Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 27 Review – Ridiculous!!

What a ridiculous episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan. Seriously, this drama has come to a stage where every episode is basically a filler because the story is not moving forward & is only losing its purpose. There was a time when even the backdrops & sets were aesthetically appeasing but now it looks like they have made a few rooms of ply wood, have threw in odd colors & are using those cubicles as their sets. The discomfort & lack of interest on the faces of all the actors who were a part of the original script is just so evident. Congratulations producers, you have succeeded in ruining a perfect drama!

Nawazish didn’t want a child & he left Reena with no choice than to leave him & move on. Yes, it is understandable that Reena is now depending a lot on Shammo because she knows he is her well wisher but to literally scurry to him in odd hours makes no sense. Also, as far as we knew, no matter how dire the circumstances were, Reena always listened to her heart so not sure why she is seeking advice from Shammo for every single thing. When Reena knew she wanted to keep the baby, then why did she stand up for herself after Shammo told her to? The way Shammo got a beating that too in high speed was absolutely hilarious, even the first few seconds of Reena’s car ride were in high speed too. I am sure just like all of us viewers, even the editors of this drama must be dozing off because it has become just so boring!

In the last episode & by the end of it like in the precap of this episode, they showed that Malkiyani sent a few goons to look for Basit & it was also shown that she showed up with those goons asking for Nazneen but that entire scenario was missing from this episode? Seriously, are they even realizing how ridiculous this drama has become? Hashmat came back from USA & he had no idea that Nazneen got divorced? Seriously? How is that even possible? Shahzeb was Suhail’s best friend so are they telling us that Shahzeb never told Suhail or anyone about his divorce at all? Ridiculous!

The most pathetic scenario of this drama is this fake, forced & faltu love triangle of Chimpu Arsalan, Gandasa Movie Hero Shaheer & Trying-Hard-To-Be-Cool-But-Failing-Miserably Zimal. Everything from their scenes to their dialogues to their acting to their situations, every single thing about them is absolutely wrong! Also, they keep on telling how rich Shaheer is, if so, then why does he wear the same Shalwar Kameez to his university that he wears at home? LOL! Anyways, I just don’t get it, does Zimal go to the university to sport a forlorn face in front of the guys to seek sympathy, because when she is at home, she seems perfectly alright & behaves normally as well. May be this is her tact of seeking attention from guys, irrespective of how weird they are!

This drama has been ruined completely & there is nothing, absolutely nothing about the old or the new characters that is interesting anymore. There was a time when everything seemed to have a purpose in this story but not anymore. It is saddening to see that even the acting of all the actors is so poor. Imran Ashraf who was in his element seemed so awkward for some reason in this episode, it was like he acted normally then all of a sudden realized that Shammo was a little different than he started behaving a certain way. Reena’s ordeals & the curls in her hair weren’t in harmony with each other, goes to show that the director even the actors have stopped paying attention to the personality that their characters are supposed to have. Highly disappointed! Also, in the next episode Basit & Nazneen will be getting married, so are they showing that Nazneen didn’t even observe her Iddat? Hmmm! Anyways, please share your disappointment over this episode & feel free to vent out!

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