Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 15 Story Review – The Tables Turn

This was a powerful, satisfying and emotional episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho, perfectly put together by the entire team. It had the sweetest (Rumi and Danish) and the most gratifying (Shahwar and Danish) scenes to its credit. The dialogue ‘Samjo tu yahan se ghr torne ke jurm ki saza shru hoti hei’ was the most meaningful dialogue tonight. Tonight’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho also showed that Danish’s weakness turned into his strength when Rumi made him realize that he was banking on him! No more Mr. nice guy would be the best way to explain the change in Danish’s personality tonight. His reactions, the dialogues and that one conversation with Rumi on the phone basically summed up everything Danish was till date and what he wanted to be now. The child star playing Rumi is absolutely adorable and the director Nadeem Baig deserves due credit for capturing his beautiful expressions. Even though some of the things Danish said to Rumi, made me wonder why he was sharing such details with such a young kid but Rumi’s innocence outshone everything else.

Rumi Makes a Decision

Tonight’s episode opened with a confident Mehwish asking the headmistress to see her son. She obviously did not expect such a reaction from Rumi. Rumi’s conversation with Hania was penned down so well since it showed that although he missed his mother, he was not willing to forgive her. Rumi’s anger was the perfect way of showing what this child must have gone through when his mother disappeared all of a sudden. All the scenes tonight covering Rumi’s state of mind were the highlight of this episode. Watching him cry at night but acting like he was really strong during the day basically showed this child had so much to deal with at such a young age. While he made up his mind that he was not going to forgive his mother, he was willing to go along with his father’s wishes as well. The smile on Rumi’s face when Danish told him he was going to fight for him was priceless.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 15 Story Review - The Tables Turn

Mehwish and Hania’s confrontation was interesting. Mehwish’s shock and shaken confidence was translated well on screen by Ayeza Khan. Hania isn’t that bold or fearless after all, she was clearly confused and slightly scared when Mehwish told her off. This side of her personality was actually interesting to watch. The headmistress stepping in, made this scene so realistic. Later on, Hania too in a way urged Danish to take a stand for his son.

Danish Is No Longer Scared

The most important question ‘why did Danish treat Shahwar with so much respect’ was answered in the most apt manner tonight. All this time, he was ‘scared’ of Shahwar because he was rich and powerful. For the longest time, the viewers watched Danish call Shahwar ‘sahab’ and he never told him off and the viewers wondered why. Well, we found out today that he was always terrified of the repercussions and he always thought about the consequences. While he was quick to give Monty a piece of his mind, he never had a similar confrontation with Shahwar until today. Danish has always been shown as the ‘nice guy’ – a man who would try his best to avoid conflict. The conversation at the place he usually has his food definitely added to the change in him. Was it that listening to people talk about his personal life like that made him see things differently? Was it because he got the hint that Shahwar never got married to Mehwish? Did it make him realize what a coward he had been? Or was it the fact that no longer ‘feared’ Shahwar after listening to his own employees talk about him in that manner? Or maybe it was just anger. Even though he already had that conversation with Rumi but the way he told the guard about the divorce and called Rumi immediately clearly showed that the scene at the restaurant was the turning point for him.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 15 Story Review - The Tables Turn

Instead of playing it cool and thinking about things long before taking any action, Danish instantly decided to take things in his own hands after that. The thappar even then came as a complete surprise – definitely a pleasant one and Shahwar’s shocking expressions were extremely gratifying to watch. He deserved the slap and everything else. This scene obviously reminded me of their first meeting, when Shahwar made him wait and later on made him listen to that conversation! This time Danish was in no mood to wait or listen to what Shahwar had to say. It remains to be seen now how Shehwar will react. Everything happened so quickly and Danish’s entire body language was so confrontational that no one really got a chance to do anything. It was however strange that Shahwar did not even lift a finger, why? So far, we have seen a side of his personality which clearly showed that he does not take no for an answer and he knows how to get what he wants but why wouldn’t he hit Danish back in such a situation? Danish is no longer the heart broken and dejected lover but he is now a father who will do anything it takes to protect his son. This is going to be really interesting! Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui both gave outstanding performances once again tonight.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 15 Story Review - The Tables Turn

Final Remarks

Well, team Mere Pass Tum Ho sure knows how to keep the viewers completely hooked. Beautiful dialogues, superb performances coupled with Nadeem Baig’s phenomenal direction make every episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho a must watch. Although the change in Danish was the most important development tonight but little Rumi was the star of the show. His scenes were an absolute delight to watch. The preview of the next episode seemed interesting. Is Shahwar losing his grip? Will we see another side of his personality? What is next for Mehwish? Mehwish had so much faith that Shahwar will win this fight for him but it seems like he will probably not be too eager to pursue it. Is he scared of a scandal? Waiting to find out.

This episode had so many interesting conversations, many of which I mentioned in the review. Another one which definitely deserves a mention here was the one between Hania and her sister, the balaa dialogue was remarkable.

Did you watch this latest episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • …”dare hue bache kabhi acha perform nahi karte”..yeh dialogue tha toh rumi ke liye par asar iska danish pe hogaya…
    Sukoon milgaya jese yeh episode dekh kar..such a satisfying episode!!

  • Absolutely stunning, amazing, outstanding, mind blowing, awesome, superb, extraordinary episode of MPTH. We are totally hooked up. Danish and Rumi conversion was so beautiful and genuine that one feels pain for them. And the way, danish dealt with shehwar and slap rejoiced me saari thakkan week ki utar gayi wah. So is your review sister. Every detail is mentioned so aptly and witty key dekhney key baad we keep refreshing reviewit to read your intake sister. Simply marvellous review. Happy 2 kg blood barh gaya

  • I don’t have the words to express my feelings after watching this episode. I can’t even type!!!!! What an episode wow wow. How can you write this amazing review so quickly. Hats off to you.

    • I am sure there are so many other viewers who feel the same way after watching this episode Sadia. Thank you so much for liking the review, means a lot to me. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Woahhh!! Didn’t see that coming..What a gratifying THAPPAR.. I mean literally I was screaming with joy throughout the scene. Absolutely loved it!! The change in Danish’s character was something much needed and definitely justified. And of course, the new sensation, the super cute Rumi ❤️❤️ Apart from being so adorable,he conveyed even the most minute expressions effortlessly. Brilliant casting!! And yes, again Principal ho to aisi 👌🏼 Mehwish aisay hi moo Tor Jawab deserve karti hai!! And that scene in which Mehwish is dancing, Danish is wandering in the streets and Rumi is crying.. God! That was too powerful! It was not only brilliantly shot but this contrast was again heart-wrenching especially in the case of Rumi. MPTH has definitely exceeded my expectations and with every passing ep, my interest in this drama increases. Pitch perfect review Fatima. Ur reviews really enable us to better analyze the episode and without them, there is always something missing. Keep up the good work 👌

    • Yes Ibrahim totally! Yes, those scenes were so brilliantly put together, Mehwish and Shahwar celebrating while Danish and Rumi suffered. Thanks a ton for liking the reviews Ibrahim. I really enjoyed reading your comment too, your observations are on point. Absolutely! It just keeps on getting more exciting with every passing episode.

  • The entire drama, the dialogues have been amazing, but the scene where Shahwar n Mehwish are dancing, Rumi is awake in the middle of the night, crying, and Danish is wondering in the streets with tears in his eyes was outstanding and more. Take a bow Nadeem Baig!!

  • ‘Wo hoti ha na tere pass aajkal meri X wife, wo bik gai. Tu ne usy khareed liya to mein ne kaha jo bikk gai wo khareedar ki’
    ‘Wo tub b mujy ni dekhta jub wo safely dekh sakta ha’
    ‘Wo balaa ki khubsurat ha aur ye mein keh rahi hoon. Aurat mein hayya na ho to wo khubsurat ni hoti. Toh seedhi tarah bolo na k khubsurat ni balaa ha’
    KRQ does magic. I was never expecting Danish to slap him and treat him like this. I think Shahwar was caught off guard and he was in shock at what Danish was doing. He got scared and that’s why he couldn’t even remember that he can hit back. Shameem Hilali was wonderful in KRQ’s Manjali and seriously i want to see more of her in this play. Rumi was truly exceptional. He is a cute kid. You didn’t mention that musical scene where Danish was wandering, Rumi was crying and both of them were dancing. Music was too good and it seemed like a scene from a Hollywood movie. It was a moment of twist and same thing happened after that.
    Absolutely phenomenal episode and brilliant review Fatima g like always

  • دانش کی اس بہادری کو دیکھتے ہوئے کل پورے ملک میں عام تعطیل کا اعلان کیا جاتا ہے

    Just a meme which i saw on FB😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brilliant Review Today’s episode was the best episode of this drama amazing direction, dialogues and brilliant performances by Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui especially Humayun he absolutely stole the show the slap was great shehwaar deserved that I was screaming with joy throughout the last scene and I’m sure you also loved the slap

  • Salam FA! Dhmake dar episode. Kamaal ka scene tha last but mjy sb se acha scene wo lga jb music bj rha tha mehwish naach rhu thu, danish tarap rha tha or roomi bilak rha tha… How can someone this selfish. Balaa hai waqai balaa hai. In that scene camera work was amazing too. Strength wala scene to kmal ka tha. Shees gul is a sweet heart.

    Danish ne chass kraa di h wese….. 😂… Outclass.

  • Very engaging and gratifying episode, every scene was done to perfection, and of course very well written review, the downfall of Mahwish has begun!

  • Nice review
    Episode was powerful. Danish and roomi scenes are highlight of the episode. I just loved watching their scenes. Pehley roomi danish ki weakness the then roomi became his strength then danish became roomi’ weakness but than danish became his strength. I just loved this strengthen relationship of danish and roomi. Then danish and shehwaar scene was a major happening in the episode. The way danish behaved aur shahwaar ko uski auqaat yaad karwa di that was epic. Looking forward to coming episode.

  • On second thought, I wonder why the writer has not included any family members in this plot, danish parents, Mahwish parents, neighbours or friends. Why haven’t they developed any characters from Shawar office or his staff at home. Talking behind his back about his harkatein and Mahwish hearing them.
    Also in the scene where Danish is overhearing conversations if they had added more info on Shawar ( he has not married her girlfriend and his overseas wife has no idea) Danish would have more ammunition to fire after the thapar.
    I guess the writer has his reasons to write the story in his way! Anyways I enjoy this drama immensely!

  • Aaj ka episode ek dum amazing brilliant excellent Danish ek dum tayar hokar jb office ko lock karnay wala style was damn attitude thapar to extra ordinary tha shewar k muh py above all today’s episode win my hurt I’m so connect to this story

  • Hi fatima i am waiting for your comments as awell as thi new episode you really dose so beautifully i enjoy every word of your love your words i wish i could meet you

  • دانش چاچو دل خوش کر دیا آج آپ نے ✌✌👌👌👌✊✊✊👍👍بہت اچھا تجزیہ پیش کیا آپ نے فاطمہ

  • What a wonderful episode And even better review Fatima !
    This Drama has really exceeded the expectations and reached at the highest level.Great depiction of Romance ,Anger and Heartbreak in this episode.
    Finally Danish has stepped up and now he has a reason to fight for his son.
    Soon Shehwar will pull himself away from this matter to get rid of conflict and scandal at the end .His wife is also around the corner .
    Mehwish is finally getting everything what she deserves and she wont get anything at the end .

    • Thank you so much Rehan Khan for reading the reviews and for liking them. Yes, seems like Shahwar is not such a ‘bully’ after all because he clearly looked scared, he does care about his reputation and perhaps the fact that someone might inform his wife.

      Interesting feedback Rehan, keep reading and commenting.

  • Asalam O Alykum …
    Last night episode I mean wow woow fantastic episode. I am at lost of wordsss.
    Uff Rumi is so quiet and what an amazing and confident performance by him..Hatss off to Nadeem Baig for getting such performance from him.
    Direction is the actual hero of this drama as mention by you followed by obviously performances by everyone.
    Humayun Saeed was in the top form and his scene with Adnan Siddiqui was the highlight of last night episode specially when he slap her and warned her about Wo hoti ha na tere pass aajkal meri X–wife, wo bik gai. Tu ne usy khareed liya to mein ne kaha jo bikk gai wo khareedar ki but mera beta meri bacha kuccha garror hai I mean just wow….
    Samim hilali scene was fantastic and what a performer she is…Ayeza khan has done fantastic job and so is adnan Sidiqui.
    The Musical scene was fab fab looks like Bollywood movie lol but it was directed v well by NAdeem Baig man he is magician…..
    The only character which I am not able to connect is Hira Mani although her conversation with her sister was interesting and specially when her sister said Toh seedhi tarah bolo na k khubsurat ni balaa ha”” it was faabbbb…Hira Mani according to me is miscast as it deserves mature acting which she cant…..
    Thank you for your review..
    Like always thumps up 10/10
    Stay blessed

    • Waelukum Asalam Amir, Absolutely agree with everything you said. In this episode, there were scenes in which I also felt that Hira’s acting was strictly okay. She gives those cute expressions even in those scenes in which they are not needed.

      You’re most welcome. Thanks a ton for liking the reviews, means a lot to me Amir.

      You too, stay blessed.

  • This episode was really interesting, Danish new born role was realistic . Anger, and emotions.
    Danish deserves the slap, that showed how much these upper level class people are cowered.
    Any ways Danish and Shahwar performances were out standing.
    Both are super heroes.

  • Fantastic review and the episode, agree with you Fatima on everything. the last scene was the best scene of the drama, slapping could be expected, but the way the scene was directed and humayun’s performance…his aggression and confidence was not expected, now the war has begun, and it will be real fun. Also agree that few things that Danish was sharing with the little kid was hard to digest and on the top of it, heavy dialogues of KRQ which even sometimes don’t look natural on adults. But the kid was too cute in this episode and he acted well.
    I had a feeling in the beginning of drama that Mehwish will return to Danish at the end, but now she has gone so far, that there are no chances. Also as Hira Mani has just an extended cameo, so Danish wont end up with Hania, I guess he will be alone only.

    • Thank you so much tiger. Yes! It was directed brilliantly, loved Humayun’s energy and Adnan Siddiqui’s expressions. I think it is Rumi and Danish’s story now and Hania is going to help them, which I think is great.

      Enjoyed reading your feedback tiger, keep reading and commenting.

  • Ek “do takkay ki aurat” wala dialogue or ek Aj shahwar ka “Bizti program” . Danish set hai. Krta ek bar hai but hasrat puri kr deta hai. Hamyun or Adnan scene parh k hil to gy hings cuz Dono ki real life mei “charmer” mashhoor hain

  • I m speechless can just say wow Hamayun Saeed 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏loved every action and diloge of yesterday episode and beautiful conversation between Danish and romi fantafabulous ❤.Reaction of Shahwar as he was not expecting this behaviour or machoness by Danish brilliant twist wow wow wow 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕. Now see how the behaviours of both mehwish and shahwar would develop as now Shahwar was insulted he was taking him for granted and table’s tuned. Again Hamayun u have put your heart and soul in the play worth watching.Congrats on making it a superb watchable without loosing interest.

  • It was really satisfying when Danish slaps Shawar.Actucally he deserve more than that .
    Little Master Rumi did his character very well.Actually it is a very bold topic that a women cheats her husband and living with a man without marrying him.people or I can say girls fantasize the first part but did not realise what’s going to be the out come or conclusion of what they are doing.

      • Thank you so much for replying Fatima.. magar ye rista banta hi kiun cus danish got lenient that ultimately encouraged shahwer. anyways we would never have enjoyed so much watching such a beautifully knitted epic theater of love hate greed and betrayal:)

  • Lovely detailed but not over-long review…a must read (immediately) after watching every episode. To me the school scene between Mehwish, Hania and the Principal was kind of a parallel to the office scene between Danish and Shahwar because in both scenes the wrong-doers got their just deserts. But strangely enough, the way the Principal dealt with Mehwish was more satisfying than the slap/trash talk meted out by Danish…though that also had its shock value but Shahwar turning into a mumbling idiot after just one slap was a bit disappointing…and his 3 colleagues not even batting an eyelash while the goon in a suit pushed their boss around (literally) was super weird. The sequence where M&S are shown romancing while Roomi cried and Danish roamed in the dark was beautifully haunting and Hania’s sister’s comment on Mehwish quite poignant. Consider my Saturday nights booked for the foreseeable future.

    • Thank you so much N. Completely agree with your observations. Same here, totally and completely hooked to this show. Waiting for answers. Was Shahwar shocked? Is he too scared of a scandal? Waiting for his wife to make an appearance.

  • I found one thing very intresting today, Hira Mani said that dialogue which ayeza khan said in Episode 8 to Danish.
    Hira Mani said : “Mere baba kehtay tay kay aurat jab mard par shak krti hai na tu hansi ati, lk jab mard aurat par shuk karta hai na tu rona ata hai.”
    Ayeza khansaid : “Mere mama kehti tay kay aurat jab mard par shak krti hai na tu hansi ati, lk jab mard aurat par shuk karta hai na tu rona ata hai.”
    Maybe Hira’s father and Ayeza’s mother has some connection, and its a sign shown in this episode. Let’s see iany such surprise comes out.

  • Aam adme soyea howa sheer hota hi esi jagani ke koshesh karo gi tu pir bach nahee paio gi👍👍 shabash danish…..

  • Hi! I do not speak Urdu as it’s not my native language. Can someone explain what balaa and haya mean? It was a comment that Hania was saying to her sister but I didn’t understand

    • well my Urdu grammar isn’t perfect but let me tell you,
      1) ” Haya ” means decency, honor, humility, modesty, self-respect, shyness and sometimes it can also be used as Sharam-o-haya in Urdu.
      2) Literal meaning of ” Balaa ” is supernatural female ghost, churail. But here in the drama Hania said about Danish’s wife ‘ Balaa ki khubsoorat ‘, means extremely beautiful.

  • I must say, I can not remember the last time a ‘thappar’ excited me so much! It was sudden, unexpected and perfectly executed!!
    Can’t appreciate Nadeem Baig’s direction enough. I feel like the transition from the slow paced drama of the first few episodes to the action packed sequences in the last few weeks reflects the transition in Danish’s personality from simple Mr Nice Guy to the ‘I will kill you if u look at my son’ Danish. Humayun Saeed is phenomenal! There is a reason he is the KING!!
    Special mention of the scene where Shahwar and Mehwish are dancing, Danish is walking tormented and Rumi is crying in bed. Simply outstanding!! I cannot wait to see how things unfold!

  • Great review, Fatima. Well penned all details, especially the queries about what made Danish to take this step, Rumi’s expressions & smile and Bala dialogue. I think the reason is the mixed effect from restaurant where he understood that Shahwar is not a respected person in society but a bad employer & have a playboy image, from his Rumi’s teacher who tells him not to force Rumi because it will have negative effect on him and from Rumi himself, who made realize Danish that kids will always be the weakness of the parents, but parents should be the strength of their kids. The kids should proud of their parents’s decision or their orders, not just to obey the commands because it comes from parents. Rumi sees Danish as a strong man after Mehwish leaves them and he want to be as strong as his father by not meeting Mehwish. I liked the Hania and her sister’s conversation and the dialogue of Hania that, when in alone Danish can be easily stare at her, he does not give a glance to her.

    • Thank you so much Aamer. You’re right, it was a gradual change with everything coming together in the end. Well, I am glad to see this change in him like everyone else here. Yes, that’s right about weakness and strength, I liked how the writer incorporated these words in his dialogues.

  • My question……jb aurat mard pe shak karti hai tu hasi ati hai. Aur jb mard aurat pe shak karta hai tu rona ata hai. Tu bhai jb aurat mard pe shak karti hai tb b rona hi aana chahye. Ghalat tu ghalat hai chahy woh mard karay ya aurat. Sari zimedari aurat k kandhon pr dal k mardon ko clean chit na dain.

  • Awesome review fatima just like the episode . Rumi was the superstar in this episode. This was very emotional episode ,made me cry specially when rumi said to his father that you are not my strength….. the dialogues were superb, every episode has its own charm but till now this was the best episode according to me . The way danish treated Shahwar was too good 👏👏👏MAZA aa gaya episode ka . Best drama so far .

  • Isint it strange the drama did not cover the aspect of iddat after divorce and no one bats an eye! I feel its a major miss by the makers. What say?