Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 42 Review – Decent Episode!

Ohkay so, it was a pretty decent episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan. I really think they could have wrapped things up in this episode if they hadn’t wasted more than 7 minutes in showing the flashbacks of Reena’s journey. Other than that it is good to see things being wrapped up now because it’s been a long long time!

The scene between Shammo & his companions was meaningful. I wish I could call it impactful, had the acting being better. Shammo saw what his friends went through & more than being upset for them getting insulted, he was upset that they chose to stick to the same path even after seeing Shammo’s journey to success. Shammo was right, those who don’t like to help themselves never ever get the opportunity to do so as well. Shammo was tired of living such a life that is why he decided to struggle & strive for the better. Since Shammo has seen what Reena was being put up with, he used her as an example to open their eyes, indeed, he has seen how women get mistreated & that is why his heart was aching to see his companions trying to be what they were not!

Nazneen got the apology & Zimmal tried to make a point that she is like Shahzeb. Since Zimmal has seen the sufferings of Nazneen, it made it a lot easier for her to grasp everything & sympathize with Nazneen because she knows that Nazneen was never at a happy place after she hurt & left Shahzeb.

Even though I stopped feeling anything for Rani, seeing her journey brought back all those moments when I sympathized with her, when I actually used to look forward to her next move & when I started feeling bad for her seeing her choosing a wrong path. Rani was never at peace, even though she touched the sky & chased after her dreams, she fell on the ground real quick & realized that she actually ruined her life by herself, that realization was already overbearing her soul but what acted like a nail in the coffin was a rejection from her mother & that was the moment when Rani knew that she couldn’t undo anything & there was no turning back. Rani lived her life to two extremes & sadly she couldn’t find a middle ground to settle down!

Nawazish’s wife Nida decided to adopt Pakeeza, at least she had the heart to accept the little girl despite her being Rani’s daughter & it was something sweet. Nawazish too realized that he was wrong all along & he ended up pushing Rani to the verge but sadly, his apology didn’t mean anything as Rani was no more!

The preview of the next episode suggests an end to the trials & tribulation in Nazneen’s life too, it seems Shahzeb will play the part & will reunite her with Basit & her parents. I wish Malik Hashmat admits & apologizes to Basit for getting his parents murdered, he needs to pay for what he did! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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