Alif Episode 8 Story Review – Alif Is A Feeling

Opening Thoughts – Meaningful Conversations:

Ohkay so, this was yet another brilliant episode of Alif which was filled with meaningful & thought-provoking conversations every step of the way. What I enjoy the most while watching every other episode of Alif is how easily the conversations flow & how flawlessly they tell the state of mind of every single character. It actually is quite easy to go off track & lose the essence when every other conversation carries so much meaning & is actually designed to leave an impact but Umera Ahmed & Haseeb Hassan have been successful in conveying the essence of the story. This episode of Alif was beautiful & yes, there were again such moments where I got emotional. Alif is the kind of drama that stays with you even after you’re done watching it & the credit goes to the entire team, starting from the writer, to director to actors for making Alif what it is.

The Challenge:

Abdul Alla & Qalb e Momin’s conversations were straight forward, honest & clearly showed where they both stood in terms of their ideologies & perspectives. Abdul Alla is unable to actually understand what has gone into Momin, this is why he keeps on reminding him of who he was. Abdul Alla has actually assessed it right from the beginning that Momin is lost – he has lost his spirituality, he is also losing his faith & he is not in touch with who he used to be & unfortunately, this is something that Momin does not even realize. Their conversations were the best part of this entire episode. Abdul Alla is sorted, he knows he has to convey the right message to Momin but Momin is not ready to take it because he is not at that level of wisdom yet.

During their argument, Momin always found himself getting rattled at the confidence that Abdul Alla had in himself. This is something that actually made Momin wonder what is it that makes Abdul Alla so self-sufficient & emotionally strong, because in Momin’s perspective, his grandfather does not have all those things which Momin equates to the success of a person. Every single time Momin tried to convince Abdul Alla, he had an answer that left Momin speechless. Momin found himself getting outbid by Abdul Alla & this is something that he does not understand where it comes from.

‘Qalb e Momin kuch nahi kar sakta jab tak ke Allah na chahay. Qalb e Momin ke haath, insaan ke haath hain, shukr karega to payega, gharoor karega to gawayega’ – Abdul Alla let Qalb e Momin know very clearly how incapable he is. Momin has come to a stage in his life where he thinks he can do whatever he wants, he has actually not experienced failure & this is the reason why Momin’s confidence has driven him to the point of arrogance.

Momin accepted the challenge of Abdul Alla & in fact let him know that he will return successful than ever before. Momin does not know yet that the spirituality Abdul Alla talks about all the time does not come naturally to a person, it has to be looked out for, there’s a connection that has to be established in order to taste what it feels like. Qalb e Momin is obviously taking it as a challenge but this actually is the beginning of a new journey for him & he doesn’t realize it right now. Abdul Alla only wants Momin to think & he has actually convinced him to do so, he has planted the seed of curiosity in Momin & what a beautiful way of letting a lost soul wander to the right path. Another beautiful aspect of their relationship is that despite their differences, Abdul Alla & Qalb e Momin share such a strong bond. Abdul Alla especially has not let his differences with Momin get in the way of how he still sees him as his beloved grandchild that he loves & cherishes. Qalb e Momin at this point still holds Abdul Alla responsible for the rift between Taha & Husn e Jahan, he also feels Abdul Alla looks down on him because he is Husn e Jahan’s son but these are all his own complexes which he tries to hold Abdul Alla responsible for. Qalb e Momin tries to read between the lines while completely missing the point that Abdul Alla is straightforward & he calls a spade a spade. I can not wait to see the time when Momin will actually understand Abdul Alla’s thought process & his perspective as it will be quite a revelation for him.

Alif Episode 8 Story Review - Alif Is A Feeling

Momina’s Reward:

Faisal decided to get engaged to Momina & Momina accepted it. Momina has been dealing with a lot in her professional life but still she stood her ground firm because she knows she has to take care of her parents without compromising on her values. Faisal & his mother are no different from one another & she made it pretty obvious to Momina’s parents that she was doing them a favor by getting her son engaged to their daughter. It is quite obvious that both Faisal & his mother feel they are in a position to draw boundaries for Momina because of their status & the favors they are going to be doing for her family. Momina is happy but she is practical & may be the years she has spent away from Faisal has made her stubborn to the point where she will not let anything take her mind off of her priorities. Yes, Momina wants to get married to Faisal but she also does not want him to do anything for her financially because she has gotten used to fending for herself. I liked seeing how Momina spoke to Faisal honestly about her work & her responsibilities. Faisal is actually mistaken that Momina will thrilled or excited enough to be naively doing what he’d expect her to do. May be the way Faisal left her & got engaged to someone else has left some kind of doubts in her mind & this is why she is not letting it get to her head that she got the love of her life. Momina has lost her brother & this is why, she doesn’t find it hard seeing everything as temporary as it can be – be it someone’s life, someone’s promises, someone’s existence or her happiness. Yes, she did recall the things Master Ibrahim has said to her in the past but the way she dealt with this relationship with a lot of practicality went to show how far she has become in terms of maturity.

All the conversations related to Jahangir were emotional. He is gone but he is obviously not forgotten, in times of happiness everyone remembers him because he has left such a void in their hearts. Momina hates Qalb e Momin because of Jahangir, another conversation which just flowed & showcased Momina’s mindset & her feelings for him. While Momin is trying to explore the new domain, Momina has no idea that he is about to experience failure. The Google scene was quite an interesting & amusing take on Qalb e Momin’s lack of knowledge about spirituality. He thinks just like all of the previous subjects that he has explored & mastered, this one will be a piece of cake which he will be able to easily elaborate in his film but he is soon going to learn the biggest truth of his life – something that Abdul Alla had said “Qalb e Momin is nothing”.

Alif Episode 8 Story Review - Alif Is A Feeling

Closing Thoughts – A Feeling & An Experience:

Overall, this episode of Alif was beautiful & magical. I absolutely loved all the dialogues of this episode. Every single episode of Alif seems like a work of art & by adding so much of depth & meaning to it, they have made it a class apart. Alif I feel is not something that is easy to be described in words, it actually is a feeling & an experience – a magic. Acting, direction, dialogues, art direction, editing & all the little details are simply perfect. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Alif.

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  • I don’t know where to start or how to start. After watching Alif, a person feels an emptiness around him…in his life. Alif is not just the story of Momin and Momina.. it is the story of every Muslim out there, who is struggling to establish a strong connection with the Almighty along with staying a part of this materialistic world. Whenever I watch an episode of Alif, especially the scenes btw Abdul Alla and Momin, I am compelled to analyze myself. What have I done until now in my life? Kya paya? Kya khoya? And all these qs leave me baffled, curious and ..more empty!!
    I have to say hats off to the entire team of Alif for choosing such a different and complicated topic and completing it with such finesse and beauty. As Abdul Alla said that a subject like spirituality doesn’t has a massive fan following, people don’t want to watch a form of entertainment which makes them think… But Alif has and will IA achieve a huge fan following because of such exemplary content. As for me, it has left me speechless.

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim for sharing your insights. I so agree, it does leave you pondering & forces you to question yourself about the purpose of your life. I am so excited to see Momin’s journey towards the right path, it is going to be so intense & phenomenal. :)

      • Same here Zahra. But another thing which I am really looking forward to I Taha and Husn e Jahan’s story. Kubra although has appeared for a short time up till now but definitely has a strong screen presence and Ahsan is looking fantastic from the teasers. The excitement is on!!

  • Mn ne review nhi prha abhi tk q k prhne k baad mere lfz khtm ho jate hn q k ap sb keh deti dil ka zahra…. Ye drama nhi hai ye kuch aur hai…. Jesa dada ne kaha “lekin jb tum rooh ki baat kro gy na to ye laakhon kroro logo ka majma jin ko tum followers or fans kehte ho sb ur jayen gy”. Esa hi hai zahra or kuch to esa alif k sath b hua hai. Or dada k moonh se nikla ek ek LAFZ dil mn chubh gaya. “Tumhare kisi kirdar ne rooh ko chuaa, tumhare kirdar ka lamz maangte hn dekhne wale” Uffffff ye sb hum sb k sath ho rha hum sb qalb e momin hi to hain, bhtke hue, manzil se na aashna…….

    • Uf so true Ali, when I heard the dialogue that you have mentioned, this is exactly what I thought too that masses are not attracted to Alif because it talks about spirituality, faith & connection with Our Creator. Aur appne sahi kaha, ye drama nahi hai kuch aur hi hai. :D

      • Exactly we have lost our direction. Now i cam totally relate why hamza chose this project and how its life changing. I can feel that after doing this kubra khan had spiritual awakening too. May be.

  • Apt review

    Overall, this episode of Alif was beautiful & magical. I absolutely loved all the dialogues of this episode. Every single episode of Alif seems like a work of art & by adding so much of depth & meaning to it, they have made it a class apart. Alif I feel is not something that is easy to be described in words, it actually is a feeling & an experience – a magic. Acting, direction, dialogues, art direction, editing & all the little details are simply perfect.

  • I love this show. Like you pointed out, everyone is doing great. Umara Ahmed gets a lot of credit for writing such a master piece.
    I like how Momina’s neighbours are supportive, even though the shopkeeper was initially reluctant but when he heard drinks were need for the family that has come for Momina’s proposal, helped in. And Jhumar was more excited than anyone else.
    Since Faisal has so much money, where was he when Momina was in most dire need of funding? When couldn’t he helped Momina by funding Jahangir’s transplant. He is one of those who criticize others but will not try to chnage things which they have ability to do.

    • Yes, Faisal is a hypocrite. He decided to move on but when his engagement was called off, he immediately decided to come back to Momina & rekindle his affair. He wouldn’t have left in the first place if he truly loved Momina. I am glad that Momina is not in some sort of a bubble, she sees Faisal for who he is & this is why she doesn’t look at him like he is a knight in shining armor who has come to solve all of her problems. She wants him to know that she is very much capable of dealing with her own problems.

  • Such a beautiful episode of Alif. I am so glad that we a getting to watch such an amazing serial which shows spirituality. The characters of Momin and momina are so relatable that anyone can relate with it. Momin and his dada scenes are always treat to watch. And Abdullalla dialogues were amazing as a muslim we can relate to them like Shukar karein gaye tu payein gaye aur garoor karein gaye to gawayein gaye. I totally agreed what abdullalla said that people dont watch dramas or movies on spirituality as Alif’s ratings are its example. Alif deserve good ratings but unfortunately its not getting its due value. I want to say that makers should make more dramas with such topic which highlights the spirituality, religious value,Believe in Allah, connection of insan with his Rab.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights OeN. Yes, we definitely need more dramas like Alif & I feel Alif is doing really well in terms of views. A lot of people are watching it but yes, these kind of dramas tend to appeal to classes & not masses, but never mind, it is a beautiful journey.

      • I agree! Although the choice of the time slot wasn’t appropriate for such a high profile serial, but even then it manages to achieve 3M+ views for every single. Not to mention that every single ep trends in top 5 on YouTube. For such a complex story as Alif, even this is an achievement of its own but mark my words, a lot more success is to come for Alif, especially as the story progresses.

  • After sher-zaat I think this is one drama has caught me to core. It has shaken everything in me I have cried in every episode dont know where I stand as momina or momin.

  • This episode was truly magical and so is your review. The best thing about alif is that they convey the message without being preachy. Dada’s dialogue always force us to self reflect and master Ibrahim’s dialogue teach us to have hope and faith on Allah, to be positive even in the darkest of time. There is so much one can learn from this drama. Sad that most people prefer mpth over alif.

    • Thank you so much Shifa for appreciating the review. :) Yes, Alif does force you to think about all the important aspects like the purpose of your life & how it also shows the spiritual struggles of regular people. It is absolutely beautiful. :)

  • Fatima…. Great review dear… I am so drowned in the sea of dialogues of alif…that i start analyzing my action and faith… We all are so empty, without souls which is everything, direction is superb so as acting… Grandfather role is very strong and impactfull and i wait to see what he will answer when he opens his mouth to speak and than he hits hard right in my chest too…. Brilliant simply brilliant….

    • It sure is brilliant Hina. Abdul Alla’s character seems to be the backbone of the story, I love how strong he is & how firm he is on his faith. The name is Zahra. :)

  • Gr8 review Zahra. Agree that Alif is a feeling. Every dialogue and performance is amazing, vv natural. Only 1 thing I feel is that a few repetitive scenes should be avoided now , pace has to pick up a little now, not interested in faisal’s track, waiting for Momin and Momina to meet again.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. Yes, I want to see their interaction too. I am sure the writer is done with the part where Momin was getting reminders from his grandfather, now this is going to be the beginning of his new journey.

  • I read the novel after watching the first episode.. Not a big fan of umera ahmed due to her overdose of spirituality but what a powerful writer she is… Every single dialogue in the drama is as it was in the novel.. No changing at all and we know how impactful they are sounding on the screen…. This shows the command of the writer on her work

  • Wow! Zahra I’m impressed with your analysis of Alif. And you’re right it is magical and it is all about the feel. Like Dada is not only playing with Momin’s mind and heart but also ours. I love how he delivers those already beautiful lines. I watch Alif late at night so that I can later think about it. I just love how its beyond-amazing piece of writing and perfect execution makes you move.

    • Thank you so much Maha for your kind words. :) Yes, even I watch Alif when it’s absolutely quiet around me so that I can just sit back & enjoy it while concentrating on it. It does force you to ponder about a lot of important things in life. Manzar Sehbai’s dialogue delivery is spot on, I love how effortlessly & honestly he speaks to Momin about his wrongdoings.

  • Spell bound. Lost of words of what Alif makes you feel , ponder and realize of what are we going after in this temporary life. No wonder Hamza made this decision and also heard Kubra Khan’s interview to Haroon Rashid. Alif for her is also a turning point, she may leave industry as well.
    Momina is not ready to show her skin where Momin only shows skin. Two poles apart. I’m in love with everyone in the play.

  • This is the best drama means hmari society may ye implement hota ha jo esi baatn krne lge spirituality show kre sb us k pass se bhag jate ha