Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 03 Review – Truly Impressive!

Ohkay so, it was such an interesting episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan that I just couldn’t keep a track of where the time went when I was watching it. I love how all the tracks are unfolding & the developments that were made in this episode. I can already see how all these tracks will get linked in the future episodes but the way the director is taking the story to that stage is quite amazing. I will say that the director has extracted the best acting out of all the actors, like it doesn’t matter if their scenes are long or short, if they are getting less or more coverage, each & every single actor has done such a convincing job that it just elevates the level of the drama. This episode was truly impressive & I can’t wait to see more.

Before anything, I’d like to speak about the conversation that took place between Shahzeb & Baba Jee where he stated ‘mohabbat ki azmaish mai kisi ka zarf mat azmana, sirf apna zarf dikhana, insaan ban kar sochna, Khuda ban kar faisla kabhi na karna’ – beautiful! This entire conversation was so profound & important because this was a lesson that Baba Jee taught Shahzeb about love & being judgmental in general, but did Shahzeb actually get the hold of it? That was the real question that the writer very tactfully made us think about & in the later stages of the episode highlighted it very thoroughly. I loved how Baba Jee emphasized the importance of loving the Almighty & how he tried to make Shahzeb understand that the actual form of love is the one that you have towards your Creator, because it makes you complete & it empowers you like nothing else. Shahzeb surely will endure a lot because of the one-sided love that he has for Nazneen & even though he has been warned, this is just the beginning!

I must say, I love how all the women in this drama are go-getters; they all are strong & they don’t budge, which is something that was elaborated perfectly in all the tracks in this episode especially, which I absolutely loved. Nazneen, despite knowing that her parents weren’t in a mood to send her to the city for further studies decided to eradicate the cause that was stopping them from doing so, which was her life-long commitment with Shahzeb. Even though Nazneen is spoiled but she is also someone who knows how to pave a way towards something that she desires. It would obviously take a lot of guts for a girl in such a setting to take such a bold step where she was putting her father’s image & pride on the line to meet her fiancé, but she didn’t hold herself back. Even though everything turned out to be in Nazneen’s favor but the one who decided to do this for her has no idea what this chapter will bring to him. Shahzeb thought he was respecting Nazneen’s choices & by doing so, he was proving his love for her, which obviously was a genuine gesture but he doesn’t know that this means nothing to Nazneen. For Nazneen, all she wanted was to go to the city which was her wish that was granted & after that she really didn’t pay much attention to what Shahzeb did for her because she is neither in love with Shahzeb nor does she think much about him to respect his feelings. I am sure Nazneen’s move to the city will open up new chapters in her life where there will be no place for Shahzeb & then he will be reminded of what he was taught about how love will test him.

So, Raani’s father decided to marry her off for Rs. 20,000, like this was a custom which wasn’t alien to them because even her father paid money to get married to Raani’s mother. Even though it was for a brief moment but I loved the interaction Raani’s mother had with her, like for a moment it made me think that it doesn’t matter if someone is rich or poor, every single mother is the same, like the way Raani’s mother speaks to her with so much of love & kindness, it is something that I love the most. Well, Raani obviously doesn’t want to get married because she now has a bigger purpose in life, which is to make a lot of money just like Nigaar. I must say I loved how she earned herself a job at Nigaar’s place by telling her that she wants to serve her. Another example of an enthusiast go-getter who paved a way for herself.

Finally, Nigaar went to meet Shahzeb. I must say, the way Shahzeb grew uncomfortable at Nigaar’s mention definitely suggested that they both shared a history. Even though Chaman Begum did mention that Nigaar only met Shahzeb once & she fell in love with him after just one interaction but that still doesn’t give Shahzeb a clean chit because he has a colorful past which definitely was unveiled this time. Shahzeb definitely said a lot of hurtful things to Nigaar & the way he compared her love to Nazneen’s love made him sound a bit delusional because that is purely his assumption to believe that Nazneen loves him, which is not true & he will obviously find out the truth sooner or later. Shahzeb’s criteria of a life partner is to have someone who only has him in her heart & who only thinks about him, but little does he know that more than Nazneen, it is Nigaar who fulfills all those conditions but sadly, just because Shahzeb got a bit too judgmental, he failed to see that. I did feel for Nigaar though because she loves Shahzeb & may be she is only looking for one chance to leave everything behind but sadly, Shahzeb turned a blind eye.

So, Shammo got a little transformation, even though that scene was quite short & I missed Shammo in this episode but it showed that he was taking one step at a time. Also, his boss did speak about female hair styling in which Shammo could make a lot of money so I am sure he will gravitate towards that path too as he is focused & wants to stabilize himself financially as soon as possible.

I loved this episode & I loved the dialogues. It is actually quite refreshing to hear accurate Urdu & all the actors have definitely worked hard on their dialogue delivery which is commendable. I am glad we’re getting to see strong women in this drama as well, like they all are completely different from one another but they are strong in their own unique way. I love how fierce Raani is, her body language, her mannerisms, my goodness, I truly believe if there’s one actress who deserves an award for such a phenomenal portrayal of any character, it is Ushna Shah, like she just uplifts my mood even though I consider myself a germophobe but the fact that I have a smile on my face when I see this unkempt messy Raani on my screen is her win as an actor, also the little dance move that she did when she was parting ways from the flower vendor was flawless. Sana Fakhar has definitely made Nigaar’s character quite appreciable, like she is classy, poised & elegant, which is exactly the treatment the character like Nigaar deserved. It was good to see more of Shahzeb though but Mikaal Zulfikar didn’t really do something outstanding in terms of acting there. Yes, I will say that Shehzad sheikh has improved a lot & even though he didn’t have much scenes but the performed perfectly in the ones that he had, like his body language & his overall personality as Basit is perfect & in sync with his character. Two other actors who definitely deserve a mention here for their perfect performances as Raani’s parents are Nargis Rasheed & Saife Hassan. The director surely has worked hard & that is why he has achieved this level of perfection, it is amazing how the he has tackled all these diverse tracks & so many characters with so much of perfection. It is quite evident that all the actors have given their 100% because of which they made Alif Allah Aur Insaan what it is today. I love it & I can’t wait to watch it again next week. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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