelings, she left.

Afzal bhaie’s twist got revealed when we came to know that he is working for Police and they want him to be a part of country’s politics as without being politician, no one will let him survive.

Like I always say, this show is so unpredictable that in every episode we encounter with a new twist or turn.  What will be the next turn in “Afzal Bhaie” ? Share your thoughts about this episode.

Rabia Basharat.


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