Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 24 Review – Fully Flawed!

Ohkay so, the start of this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan was sloppy but towards the end it got better however throughout this episode I felt that there were so many scenes which were added on a producer’s whim because they just didn’t make any sense & even the direction & editing of those scenes were flawed. I think it is about time that this drama should end but it is so obvious that the producers have something else on their mind, which obviously is ruining the drama which started on such a promising note.

Reena’s outburst, Shahzeb’s conversation with Basit, Shaheer’s concern for Zimal, Zimal’s conversation with her father, Arsalan’s suggestion to Shaheer that he should call Zimal, New Dulhan New Jora scene of Nazneen & even Shammo’s showing up on the spot when Reena was about to kill herself were a few scenes that weren’t directed & acted well & it clearly showed that they were added as fillers because nor did they strike a chord, neither they had that impact which may be the producers were looking for.

I just couldn’t gather what happened overnight for Reena to kill herself? She obviously knew that Nawazish was married & he was going to give time to his family so her outburst seemed out of the blue & not only that, she ended up calling Shammo. Anyways, Nawazish came back & he knows how to play with Reena’s feelings. This was something that even though predictable was what I found interesting, since Reena loves Nawazish she is going to allow him to fool her because she will continue to believe that he loves her. For Nawazish, Reena is his ticket to success & that is why just in the beginning stages of their marriage Nawazish has started deceiving her!

To be honest, I found Shahzeb’s conversation with Basit the biggest flaw of this entire drama, like they made it so obvious that just a few days ago Shahzeb didn’t know who Basit was & now all of a sudden he was talking to him using Nazneen’s reference & not only that, he was sharing such a personal detail of Nazneen’s life with Basit? It just didn’t make sense. I am getting tired of Nazneen’s tantrums because ever since they have gotten married, their track has been all about that, in the beginning it seemed justified but now it is being overstretched. I noticed that in two of Nazneen’s scenes they used the same dialogue in the background where she spoke about losing Basit if he leaves, talk about not having enough content!

Zimal’s conversation with her father was so boring & they could’ve added this conversation in the previous episode because that was when she got her divorce papers so not sure why her father had to wait for the next episode to tell her that she needs to forget Ali & not sure why her mother took an entire week to get bed ridden. Arsalan’s concerns for Zimal & even Shaheer’s robotic dialogues were such a yawn provoker that I kept on checking how many minutes of this episode were left.

I really think it’s about time this drama should end because due to the addition of new characters, the old characters have been heavily compromised upon & it looks like they are passing their time because they are stuck & also because the producers told them to. All the old characters have lost their flare & the new ones are absolutely boring. I never really imagined that this drama which kept us hooked for so many weeks will go haywire – for the first time I am at a loss of words for this drama. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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