Aik Pal_ Episode 14

Tonight’s episode focused on Bareera and Omair’s strained relationship and Noor Fatima’s social work. There was a new development in the story, which could have been much quicker.

Bareera has closed all doors of happiness on herself. Her life and her are a mess. She not only smokes, in order to relieve stress, but spends her time lying around the house, while her maid takes care of her like a baby. Shukar hai, maid cheater nahi. In most dramas maids are the biggest cheaters in a begum sahiba‘s life! (after their husbands of course) Being an educated person, who used to be full life, Bareera’s character is disappointing me. She didn’t ever submit to anybody, but as soon as Omair handed over the reports in her hands, she believed him, and made her life more pathetic than it was already. Kuch tou karti. Beena was ready to help her, but she refused. I think, the writer has delivered her message here. Bareera has always been away from religion, and never consulted Allah in any matter. When she faced such big problems in her life, she resorted to temporary stress relieving activities like smoking, which will obviously cause more problems for her.

Omair is a big cheater, and if the feeling of doubt we have is right, and he gave Bareera wrong reports so she wouldn’t bother him for starting a family, then he deserves to be divorced by Bareera and never forgiven. His and Bareera’s scenes which showed their strained relationship got a bit repetitive, but I was glad that the pol was kholo-fied. Bareera spotting him with his girlfriend at the club gave me a sigh of relief. But I was surprised when instead of screaming at him, Bareera decided to leave with her friend Farhan, and then got worried that Omair would doubt her character. That’s not like Bareera!

Noor Fatima, on the other hand, is the nicest soul in town, the social worker, religious gathering organizer and to top it all off a great mom and wife. All in one package. All I saw her doing today was talking about; opening a school for poor girls, organizing milad and dars and talking to her kid and husband in super sweet tone.  I get it, she is SUPER nice, but then why didn’t any of her scenes strike a chord? Was it the kid’s bad acting (which I don’t mind because he is very young and cute <3 ) or her monotonous tone? Or the fact that most of her scenes were shot in the living room which I have grown tired of watching? The representation of Noor Fatima_ the nicest person in town could have been much better. When for the fourth or fifth time, I heard the tales of her social work I looked at the television and begged, bas kardo taareefein! I also don’t get why she wears a scarf at home? Bahir jayein tou samajh aata hai but she never goes out either.

Bareera’s friend from university days called her (the same one who met Noor Fatima in the milad) and Bareera invited her home. Omair’s friend (remember his crime partner in the university?) was shown helpless after the loss in his father’s business but when he came to Omair for a job, Omair refused to recognize him. That’s just the type of person Omair is. Mu’shaf was kind enough to grant him a temporary job with a promise of making it permanent if he worked hard.

The episode lacked the punch that the last two episodes had, but was overall interesting. A few details could be toned down a bit, for example Noor Fatima’s tone. Bareera should try to pick herself up now, otherwise the story will become boring. Did anyone notice, that when Bareera goes to meet the doctor, her makeup was light and she looked much better than she looks with loads of makeup!

What did you guys think of the episode?

Areeba Mohsen


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