Alif Episode 19 Story Review – Magical

Ohkay so, this was one of the best episodes of Alif. It was all about experiencing the emotions that Qalb e Momin & Momina Sultan were going through. This episode was more like a feeling, something that has to be just felt & absorbed. It was magical, it was beautiful, it was like this artistry & a beautiful painting that one just looks at completely mesmerized.

Momin & Momina’s Equation

Momina has moved on but it seems Faisal the opportunist is trying to rekindle her feelings for him. All of a sudden, Momina has made Faisal proud, another instance where Momina was forced to see Faisal’s true colors & yes, she did not waste any time in reminding herself about the things that she had heard from him back then. More than Faisal wanting to tell everything to Momina, it seemed he was actually trying to learn whether he still holds the same place in her heart or not. Momina’s cold response did send him a message loud & clear but the Faisal that we know is obviously going to come back & try harder.

The shooting of Alif began & Momina started seeing Qalb e Momin in a completely different light. Slowly & steadily, her perspective about Momin is changing & she is unable to figure out what is it that is drawing her closer to him. Momina is focusing on her project, but it is also a fact that she appreciates Momin’s presence. She notices how his eyes are locked on her. Momina knows that just the way she sees Husn e Jahan in herself, Momin was also seeing Husn e Jahan’s memories coming to life every time he looks at Momina.

Alif Episode 19 Story Review - Magical

Qalb e Momin was also unsure why he was unable to draw a difference between the fact that she was Momina & not Husn e Jahan. The bitterness that Momin & Momina had towards each other had subsided but now, they were growing comfortable with each other’s presence. Momin was going out of the way for Momina & she was liking the attention. Momin settled everything by apologizing, it went to show that he had changed & he actually regretted his past decisions. Momina has moved on, the fact that she gets to see the difference in Momin firsthand has also helped her a lot with her decisions. The dialogue where Momina stated that she doesn’t live in the past seemed to be coming from the misery that she has seen her parents facing due to Jahangir’s death & not being able to come out of it. She has seen what living in the past does to you, maybe this is another lesson that Momina has learned from Jahangir’s death.

Momin would’ve never thought that all that Momina would settle for would be two white roses. Momina has also accepted Momin’s feelings but there’s a lot that’s left to be said. At this point, Momina feels sympathetic towards him because she knows the miserable life that Qalb e Momin has led as a child. This has allowed her to feel for him. Momin has no idea that he doesn’t need to carry a facade in front of her. She once again beautifully tried to ask him whether the boy in the script was Qalb e Momin, but he didn’t give it away. It was interesting to see Momina knowing about all the things Qalb e Momin was keeping from her!

Alif Episode 19 Story Review - Magical

Momina & Master Ibrahim’s conversation ended up being a turning point in Momina’s behavior towards Momin. She learned that she was being judgmental & probably harsh in her approach towards him, it allowed Momina to bring a shift in her perspective. Umera Ahmed should be given full credit for time & again shedding a light on the fact how people should be more focused on themselves rather than going around judging people for what they don’t know. Momina who sees Master Ibrahim as a practicing believer was shocked to see him admitting his mistakes & being afraid of judging someone else. This changed Momina’s thinking. Their conversation was absolutely sweet & all the scenes of Momin & Momina that followed were equally beautiful too.


This episode of Alif was more like a feeling. It was magical & I still have a smile on my face because it was absolutely sweet. The chemistry of Hamza Ali Abbasi & Sajal Aly was phenomenal. It was understated but still obvious. The way they looked at each other & smiled was absolutely sweet. Sajal Aly looked as beautiful as a dream in this episode in particular, no wonder why Qalb e Momin could not take his eyes off Momina. Hamza Ali Abbasi & Sajal Aly’s performances in this episode where so much had to be conveyed with just facial expressions were exceptional, they made it so easy to understand all that was running through Momin & Momina’s minds. It was a treat seeing their relationship evolve & grow. The preview did suggest some rough patch though which I am dreading but I am sure that’s going to add more depth in their equation. Haseeb Hassan has directed this drama like a dream. Every single frame, every camera angle beautifies the scenario & then the way he has captured the emotions of the characters, it is phenomenal. Please share your thoughts about this magical episode of Alif.

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  • Brilliant review, nothing left to be said…sajal was actually conveying all emotions with those gorgeous eyes.i feel sympathy for qalbae momin, it looks hard for him to recall her mother memories. Hamza did justice to his role. But the conversation between momina and master Ibrahim was great. Those words were hitting like bullets, we are no one to judge others… Love Alif… Great acting..

  • This review is just a depiction of my feelings!
    I am sooooo glad that the people who’ve not read the novel also understood what was going on in Momin & Momina’s mind because in novel it was written that Momin was seeing Husn e Jahan in Momina but kudos to the actors for delivering this feeling with their eyes only & without any dialogues! Also Haseeb Hassan deserves a round of applause for making Alif the script, a feeling!
    This episode was totally out of this world & took me into another beautiful world of Momin & Momina of which I never wanted to come out.

    The conversation between Momina & Master Ibrahim was also very beautiful and a point of realization that like Momina, we all judge someone, at some point without realizing that they may be better than us.

    Alif is just a next level thing. You can enjoy it only if you feel it! BEAUTIFUL.

    Stay blessed & keep smiling! :)

  • Dreamy and Magical—these words say it all!! No wonder why Alif is still trending no.1 on Twitter; this episode was absolutely something straight out of a beautiful tapestry or a vibrant piece of art ✨✨ I was never a fan of romance and lovey-dovey characters, but this subtle form of attraction coupled within bounds of respect and decency is something very rare and yet so heart-warming ❤️.
    Even through the way Sajal and Hamza look at each other, u can see the dilemmas which both of them are going through, their pain is evident, yet there is live as well. This is ethereal!! To portray such a details in ur expressions!
    Last but not the least, a huge round of applause goes to Umera Ahmed for not only showing us humane emotions of love in a subtle manner, but associating it with symbols like the white rose. It was beautiful to see Momin’s association with it and even more beautiful to see Momin’s carry it.

    The next episode is surely gonna be a thriller’. As much as I don’t want this love story to be short lived, but I’m sure whatever plot twist is coming up, it will be potrayed in a highly convincing manner. Loved ur review, Zahra as always.:-)

  • Loved the episode. The best part was it was about momin and momina. I do like the past bits but last epi it was an overdose of taha and husna. This episode made me sad that hamza is not going to be in dramas anymore. He is such a good actor.

    • Alif is like watching a movie. The lighting, makeup, stage and the house all are perfect. I wish they make more dramas like that.

  • This episode was so beautiful iam still in awe. Loved loved loveed it . Your review said it all💖

  • Beautiful review Zahra!! I always wait for your review after watching the episode to see your perspective and insight into it. You always amaze me.

    It was a beautiful episode! Team Alif has done wonders with it. It brings tears to my eyes whenever Momin feels the pain associated with his mom or dada Abdul Alla.

  • LOVED LOVED LOVED TODAY’S EPISODE!!!! THE WHOLE TEAM OF ALIF DESERVES a standing ovation!! Pakistan TV industry is witnessing something like Alif for the very first time! As you said, Alif is just MAGICAL✨

  • Wow, wow, wow and just wow!
    This episode was just on another level, the whole drama is setting an example which is not going to be break in near future. Kudos to whole Alif team and specially to all your reviews which are just as beautiful as Alif.
    Keep Supporting,
    Alif Admirer.

  • Loved your review Zahra. This episode was truly magical and it is so difficult to pick any one scene as a favourite. Right from the start till the end this episode had so many beautiful moments.

  • Everyone, from Writer to Reviewer to commenters, has said it all. I just want to say every episode of Alif needs a special episode every Sunday.

  • Great reviw Zahra certainly like others am completely mesmarized with the theme and colors of this epi. Really great and beatiful storyline. Qalbe momin’s regrets then respect defined well and certainly the two white roses telling all for a subtle and delicate new relation between them. Let’s see how that roses travels to decorate momina for momin:)

  • First of all zahra i wanna say mn yhi words use kr rha tha while discussing with my friends. Alif is a feeling. Its Magical. Or aao ne exactly whi alfaaz istemal kiye hn. Ditto. No doubt it was magical mjy nhi lgta k ab mn kuch itna acha experience krun ha screen pe.

  • The pace of drama, the visuals, the calmness, the talking of both with their eyes. This episode was one of the beat episodes alif offered ua. The execution of scenes was brilliant. I can’t shape my feelings to words. That feeling while watching alif was priceless. Zahra yaqeen kren mn ne bilkul esa hi socha tha jesa ap ne aj ki episode k bare mn likha. Or mn heran hua k ap k b wahi ehsasat thay usko dekh k blke sb k. Alif ne dilo ko jeet lia h. Ye typical love story nhi lgti, kitni depth thi un dono k dekhne mn or kya vibes aa rhi thi. Truly MAGICAL.

  • Wow, gr8 review Zahra, and the episode was magical in every sense. I have been waiting for these scenes from long time. The way Momin and momina were looking at each other was beyond amazing, and both the actor proved that they are extra ordinary actors. Momina really feels for Mumin and now she has realized that he is a good hearted person, she has fallen for him finally.
    Nice to see Mumina showing Faisal his true place, selfish guy was felling proud as if he has contributed in her success.

    I just wished the makers had concentrated on background music of the drama, that’s the biggest negative point, just in intense scenes, BG music is good otherwise it does nothing to enhance the impact. there should have been some special romantic music. And the music that ued to come in Jahangir times, that keeps on repeating, and its so boring.

    • When you see the promos, the title song Alif…goes in the background and it really makes the scenes more special. When those scenes come in the episodes, the effect is not that much, if it was not for these gr8 actors, the impact would have been far less.

  • I must say that sajjal and hamza conveyed the emotions very convincingly without saying a word. Momina’s expressions at Master Ibrahim’s confession were spot on. And Hamza totally expressed that he is seeing Husnejahan in Momina and Momina’s expression conveyed that she knows what qalb e momin is going through. If those expessions were not that subtle it would have seemed like a romantic attraction. That was all silently conveyed and it was beautiful. Standing ovation from my side. Right now the story is in the most interesting phase and I love it

  • ‘Ehtram krta hun aap ka aur ehtram Muhabbat paida krta hai’ Beautiful.
    We should get that printed on a t-shirt and send it to the writers who write everything for their characters but respect (like characters who force a female into a Nikah and they somehow fall in love eventually and we know worse examples)

    ‘HH has directed this drama like a dream’ is what I wanted to say for this episode.

    I’m genuinely glad you’re reviewing this drama :)

    • Really like ur suggestion for the printing of shirts. Not only do our writers need this but every parent needs to tell this to their son or daughter to respect the opposite gender and remain modest at all times.

  • Oh my God.. This episode just took me into a new world… I never wrote a comment for any drama but it just forced me to do so… Just magical and beautiful episode…

    • no, she does not think that. But she thinks that somehow her father is partially responsible for what Qalb e Momin and Husn e Jahan had to face.

  • The episode was amazing as always. But I did not understand the part where he gives her a blank check and she gives it back to him. Does she write 0 in the amount. If she wrote zero, then why does she say he can give her the check when the movie is released and a hit?

  • Sajal looked beautiful dressed up as Husan e Jahan Ma Shaa Allah all the scenes were done brilliantly, now that we have seen them bonding together, hopefully the story will progress next week

  • Magical, sure. Haseeb Hassan is a great director but I think the pacing is a little too slow. In other words I think there is unnecessary length to some shots. This is MPTH felt so tight.

  • May be I am the only one but Momina’s makeup is just not working for me. She does not give an impression of an Oscar Winning or even a successful actress. She can be modest, sober yet stylish. The look on her face when she was all dressed up as Husn e Jahan was pathetic – she was constantly looking like a newbie actress who was afraid of the director’s response. She could have carried the look more confidently.

    • Agree. The make up I thought was off. Sajal Aly looks beautiful usually — but surprisingly as Husn e Jahan she didn’t….Weird. Also found director lacking intelligence abt how long some shots should be. Otherwise great story, great direction.

    • Actually I don’t mind so much the nervousness. After all, she is only one film and one theatre play old. Funnily what ppl call love, I thought it was momina guilt too for mom in as she thinks her family had a hand in affectiing his childhood. But just the make up as husn e jahan didn’t make her look as beautiful. She looked more beautiful in past episodes.

  • It was indeed a magical episode. Depiction of Momina and Momin’s inner feelings through the facial expressions are more than magical infact. Full credit to Sejal and Hamza for that. Both have given classical performances which will remain star performances of their careers. No words for praise for Umera. She is beyond that. Truly ruhani, infact.

  • One thing that didn’t work for me or seemed too rushed was how momina “forgave” Momin after master jis words uske jurm chote hain. But he didn’t throw light on anything. Rather than being bewildered as to why he said so, she seemed too eager or keen to forgive him as if she had been waiting for a reason to forgive him because she liked him perhaps. Anyway nice episode regardless and nice drama.

  • This is one of the best dramas on air right now hands down. I am enjoying it so much cannot wait for the next episodes. All the characters are exceptionally good. Zahra your reviews are awsome and right to the point. Thanks for everything and looking forward to the next review.

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