Alif Allah Aur Insaan Last Episode Review – Finally!!!

Ohkay so, first off, I urge all the viewers of this drama to do a little happy dance, umm a little more happier than what Shahzeb did because we all survived this apocalypse (or else read Nimra Khan, it’s the same thing) & it feels like an accomplishment right? I can’t imagine it’s been almost 10 months that we started watching this drama & now that it has ended. In stead of feeling a void, I am feeling relieved that I don’t have to tune to this drama anymore! Phew! Usually when a drama ends, viewers feel a little sad that they won’t get to see their favorite characters but it’s a totally different story with Alif Allah Aur Insaan!

So, Rani’s mother got to know about her daughter’s death. Everything else is fine, we do feel for her since she will live her life in regret that when she had a chance, she didn’t forgive Rani but I would like to thank Fatima Awan especially for reminding me that Rani was a murderer & she didn’t pay the price for killing Nigar, which is so true. Yes, Rani didn’t get to live a peaceful life that she dreamt of but looking at the flashbacks that were shown in the previous episode, it was never suggested that Rani was ashamed for doing something so extreme. Yes, the writer must have suggested that whatever she faced was a consequence of what she did but when it came to Rani, she was turned into someone with whom the viewers should have sympathized & we actually did because we forgot that she was a murderer!!!

To be honest, whatever Shahzeb said to Basit about forgiving & accepting mistakes & all that jazz, it was definitely nice but it would have made so much of sense & impact if Nazneen had received a proper punishment for what she had done, whereas in reality she was on a marital spree & had quite a good time with Taimur in her short lived marriage. I don’t think Nazneen received any punishment that she was being sympathized with. Also, I must say, Nazneen ke hoslay aur himmat, josh o kharosh ki daad deni paregi, because usually when someone fails at a relationship, getting hitched again is not on the cards but looks like Nazneen was on a Shohar Hunt as if she had no other motive in her life!

Malik Hashmat’s half hearted apology was just as cringe worthy as Nazneen’s white kurta that she sported for 10+ episodes. Everyone in this drama got away very easily, or may be since the drama was dragged so much, we couldn’t care less but yes, it is a fact, everyone got away with everything as if they were all saints!

Oh, yes, there was another story that was moving along in this episode & it was Shammo’s. To be honest, since he was treated as a filler throughout this drama, even after seeing so many of his scenes in this episode, he still came to my mind as the last thing because he was treated as an after-thought by the writer/director. Also, what took Shammo so long to bring his fellows to his place? He started earning good money way back, so why didn’t he bring them earlier. Also, where was Rani’s daughter Pakeeza? She vanished into thin air exactly like Basit’s sister. I don’t think it would have cost them anything if they had shown that Shammo along with his friends were now taking care of Pakeeza. Anyways, Shammo’s journey did impart a good message that no matter where you come from, if you work hard & believe in yourself, if you say no to something that your heart doesn’t allow you, then you can surely achieve your goals & materialize your dreams. The only message that was clear as well as good in this drama!

Oh, after suffering from a heart break, Roshni thought there was something else that she could do with her life, something like educating herself? Matlab this thought wouldn’t have come to her if Basit had said yes to her? LOL! How lame!

So, this journey had an excellent start but went downhill after 19-20 episode mark, that was the time when Zimmal & co. were introduced & ruined this amazing drama for all of us. Now when this drama has ended & I look back at Zimmal’s journey, I am feeling a strong urge to scratch my head because there’s absolutely nothing that I can deduce from her track? Shaheer proved that he was better off as a Gandasa movie hero, Arsalan died without getting a chance to experience what a magical thing a shampoo is, Zimmal turned into a gaon ki mutiyaaran, the vibe that she gave right from the beginning even when she was shown as a madrannn kewllll gal, with all that western clothing, but in actuality, there was nothing meaningful that could be taken out of her story. All those philosophical talks about love after Zimmal’s divorce did nothing! In this drama some got married & some didn’t, so I am wondering why wasn’t this drama named as Sheen Shaadi Aur Shikway!!!!

Anyways, the only good thing about this drama, which actually I still remember even after sooooo many weeks was Sana Fakhar. She was marvellous as Nigaar Begum, the finesse & elegance with which she portrayed the character of a courtesan is commendable & worth appreciating. Everything about this drama, the story, the message, the tracks, the characters, writing & direction, everything was just wonderful before the 20th episode which means more than half of the drama was a waste. Nimra Khan was the worst thing that happened to this drama followed by psychotic fits that Kubra had after failing at marriage again & again & again & again & so on, so forth. Mikaal Zulfikar was also good & so was Shehzad sheikh. Ushna Shah & Imran Ashraf were phenomenal as Rani & Shammo in the initial stages of the drama but for me Sana Fakhar takes the crown. I must say, the dance in the end was basically a depiction of something else but I’ll take it as a happy dance that Mikaal on behalf of the entire cast & crew must have done to celebrate the ending of this chewing gum! Hum TV should really stop testing the patience of the viewers & insulting their intelligence & while they are at it, they should learn a thing or two from ARY Digital who is excelling at drama these days. Hum has really lost the plot & they have forgotten that people fell in love with their dramas because of the quality in the first place! Please share your thoughts & I insist, please do a happy dance which I will be doing right now as well, after posting the review!

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  • I have just watched this drama. Let me say my eyes getting bigger with every ridiculous follows one after another. Kill this drama before I kill writer and director. Things I hate: comparing Nazneen and Rani. I must say Rani deserve better or (atleast better death like murder by Producer Nawazish). For me Rani did a murder so in the end she should be murdered but if they kept her alive i want her to see working as a maid (halal kamai but with gareebi)bcz thats how her story start “gareebi se bhaag khotte pr ayi”. Nazneen deserve to get mental. People like Nazneen who are dheet and self obsessed in the end get mental bcz she cant accept that she is rejected woman divorced twice. But wonder wonder she recieve forgiveness for every thing she did wrong to other. Maa Baap ki nafarmani, shohar k peeche kya kay harkate, dil dhukana dusro ka, in the end she gets to live happily ever after….seriouslyyyyy.
    Rani (except murder-no forgive essfor this one)
    -Father try to sold her
    -left khotta get married (not a dirty woman now)
    -become a good mother
    -ask forgiveness
    -recieve backlash
    -insult shammo
    -na farmani Maa baap
    -ehsan faramosh to everyone
    -buri biwi
    -no sympathetic to other
    -rude to everyone
    -hurt other people
    (In other words Allah have given her everything still she was selfish on the other hand Rani has nothing so it makes sense what she did except murderig Nigaar)

    what I can deduce from this is that Allah sirf ameer ka

  • Well i think the reason why Rani got punished even after she went through alot and Nazneen got to live a happy life even after what she did is because Allah gives some people this world even after their sins and takes a wise recompense in the hereafter wheras when he wants to give someone the hereafter he afflicts the person with trials and gives his punishment in the worldly life itself.Allah knows best