Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 25 Review – Simply Perfect!

Ohkay so, as clichéd as it may sound but I hated chemistry as a subject but this chemistry is something else & surprise surprise I love it, well I am sure everyone else does too. It is such a relief that after weeks of being stagnant & slow, Yakeen Ka Safar has picked up the momentum & even though there are a few happenings in every other episode, the way they are conveyed compensate for all those slow episodes. It is commendable how the writer has maintained a balance between professional & personal lives of the characters & it shows how being in such a profession, it affects them on a personal level too. Yakeen Ka Safar has all of a sudden become a treat to watch & it is amazing!

So, Faryal came back with an ulterior motive, even though it was good that she learnt how to apologize, she realized her mistakes, she learnt how to say sorry but it is heart-wrenching that in all these years, one thing she couldn’t learn was acting. Seriously, all the scenes of the girl playing the role of Faryal despite being serious were amusing to me because I couldn’t divert my mind off how bad bad bad her acting was, whether she was crying, or pleading or looking at Asfand with some hope in her eyes, this girl really shouldn’t try her hands on acting & should give the characters offered to her in the future to someone else because I am sure they would do a better job than her or simply put, they’d be able to act at least!

I loved loved loved each & every scene of Asfand & Zubiya & I loved that there was so much focus on them & their feelings throughout this episode. Just because Zubiya lost her patient, Asfand knew that it was taking a toll on her & obviously he wouldn’t have shown support to someone else but because it was Zubiya he went out of the way to make her feel at ease because he could see that she was suffering. Asfand has obviously fallen for Zubiya & despite seeing how she keeps herself distant, Asfand continues to throw hints every now & then to let her know that he is thinking about her, that he is seriously considering her as his life partner.

Zubiya not only understands what Asfand says, she also feels the same way about him but just because she has had a bad experience in the past, she now walks on the eggshells, that is the reason why she reminded herself of her mother’s advice & immediately grew cold towards Asfand. I love how Zubiya never responds to Asfand with straight forward answers, like she always says something which he never expects. Throughout this episode I loved how short & sweet the dialogues were but still the characters were running high on emotions & the chemistry was oozing out of the TV screen.

Since Asfand finally got a chance to tell Faryal that he has changed & he has moved on & since he got rid of the burden that may be he was carrying in his heart, he got a clear vision & a chance to take some steps towards Zubiya. All those glances, all those smiles, every single expression that Asfand had while looking at Zubiya was beyond perfect & what I loved was how even Zubiya was taking note of everything but continued to ignore him as she was still unsure!

The entire birthday celebration scenario was nicely done, it was good to see Usman’s family having a good time & most importantly with people who were their well-wishers. The way Zubiya looked at Gaiti & Haroon was so sweet, like in her mind she already pictures them as a family & now she will try to make that happen because she knows that both of them can complete each other. I never really thought that Zubiya would actually admit that she was getting jealous of Faryal, like she was disturbed that she came back & it was her subtle way of telling Asfand what she actually feels. The entire scene where Asfand got to tell her that he gets envious of Dr. Haroon was amusing yet cute, like Zubiya immediately told Asfand what she had on her mind in stead of getting uncomfortable or staying silent, I like that Zubiya believes in transparency & honesty, that is why despite being reserved, she never lets anyone have any misconceptions or misunderstandings about her!

So, Asfand finally confessed, he told Zubiya that he believes she will be a perfect ‘partner’ for him & even though it came as a surprise for Zubiya, I loved how she contained herself, like I said, this is the best thing about Zubiya that she always reacts & responds in ways that Asfand least expects but what makes their relationship even perfect is that Asfand knows that Zubiya is like that & he accepts her the way she is. I love how Dr. Shehroz is trying to play the cupid & how he encourages Asfand. It was so good seeing the glimpse of old Asfand back who used to laugh, who used to be happy, who knew how to live life & this is definitely something that Zubiya has done, the love that he has for her has done!

This episode of Yakeen Ka Safar was simply perfecttt. After a long time I am enjoying the type of romance that is being shown on-screen, the way two people respect each other, understand each other & make it clear that they are going to be there for each other is simply beautiful. Sajal Ali & Ahad Raza Mir have elevated the level of this drama & even though I felt it was missing the spark, the moment they both came together, they took to another level. I must say Hira looked absolutely beautiful in this episode & so did Sajal Ali. Ahad Raza Mir looked handsome & charming & yes, that can be said about Dr. Shehroz or Shamil Khan as well. Definitely looking forward to the next episode because now looks like Daniyal’s track will get a closure because of Urooj’s re-entry. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yakeen Ka Safar, yes, I am not talking about Kharjista because after such a happy & perfect episode, I ain’t got no time to discuss a roni shakal! ;)

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